Bulldog for Life: Tara Whitaker

My name is Tara Quigley Whitaker. I graduated from Ferris in 2008 from the College
of Business with a degree in marketing and a minor in special event meeting planning. I work for myself at home. I have my own writing and editing business,
so right now I have three major clients on the content manager for an entrepreneur who
teaches online proofreading courses. So I do blog posts, newsletters, anything
with her online content. And then I also work for to publishers doing
copy editing and editing romance novels, travel guides, and cookbooks. When it sounds a little corny, but when I
went to Ferris and visited the on campus tour, I just knew right away. I know that’s super corny and cheesy but
something about it just felt right. I don’t know if it was the combination of
just the feel of the campus, how it wasn’t huge and sprawling and ginormous. But it’s still big enough that I felt like
I was expanding my horizons. It was the people that were just super nice
and friendly and I felt like I wasn’t going to be just a number there people were going
to know my name. My professors were going to know if I showed
up for class. They’d be able to see my face, not in a
huge you know auditorium style classroom. It just felt right. I was involved in everything, not really but
it felt like it. I knew that going to college I would get an
education but I knew I had to put myself out there and do more to make sure I got everything
I could out of the massive amount of money I was spending. So I joined entertainment unlimited, student
government, AMA, student alumni gold club, Ferris idols and more. Plus I had two on-campus jobs that I worked
one for the entire time I was there and one for the last year I was there. So I made sure to get out there and do everything
I could. I think that going to Ferris and getting the
education and the experiences that I had, 100% made me who I am today. Not just with the education I got and the
experiences I had. That the people I met, people I’m still
in contact with today and it’s been nine years since I graduated. It’s like I never left sometimes. I still go back to campus and visit as often
as I can. I will always try and be as active an alum
as possible. Just because Ferris gave so much to me that
I want to give back as much as I can whenever possible I would recommend Ferris to anybody that is
looking for a great educations, tons of opportunities outside of the classroom, wants a small-town
feel but still has the big town resources, and opportunities. To me being a bulldog is a little literal but what
I think of a bulldog, I think of someone that’s tenacious go-getter, doesn’t put up with
anything, but it’s still nice and cuddly and cute. So that’s my picture of a bulldog in the
literal and figurative sense.

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