Bulldog For Life: Danielle Balmer

My name is Danielle Balmer, I graduated with
the hospitality program in fall of 2012. I currently work for Bedrock management services. We are a real estate company in downtown Detroit. For Bedrock, I actually serve as an event
manager. Through Bedrock we own over 90 building to
include building and garages. Within some of those buildings we do have
event spaces, one of those being the beautiful Madison building in downtown Detroit overlooking
Comerica Park, and a couple others. I simply work with both internal and external
clients to be able to provide an event space and venues, for any type of events here that
they’d like to host that’s in the downtown Detroit area. Ferris offers a lot of great opportunities
for students to get involved. I think one of the biggest things you have
to take advantage of, is taking on those opportunities and really immersing yourself into the community
and into the University. Through that you’re going to be able to
get those life skills that maybe, sometimes a textbook or a classroom might not be able
to truly give you that full rounded experience. I think, you know really diving in deep and
getting involved will truly help you in preparing yourself more for the future and real life
situations. During my time at Ferris, I was very much
involved with student government. I also partook within the different activities
that student government put on, one of those things being the Big Event. I served as the volunteer coordinator for
one year, and the director for two. I equally was a part of Alpha Sigma Tau sorority. Was their president for a year during the
time that I was president for student government. I don’t know why I did that to myself, but
it was worth it. Also did just any other volunteer activities
and any opportunities that were presented to me through those organizations that I had. Ferri should be a top choice for students
simply, because of the fact that I think that when it comes to creating your own ideas and
wanting to run with it. They definitely provide a great avenue for
that, and I do believe that is why they do have so many RSO’s on campus. I just think that there’s a lot of opportunity
that is involved. No matter what program you might be in, you
can have kind of many areas of focus and whether it be your extracurricular or your major. To be a Bulldog to me simply means that, it’s
a University that you have forever. It is the mentors that you built during that
time, knowing that you can pick up the phone at any time to call them. The sorority sisters and friends and friendships
that I grew, I think are nowhere near comparable to the friendships that maybe you had in high
school. There’s something about it that you know,
that looking at them and thinking about it, it is a forever thing. It’s not just four years and you’re done,
it’s continuing after that and sharing the many memories after, and always having that
common denominator of saying that we’re all Bulldogs. I think that there’s something that’s
really special about it, it’s a small tight-knit community like that both in the University
setting and Big Rapids community.

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  1. Byron Terrell Williams says:

    Danielle you were one of my biggest inspirations and an amazing example to me. I always looked up to you and Amber during my time at Ferris and beyond. you are the essence of a good leader, hard work, and elegance. You did so much in such a short period of time and I'm grateful for all of the advice, help, support, and love you given and shown me. Ferris is my home and people like you made it bone of the greatest experiences of my life. I am blessed to know you, to have served under your leadership, and to have had the privilege of seeing you at work. You are phenomenal and absolutely spectacular. I love you much! #BulldogForLife

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