Brunei’s Cat Cafe | The Great Catsby (Prod. Lee) [CC]

Greetings! There is a strict policy on how to visit the cafe. Firstly, you need to go their Instagram account and click the link on their bio to access their timetable so that you will be able to see the available slots. Then, text them your name, number, pax and the time slot that you wish to book through WhatsApp. Then they’ll send you the Terms & Conditions and after you’ve agreed with them, they’ll send you their BIBD acc number alongside with the menu! And also, their address. Since I went on a Wednesday, the entrance fee was only $10! On weekends, the fee is $12 All of the entrance fees are inclusive of the food and beverages (selective). You can also add on other meals that aren’t in the package and all of the menu is under $5. This was delicious!

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