Brushing of long haired German Shepherd/Czesanie długowłosego Owczarka Niemieckiego

Ready? Are you ready for brushing? Well Jump on Good dog Don’t go down, come, we gonna brush you. Oh, a ball Good dog Yes we’ll put your fur to this bucket We’ll brush you here First with this one An ordinary brush Next With Furminator For very accurate brushing Let’s begin This is it Major, be calm Firstly, we’ll comb the fur Leave it! And next, accurately with Furminator Come here Major Good dog This brush Isn’t so accurate Like this second one But with this brush We’ll take off some loose fur And next We’ll do it accurately, right? Good Major Good dog! Major didn’t like the brushing in past, but I’ve taught him That he has to be brushed Or you’ll look badly Bad dog Yes, I know Now I’m scratching your nerves, which activates a super leg Oh right, so I’m brushing him furtherly with this ordinary brush & next we’ll take the Furminator Yes I know, you don’t like brushing of tail & a belly Nut easy, we’ll get to it Oh right. We removed most of loose fur, so now it’s time for For this A yellow one This is it It removes the fur accurately Yes Major, lay down, play with the ball I’ll brush you…good dog Easy, we have time There’s a weekend, we always brush you at the weekends After Furminator, Major’s fur becomes so smooth Oh, here you are Major didn’t like in past a brushing He was biting brushes Here are his fang traces He wanted to bite me, but he was little Now he knows, that he must bite ball & I gonna brush him This is it It’s for you, to look nice I tried differnt brushes & combs This one is the best for Major Specially for a long fur Yes, you have so pretty fur Now you like this kind of brushing Major here on the top he likes to be brushing Then he likes it You like this scratching? We’ll make with tail at the end I need to put down the camer & use both hands to this Now it’s summer Less of fur The most is, when dog changes fur from winter one to summer one Right? Mr. Handsome, Mr. Fluffy We need to take care of this fluffy fur This smooth fur & like this once per week Major is brushing Will you roll on the other side? Oh right Good dog He knows, what’s going on Yes, purebred German Shepherds Has some of the gray fur Even when they’re young These are your genes Beautiful fluffy fur More brushing when more more fluffy Lay down Good dog Oh right I’ll put down the camera & we’ll end your brushing There wasn’t many of this When you’re brushing your dog regularly then there’s no problem with brushing Right, I need both hands now & we gonna end this That’s finished That’s all fur I took off from Major Oh no! I’ve stolen Majora’s fluffs Now you have so smooth fur This is how brushing of Major looks like At the Saturday or Sunday Thanks everyone for watching & see you next time So what Major, it’s hot Now we gonna bath you in the river, right? Let’s go to the river Later

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