Bulldog For Life: Jon Conklin

My name is Jon Conklin, I graduated in 2005
from the PGM program at Ferris State University. I’m currently the director of operations
at Bucks Run Golf Club in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. So basically, I’ll oversee all of clubhouse
operations, that includes from the food and beverage department to the golf course, any
other needs that we might have, and then also operate our indoor golf simulator that is
off-site from our golf course in the winter. Being from Michigan, and wanting to go in
to this program, it kind of goes hand-in-hand, so I’ve known about the program ever since
I was a kid, and actually started going to a lot of their summer golf camps. So I started
out going to their summer golf camps as a kid, really enjoyed what it had to give, what
the golf course had to give, and the practice facility, and then from there, obviously,
that’s what’s more fun when you’re a kid, but then the education and what you really
wanted to go in to as you got older really drew me in. Well Ferris did a great job in preparing me
for my future because, it is the number one program in the nation in golf. Having a little
bit of a smaller school than maybe an Arizona State or something along those lines really
helped us focus in on what golf meant to us, and also our education, and having a smaller
classroom environment and facilitators that really cared about our future. Well being so, kind of local here in Mount
Pleasant, it really makes it easy, so we’re only about a 45-minute drive, I definitely
keep in touch with hosting our Ferris State Alumni Association Golf Outing here, it’s
been a privilege and a pleasure to do that for a few years, looking forward to it in
2016, but I was also a member Sigma Phi Epsilon, where I was a very active member, where I
do stay in touch to all of our actives and our alumni board still currently as well,
and then also, individuals that I work for through Fischer companies are also all alumni.
I am kind of a Bulldog for life, from high school on. I think what it means to me is
being proud of who you are and what you do, and excelling and pushing yourself. We’re
the best motivators, we can only push ourselves to be successful, and I think that would be
what it would mean to me. Well, I think Ferris is a top choice, especially
depending on what industry you’re looking to go in to, and what program you want as
your major. There are so many great ones, and I when I travel in to Big Rapids nowadays
and you see some of these buildings and complexes for what they do, hands down, really, you
have to choose based on your major more than anything else, and once you get there and
you really get in to it, you’re really going to fall in love with it.

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