Bulldog Backpack Project

♪ My name is Lou Ann Scates. I am the registrar at Gardner-Webb University,
and I oversee the Bulldog Backpack Program. Gardner-Webb’s real passionate about service
to the community . You know, there are kids in our own little
community here in Boiling Springs that are hungry. I feel like maybe that we can help in small little
bits for this. ♪ I’m Mary Crotts, the school social worker
here at Springmore Elementary School in Boiling Springs, North Carolina. Children, they’re guaranteed a meal, they’re
guaranteed breakfast and lunch while they’re at school. And you don’t always know that when they leave
our doors if they’re going to have those meals over the weekend. So this program has really been a blessing
to those families that we worry about who may not have enough food to get through the
weekend. I could not ask for a bigger blessing for
our school is to have a partnership with Gardner-Webb. Any time I need anything, they are willing
and able to provide, whether it be for the backpack ministry, whether it be outside of
the backpack ministry if I just need extra food for a family in a week, they’re good to step up
and do that. Any time we have a new enrollment and I feel
like there’s a need there for the backpack program, Lou Ann is the first one I call and
she is always willing and saying, “yes, yes yes, I’ll give you another bag.” Anything that I every ask for, they’ve gone
over and beyond to help meet those needs. Hundreds of kids, I think, have been touched
and blessed by this program. It’s not too long of a process. Every other week, we come over here on Thursday
and Mrs. Scates and Mrs. Skinner either have all the snacks laid out so we can just pick
up a bag and put one of everything in it. It was kind of a God-given direction to go
to Springmore because they’re known as the Little Bulldogs, too. So I thought it was just a wonderful connection
because Gardner-Webb are the Runnin’ Bulldogs and I just thought that was the way it was
meant to be. ♪

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