Bulldog Bikes

[ Music ]>>Bulldog Bikes is
a bike share program that was initially
student driven, is open to not only students
but all UGA employees as well. The current iteration of the Bulldog Bikes program
was the brainchild of Sahana.>>I started as an office
sustainability intern and my primary motivation
to revamp the program was to get more students
interested in biking on campus and to get them to
fall in love with it.>>She wrote a sustainability
grant to buy these Trek bikes that are lighter and
have wider gear ranges.>>What makes Bulldog Bikes a
really good program is the fact that it’s free and really
accessible to any student. It is in two main
locations on campus, the science library
and the main library. And then also the
bikes are aluminum and have a really good gear
ratio so that it’s a lot easier to ride up the incredibly
arduous hills here in Athens.>>Essentially what I do is I do
preventative maintenance every week on the bikes and keep
them running smoothly. It allows students that don’t
have access to bikes otherwise, don’t have their own personal
bikes to ride bikes on campus, to use bikes as transport,
to ride bikes for fun.>>The Bulldog Bikes program
right now is a university based program that’s fairly small. We do hope in the near future to
work with Athens Clarke County to expand the program
throughout the city and ride from a location on
campus to somewhere in town and vice versa.>>Checking out a bike
is super easy and is just like checking out
a book on campus. You just go to the science
library or the main library and you ask them
to check out a bike and they’ll hand you the
keys and a bike helmet and it’s as easy as that.

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