[BRAD RADICE] It’s time for our Bulldog
Conversation, Brad Radice back with you, and I’m joined by Dr. Denise Gregory, Assistant
Provost for diversity and intercultural initiatives here at Samford University, and Denise we
are celebrating 50 years of integration here at Samford the Golden Anniversary and we’re
commemorating it not only this year, but specially in February aren’t we? [DENISE GREGORY]
Absolutely, we’re getting ready and geared up for a lot of events that are happening,
in particular, in February. We have so many events that are going to happen
for us. There are several that we want to highlight
and talk about today. [BRAD RADICE]
We’ll talk about it, but let’s go back in history to 1967, Audrey Lattimore Gaston Howard,
the first African-American admitted into Samford, Cumberland specifically. [DENISE GREGORY]
Yes, in 1967 she was the first student to be enrolled into Samford University’s law
school, Cumberland, there she made great strides and received her J.D. We have wonderful archives, pictures of her
where she’s receiving her degree from Dr. Lesley Wright in 1970. [BRAD RADICE]
She had a great career in law and in politics and I know recently you tracked down her son,
who was just elated about this honor wasn’t he? [DENISE GREGORY]
Yes, so excited. when he saw the email from me when I reached
out to him. It was an honor for him to hear that we were
going to celebrate his mother and we’re looking forward to continuing conversations with him
and hopefully at all possible bringing him here on campus for some of the events that
we’ll be hosting in her honor. [BRAD RADICE]
So, we’re honoring 28 distinguished alums in February, but you also have a long list
of events not only in the spring, but we’ve also had a couple so far, just a great lineup
of events to commemorate this 50th anniversary. [DENISE GREGORY]
Yes, the 28 honorees that we’re honoring in February. They’ve been nominated by several people across
campus, by Deans, by Vice Presidents, from our alumni have nominated so many people deserving,
but we can only choose 28 of them that we’re going to highlight during every day in February. They will be featured on our website, our
social media, recognized for their contributions to the university, as well as to, to the world
to help promote our society. Also in February, the Black Law Students Association
is sponsoring the Thurgood Marshall Series, and that is going to be a great event also
as well that we’re going to celebrate, also with Dr. Billie Jean Young, who is a 1979
graduate of Cumberland Law School, performs a wonderful one woman show titled ‘Fanny Lou
Hamron: This Little Light of Mine’. We are really excited about that event. [BRAD RADICE]
Good stuff and outside of that, just, outside of that you’re showing a movie, all kind of
stuff, that these events–you don’t have to be a Samford alum to come to, they’re open
to the public. [DENISE GREGORY]
They are open to the public, we are welcoming everyone to our campus to visit these events. We have a website that we’ll talk about later
on, where people can find all of our events that we’re having for to commemorate this
event. And, would to have so many people to join
The 28 individuals that we’ll be honoring, I know you’ve gotten a lot of nominations,
just about some of the, not specifically, but when you look at the list of contributions
that Samford alums, specifically African-Americans have made and the strides they’ve made. [DENISE GREGORY]
Absolutely, that list is so remarkable and overwhelming. The accomplishments and the work that people
have done in the community. Here at Samford what they’ve done in their
churches is overwhelmingly unbelievable of some of the work that we may not have known
about if we hadn’t done this event, so we’re all so grateful for their connections that
we have and also ones that we’re establishing, and the new one’s that we’re forming by having
people to nominate people that have graduated from Samford and are doing well in our community. So, when you see the list you will be like
‘wow this is amazing’ some of the work that they’re doing in our communities. [BRAD RADICE]
Just talk about the reception you’ve gotten from planning this event and some of the pride
that you’ve noticed in planning this. [DENISE GREGORY]
Absolutely, we’ve had an overwhelming response from our students, from faculty, from employees,
from alumni, just from the community as well of, one that we’re actually taking the time
to commemorate this event is grateful to see, people in our community to see, and that is
has been overwhelming response of the joy we have from this. [BRAD RADICE]
Again, Samford University celebrating 50 years of integration. It’s the Golden Anniversary, we were talking
about a big list of events that we have, this spring, they’re ongoing that we have too. If you’re interested in coming, head to Samford.edu/go/50th
that will have the list of all the events really top to bottom a solid list. If you want to hear speakers, if you want
to see events, go to that site and you’ll be able to do it. Denise that you so much for joining us. Thank you. You’ve been listening to the Bulldog Conversation.

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