Bulldog For Life: Simon Denis

Hi, my name is Simon Denis. I graduated in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in the Applied Speech Communication program and I was a defenseman for the Ferris State hockey team. My experience at Ferris
was amazing it was you know five of the best years of my life and coming into
university coming from Canada it’s something that you know I didn’t really
know what to expect and you know I’ve been out of high school for two years
before I even came to college so but you know Ferris State, the entire campus,
everything just made the transition so seamless and it allowed me the
opportunity to be successful right off the bat. It made my experience so special
all five years you know whether it was going to classes or going to events
around campus being an athlete you know hanging out and going to you know other
athletes’ games and everything like that it was just it was an experience that’s
you know to me is the most special thing I could have ever asked for it was the
perfect University for me. You know being a part of the hockey team here was it
was incredible it was uh you know it was everything you dream of when you when
you decide to go play college hockey. It’s you’re playing those big-name
programs whether it’s Michigan, Michigan State. My first couple years, Notre Dame
and Boston College. You know, those are the big-time programs that you know you hear
about and you see on TV and everything like that and to be out on the rink and
playing them and beating them it’s you know it’s incredible. You know, my
freshman year winning a national championship, to my junior year obviously
going through kind of a bigger deal with breaking my neck and everything like
that and having a you know a long process of recovering and everything but
it all you know within the help of my teammates and the support staff and
everyone here it made it made it okay and that’s that’s what really stood out
to me and being able to bounce back and my senior year coming I was with a team
and when the first ever playoff championship for Ferris State it was you
know it was something that we all dreamed of and we worked for we worked
so hard for. And, we were able to earn it and you know and go into the NCAA
Tournament and upset some teams it’s it always made it fun. Being a hockey
player Ferris State was you know my five years was the best I could have ever
asked for. My time with the Toledo Walleyes was incredible.
It was two of the best years I’ve ever had it’s you know from the group of
players we had there and the coaching staff and our fan base was beyond
incredible there so it was one of the greatest things I could have ever asked
for to start my professional career. Coming out of Ferris you know there’s it
made the transition easy with some of my fellow athletes you know with Kyle Bonis, Scott Czarnowczan, Pat Nagle and Mike Embach — all former Ferris State alumni. So, to
be able to play with those guys it made it even more special and you know we’d
have Ferris State alumni come down to the games even you know not necessarily
people that we knew but you know at least honestly every game there’s at
least one whether it’s a Bulldog jersey or shirt or someone and banging on the
glass waving out of stuff like that so it’s it’s cool to see that support you
get from fellow alumni and it’s it’s something that’s really special. Future
plans I’m currently I currently signed a new contract to head over to South Korea
to play professional hockey there and it’s gonna be a new journey that’s for
sure it’s it’s an exciting time but it’ll you know it’ll allow me to see a
whole different side of the world and experience a whole new culture while getting to live my dream of playing professional hockey. So, it’s something
that I’m very excited for and it’s something that’s it’s gonna be
interesting to say the least. You know to join the Blueline Club and to give back
it’s it’s extremely valuable to you know to help our program. Being a player here you see where the money goes and you see the kind of
amenities that you’re able to to have whether it’s on the road or just little
things at home and do you be able to you know you really understand the value of
that now as a player and you know it’s it’s something where you’re able to give
back even if it’s just a small amount and to help the guys that are here now
be successful and to continue the tradition of winning. Being a Bulldog, to
me, means being the best person you can be. It’s a university that strives
on you know its alumni and it’s how successful they really have been so
being a Bulldog is just, you know, it’s it’s almost a mentality. In the
state of Michigan, we’re not necessarily the biggest school in the world but
people know who we are and they’re there’s a reason for that so that’s
something that’s you know you carry with a lot of pride and definitely proud to
be a Ferris State alumni.

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