Budweiser Clydesdale Puppy Love Super Bowl 2014 Commercial

Budweiser never disappoints with a Super Bowl commercial, and 2014 is no exception. “Best Buds” is perfect. Take a look. [“Let Her Go” by Passenger] – [Whines]
– [Nickers] ♪ Well, you only need the light when it’s burning low ♪ ♪ Only miss the sun when it starts to snow ♪ ♪ Only know you love her when you let her go ♪ ♪ Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low ♪ ♪ Only hate the road when you’re missing home ♪ ♪ Only know you love her when you let her go ♪
[Horse snorts] [Howls] ♪ And you let her go ♪ [Neighs] ♪ And you let her go ♪ ♪ Oh, whoa, ohh ♪
[Horses neighing] ♪ Well, you let her go ♪♪ [Barking] [Neighs] Beer, puppies, horses, best friends. Does it get any better? But is it the best Budweiser commercial of all time? Hit us up and let us know. And while you’re deciding, click right here to see David Beckham Uncovered. You voted and this sexy star bared it all. I’m Brianna Baxter. Thanks for watching. ♪♪

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100 Responses

  1. K-G ForLifegameing says:

    Well I guess there is still hope in the world.

  2. *OOF* We Good says:

    Yes it's the best it's so good y'all should make a movie like that with the Clydesdale's and the puppy I watched it like a million times

  3. LiveLikeYouFly says:

    If law makers were to see a commercial like this promoting an opioid medication! They would lose there mind. Yet alcoholic beverages have done more damage to the world than opioid medications ever could. This is very confusing to me.

  4. titansfan492 says:

    still my favorite commercial of all time

  5. Chanel x says:

    I started crying for 20 minutes.

  6. Clouis lover Wife says:

    Fudge life I started tearing up I only cry for the walking dead sorry 😂

  7. A VINTAGE VAULT says:

    I love the BUD commercials…they always make me cry…lol

  8. Subzero FF says:


  9. tlg tlg says:

    Drink enough of that Budweiser and you'll be as big as that Clydesdale and probably about as smart also

  10. EL Malandro says:

    The best commercial that I ever sow 👍

  11. lullibuys for Lainey says:

    Yes this is the best

  12. supergamer 360420 says:

    This always gets me in tears.

  13. no no says:

    Loved it yes it is the vest Budweiser commercial

  14. AnimeManiac 88 says:

    That moment you get all teary-eyed from a commercial 😭

  15. Jocelyn Stelle says:

    I think it’s the best

  16. Debra Scott says:

    Super fantastic video.

  17. Cory Cramer says:

    Horses ,puppies,best friends and beer. No it does not get any better.

  18. Storm Bolt says:

    What is this??? I'm trying to avoid the feels part of YouTube! I just got hit with your goodbye to Dale Jr.. Now this??? I thought puppies would be safe!!

  19. Lucy Lee says:

    I watched this four years ago and I cried. I watched it again and cried just as much😭

  20. John Lakotas says:

    sad cute funny yeah totally 999999 stars

  21. It5KuyaA11enMunchies Munchies-Level-Loweyes says:

    I drink a lot and I tried lots of beer but am I the only one but I noticed Budweiser is the number 1 watered down beer.??

  22. lest play acustik says:

    oh soso cute

  23. Janeria Mcclellan says:

    It’s so cute it makes me happy sad kinda

  24. Kreative Decor says:

    Grt .i love this add /movie .😙😙😙

  25. Versace Medusa On the floor says:

    So sweet❤️❤️❤️👍🏻

  26. Šunka s kečupem says:

    It so cute 💜

  27. Big Anthony Nasta says:

    Big Anthony art east Boston ma we love Budweiser and 🐕🐎🇺🇸✌

  28. Tigerman1138 says:

    Best? Hard to peg

    Either “Hank” doing training to make next year’s cut with the Dalmatian training him to “Rocky’s theme” “Gonna Fly Now”

    Or the foal who pulled the wagon all by himself secretly helped by two adult horses, but with enough courage and confidence to do anything.

  29. Louise Shepherd says:

    Bud needs to go back to these ads and skip the pc propaganda.

  30. Andy Mcdaniel says:

    Bring the puppy back

  31. Riley Russell says:

    Best video EVER!!!

  32. Mahdi Hassan says:


  33. Dolly Lyn says:

    At first I didn't even know that that was for beer it's so and I love Clydesdales and puppies

  34. Juju rocha says:

    Que fofo

  35. Erlanda Williams says:

    Oh so very cute. Puppy found his best bud. How pawsome is this.

  36. randy martinez says:

    So cute

  37. Aleksa Petrović says:

    cute i want him

  38. Insanity says:

    Lmfao I think everyone fell in love with this song off of this

  39. FlintlockJones says:

    Pretty stupid that a beer commercial makes a cute commercial, Bud Light is DRUNK

  40. ermonski says:

    Hey there puppy…


  41. d2post1 says:

    The best Bud commercial is — "the Swear Jar" Fuck you Bob, fuck you Jim ha ha ha

  42. kimmilil says:

    Dear Budweiser BRING THESE BACK !!!!

  43. Jaye Batista says:

    Still gets me #RightInTheFeels

  44. Diana Gimmey says:

    911 was the best

  45. Radu Pislaru says:

    Have you been living under a rock?! How the fuck can you say this is a good ad?!…
    Please get back.

  46. miss_midge_6515 says:

    Dog near the end of the video says "You just try to keep me from my best horse buddy. I got my posse behind me." so AWESOME!!

  47. Lulu Chanel says:

    I love horse and dog

  48. Bessie says:

    Well isn't that farmer dude kinda stupid to even consider selling that puppy? He couldn't see that one pup loves the horses and the horses love it and that he could keep that one pup for himself ? Why sell it?

  49. Red says:

    My heart just melted.

  50. Alexiz Fredericksen says:

    I LOVE this

  51. Vortex Gaming says:

    I love Clydesdales there used to be one by my field

  52. Heather Eastin says:

    I cry every single time I see this. What always get me is the horse's reaction to the puppy barking in the car. They clearly love the puppy and they know it doesn't want to leave.

  53. lynchinjesus says:

    Fuck you cunt just show the video

  54. Rita Williams says:

    This is 2018 I still LOVE this ad and watch at least twice a day.

  55. Bubby says:

    Their best ever!!

  56. Karen Plumley says:

    Yes love it the best ever

  57. Elizabeth says:

    The best

  58. Arizona says:

    ooo clysedale!

  59. TheLightning03 says:

    I think it is one of the greatest commercial ever!

  60. Bey Orleans says:

    They need to shut budweiser TF DOWN

  61. Donnie Levert says:

    its so sad

  62. Mystical Horse Spirit says:

    I almost cried legit

  63. Carolina Mclaurin says:

    OMG I crying

  64. SharksLivesmatter says:

    This ad always get me 😭

  65. amy wellman says:

    Goddamnit Budwizer! Every Time!

  66. Sharon Markham says:

    yep…my fav

  67. EMarie61 says:

    This was so cute, but my favorite was where the puppy got lost and the horses went out to look for him.

  68. The 3 cousins says:


  69. Diana Gimmey says:

    Love it

  70. Angerlean Hammond says:

    I love that carmerical

  71. Carolyn J. Bean says:

    My favorite commercial, so enjoy it.

  72. John Bjerke says:

    2019 Budweiser commercial wasn’t that good upsetting

  73. J W says:

    Who still finds this commercial one of best even in 2019?

  74. Bk Jackson says:

    The best commercial of all time. I've lost count of the number of times I've watched it. And I'm likely destined to watch it a million times more.

  75. Rick Ross says:

    I've watched a million Super Bowl commercials and I could watch a million more and I doubt my opinion will ever change. THIS WALL ALWAYS BE MY FAVORITE.

  76. Odi Salinas says:

    You already know that I cried and it was sad 😟😟😿😿🙀🙀🐶🐎🦄🐩

  77. nihad bennihad says:

    is that a film

  78. Sapphire Justice says:


  79. anthony santos says:

    OMG! this commercial was very amazing. who is watching this in 2019?

  80. Jean-Claude Dancing says:

    Imagine getting ran up on by the Clydesdale gang? Quick way to get your ass beat something fierce.

  81. Cousin vlogs says:

    Best of all

  82. spsgamers says:

    I’m crying 😢

  83. Ilovemyhorse says:

    I own one of the Clydesdales

  84. Stephen Webb says:

    Now that's one I actually liked

  85. Dawn Stonerock says:


  86. Bohemian Goddess says:


  87. Dead Account says:


  88. Gamerafighter76 says:

    This was a cute commercial.

  89. taehyung’s wifeu says:

    i have a clydale too

  90. Mosa Sakö says:

    Worst beer i ever had. Commercial very dezent though

  91. Red says:

    Oh my heart. <3

  92. Eric Duvan Suarez Serrato says:

    Deberían sacar una película con esa comercial

  93. Joe Curcurio says:

    one of those dogs are mine!his name is finn

  94. Rorschach 81 says:

    Pause at 00.38. Trust me, you'll love it…

  95. 100 000 Subscribers without videos? says:

    Crys in happiness

  96. Daine Jir says:

    Great commercial… bud is still horse piss.

  97. Brian Powers says:

    I still come back once in a while to watch it

  98. 「S」 says:

    What the fuck did this have to do with Budweiser?

  99. Jeffrey Randall says:

    Was very cute

  100. Lisa K. says:

    :58 this farmer's teeth…impeccable.

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