Bubble Gum Simulator : Immortal One | NOUVEAU SECRET PET

epic intro whats up guys welcome for another video today we are on Bubble gum simulator like always so this video is going to be uploaded probably before the qna so today there is a new update in Bubble gum 😀 and as you can see there is a new egg right here AND JUST HERE THERE IS THE NEW SECRET OMG OMG it’s really really rare and so he is going to let me ue it so i can show stats and else HEY JAMMIE idek how to say it but this guy got 2k eggs oppenned its insane the secret inst even maxed wowowowow 11k bubbles wow stats are insane WAAAAAAAAAAW stats are really op it’s not even maxed i don’t know if i have max enchant or max level potions prob no i will try to max it stats are insaaaaaaaaaaaaaane HEY JAMMIE wow stats are insane so yeah big shout out to brandon_ruiz it’s not a sub but he still let me borrow his secret so that’s really nice thank you for trusting me i will just hide all other pets wow i’m glitched in the floor lol the secret is huuuuuuge i think its bigger than fallen it’s really big omg i Don’t know if i have any potions no i Don’t but maybe there no ;-; that’s a rip but stats are still insane lmao i’m locking it i can’t enchant because it’s not max level ah but i maybe got +1 lvl potions i’m going to see really fast and oof i already used them Fallen angel bigger or no? maybe i don’t know lets equip it wow i dont know but its really huge id say its a big bigger i don’t have lord shock rn but i think the new secret is bigger than lord shock cause of wings its the rarest secret in % (even more than giant robot or leviathan) but too much are being hatched rn so its gonna be less value 1 CHANCE IN 12.5 MILLION lets take a pic tada this is for the thumbail lol big shout out to brandon for letting me use his secret really, thank you where is the secret really thank you, thank you it’s really nice it was a really cool showcase anyway i hope you liked it aswell a little showcasing video before qna LOL CHUNGUS JOINED WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE he got like 27k subs HOPE YOU LIKED IT AND HAVE A NICE DAY Shout out to members of my channel !

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15 Responses

  1. SLeNDeR_KiLLeR says:


  2. SoniZ Ruiz says:

    OAAAA les aile de ouf…..au passage c est moi qui t es passé les lovely omen ce matin XD

  3. Imbactimus says:

    Wow il est magnifique ce pet

  4. Gacha Qxeen says:

    Can you talk in english? XD Jk, you don't have to, haha

  5. Panda_{shadow} says:

    Je suis en retard c’est pas bien ;-;

  6. Monster YT says:

    issac: this time there are no reskins

    me: i think issac think that we are stupid and not think the immortal one looks like the light demon but it’s mutant 😂

    edit: even the gloom split is reskin

  7. SLeNDeR_KiLLeR says:

    hope you enjoy subtitles

  8. X xGamingKingx X says:

    who else watches the video and still puts the volume up even if you just use the subtitles?

  9. Gransagne2 says:

    Slender la video et de bonne quaitée est hyper bien

  10. cool_boy6061 says:

    If I were you I could've scammed the guy and took the pet :/

  11. babouche says:

    Comment on devien sponsor ? Sinon super vidéo et le mec c un chanceux XD

  12. team. spikie says:

    Moi j'en ai un shiny

  13. Subscribe to me For no reason says:

    That’s bigger than lord shock

  14. Nidal Adnane says:

    Je t'ai vus su une partie y avais mon boss

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