Bruno German Shepherd Born Again | Alaskan Malamute

hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps this is my Bruno German Shepherd and my bad boy Alaskan Malamute is hiding out there I wanted to share with you that Bruno almost died he could have died in a few hours but now he’s doing really well and if you seen the symptoms please don’t ignore it what happened last week that Bruno was doing really well and as you seen he’s very energetic he plays with the ball all the time and he wasn’t playing the ball and now I thought him maybe he’s just lazy or something you don’t want to play so then he stopped eating his own food and he was eating a lot of Acorn nuts which is we have a lot of oak trees around and on our property and a lot of for acorn nuts fall and he was eating too many of those so I thought maybe got allergic reaction to it and so he’s not found of his food he just has it loose motion and I told my kids that he’s not feeling well his stomach is not doing well so I don’t know he’s not eating and the next day same thing I was out here and he was it just to keep following me and he was breathing really heavy heavy breathing and I said Bruno you’re okay and then he sit down I told him go get the ball and he don’t want to go and then I told my son and as I mentioned to my son that he’s not feeling well so he was very concerned and he said dad I’m going to make a chicken diet for him so he made our chicken breast in the rice for him he gave it to him half an hour later he throw up and I cleaned up and I told again that he’s not doing well my son came off and then he also noticed that he was breathing heavy and he started laying in unusual places like tame-bark and then there he also notice will be he never lay down why doing that and then he threw up again so they took him to the vet right away in the Doctor looked at him and they told him that if you don’t bring him in a couple hours he would have died what happened that is the stomach was bloated and initially they thought that the stomach went upside down and it happens with the big dog and they said it could be required surgery and then they said the second thing is that he could have a tumor or cancer and that can cause these kind of problems and he was a kind of really not moving at all the doctor examine and they said it could be a issue with his heart there is a sac next to his heart which you could be a filled with the fluid with the blood and then and you see now they shave his legs they put the IV in there and then they shave the side and they got the big syringe then they took the fluid out as they took three syringes out of the sack and as soon as they did it he was fully energetic he started moving around he don’t wanna lay down and sedate him so then they took more fluid out they said it’s a 70 75 % days it taken out 25% the body will absorb so we brought him home one day we kept them away from Sheru and he was all doing well we gave them two days his favorite food chicken and rice and now bring it so now is it back to you know normal as a regular Bruno come on jump let me see you okay yeah Bruno is really good look at this oh we’re doing really well this is the two places that’s where the doctor did that chest tap once the fluid was taken out he was doing all good so the boy was doing well so and his buddy he’s over there the bad boy he’s trying to say that why dad I’m over here why you’re with the Bruno as you seen that is the favorite chair he loves to sit over there if you are a pet owner this is a just eye opening thing he is the reborn again thanks each and every one for watching what I’m going to say bye-bye everyone he’s good now he’s a ball boy no he don’t want to sit down and that bad boy no we can bring him up here to thank you guys for watching we want I know you’re doing ok hold on let me see let me check you’re feeling ok good boy he’s feeling good let me check over here Bruno looking good see these are places one two they put a big syringe and they took a lot of fluid out of the sack between his heart take a lot of hair down so they can insert the IV and today is a second day he’s doing good he’s doing well as you can see I gave him a diet chicken diet chicken and rice diet for two days this is the second day and today he eat his normal food and now he wants to get the rawhide

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23 Responses

  1. Atsec says:

    Uncleji please take care . Scary situation

  2. sindhu joshi says:

    Since u all r part of our fmly can't just imagine of such scary situations I was petrified when I read the caption.happy to know Bruno is back to normal.tiredness was visible on his face.get well soon buddyyy.sheru how are you? I know u always doin great.bhaiyaa big tnx to u n ur fmly for being concerned and giving bruno timely treatment.babhi Namaste.

  3. Aunt Clare says:

    I've been there myself with my boxer dog. Unfortunately he didn't recover and was put to sleep on 06/07/15. The pain is still very raw. Thanks be to god, Bruno is on the road to recovery. Sheru be gentle with your brother ok. Lots of hugs and get well from me to Bruno. 🤗😘🐺

  4. R S says:

    Very nice video God bless him very beautiful dog

  5. Barry Sidd says:

    Wish all of you good luck He still look little sick I hope he get well soon

  6. Coleen Farquharson says:

    Thank God u rush him to vet and they found out before it was too late….blessings and love to you all💕💕💕

  7. Ruby Cheema says:

    Awwww! So sorry Bruno had to go through all that! Glad he’s doing better. 🐶🤗

  8. Lida Nsr says:

    That was such a dangerous situation. Thanks god that he is happy again and he's getting better.
    Look at sheru! He is waiting for you to open the gate because he wants to see his brother again. Lovely boys😙❤
    God bless you Sir🌹

  9. nabaggala olivia says:

    So sorry Bruno. …Quick recovery. ….still weak I see

  10. Kash Kashmere says:

    Get well soon baby Bruno… 😘

  11. Lasha Kilachaparambil says:

    Happy to c Bruno. Smart boy

  12. Mr.Stranger says:

    Sorry to hear about what happened to Bruno. I am glad you were able to see he had a problem and act quickly to save him. I hope he recovers well just like Sheru did when the car ran over his paw.

  13. Kalola Inachai says:

    That is really good news! Have been wondering how Bruno & Sheru are doing these days. Now I know why. All of those symptoms, heart-related, even bloat are emergency situations. I am glad you shared this video for other pet owners to be aware of pet conditions. Sometimes, people do not think twice about them & wait for the worst. Good thing Bruno has Sheru, all of you & us viewers for support. I know Bruno is in good hands with your family. Please give him some extra loving care through his recovery. So nice to see him happy again in his favorite chair. ❤🐶🐶❤

  14. Gala Xy says:

    So glad he is okay.. but he still look a little bit unhealthy.

  15. Anushka Sood says:

    Ohh Bruno…its hell to see our kids die in front of us and i lost my cocker spaniel on may 19th 2018. We all miss him and the pain is still you Bruno..Happy recovery..


    Happy to see him okay
    But still he is looking weak


    Sir how is bruno now?

  18. jewl 721 says:

    Oh nooooo not again I’m glad that you’ve caught that. Over feeding can cause bloating. Pls keep him away frm eating things around the yard. Happy to kno your son gave him light meals. He is a happy pup hope he is healing heathy n slowly. Plss…. stay Hlth Bruno n Sheru. We love you. Xoxo

  19. Moz says:

    Really great news , Bruno is Alive

  20. Sandra Routos says:

    Poor Bruno….I'm so glad that he is doing well. He reminds me so much of the white.GSD that I used to have. Be well!!

  21. carmen coromoto says:

    Bruno, I remember you

  22. Erica Jones says:

    What is the name of the disease?

  23. Cheryl Hack says:

    Memories such a good boy!!❤❤❤

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