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. A Christmas present for all I know. I’m glad that. Home shopping. Right. A lot of men shop. White men the consultant guy gear hi tech toys. Yeah admins fashion video games. Well it’s funny you should mention that Brian because that is what’s happening right now. Yes all right follow us. Welcome to ball that we are the newest shopping channel and the only one dedicated jobs for the guy that’s right guide dear guy stuff we’re gonna get to looking and feeling your fast. I have a lot of fun. And this is not the mother shop which is. You’re gonna find any that stuff if you know your life on other shopping network not since the one with that. With the end finally. The network just. Got that’s right wel know that you guys hate going to the mall with that you know you hate the long lines of pushy salespeople. Both. All those problems for you that’s right. We have a lot of fun to get some shopping done. Comments are gonna have a lot of laughs. In the what just live on bulldog shopping network .com for you to. Follow us on Facebook Twitter Instagram yeah and that other one there was a little tight what. Hi I’m Brian Johnson and I’m send back and this is bulldog. Welcome to bulldog. We’re getting more thank you bye really we’ll get this home for you today this iconic brand. This is something that we can talk about all night. One story that comes from Michael vality. This is where you go from man’s hopping. Lifestyle yes people not shopping network. Good evening everyone and welcome to the bulldog shopping network we are here this is our very first night on the air if you’re new to us where the very first men’s home shopping network dedicated to everything related to guys guy here cool hi. Guys fashion and men’s yes we have a very special guest. Here that night to make about how long running out. So great to be here great to be part up. The local network so often around Michael is a graduate. Okay so guys.rs about me he traveled the world. Nothing about jewelry gemstone he’s a really cool guy he traveled worldwide. Indiana Jones okay I will waive. The right we’re yeah we’re going to tell you. You can actually go into the mall yes to discover all these unique gemstone fifteen years and all the story. But first before we get into that yes right. We have a little change in that we’re doing tonight. When all of our guests okay dogs have a network so I’m we I know you’re- right. So I’m wondering if you’d be willing to sing the Canadian national anthem for us tonight and I am ready to do so. Because ready I have not something that. Cool flow. Some of the words weren’t so they can. You know what no well it’s been a long time so I just want to make sure I get it. Okay ready okay. And mold mandate is. Who pays for it. Hello all are we- rise room north and three. From all our lives and we stand on guard for we. Are he. Laurie all. We . All. We . And I. Alright well we’re going to continue on yeah for doing that. A lot of fun. I’m sorry all right I’m not going to see here is that we also one year where do you want me to say I missed over here you’re good there. Is really right right absolutely I’m all right so we’ve got we’re gonna kick off our way in one of our former sellouts here that you bring so microbiology for those of you that don’t know again he’s a graduate from college. He is a master when it comes to everything down so- yeah everything has to do with cool cutting edge of men’s jewelry alright if you wear men’s jewelry if you don’t wear men’s jewelry you’re gonna want to wear and flew after this hour because Michael put together the best looks the most modern cool pieces. With a really beautiful gemstone 100% and I’m the first one so happy we’re starting with that because if you’re going to invest in a stone you got to get ten for that you may not be a work but they have closed the mine prices have gone through the roof and what’s happening guy is the basically with your cancer night. What is happening is that not only the prices are going up the quality that’s available has gone down this is pre existing it through the iPhone this is premium quality it is absolutely stunning. Every goal. Thank you. That’s right worth is that right yeah. Yeah the night as ever called him but I just shy of two ninety was minimal weight many films are over that leaves on it but I gotta tell you guys this is a phenomenal piece of you know what. You’ll have to be gentle with the fans and as the last it’s not going to color fade. Actually cleaning clear number plate is never going to charge and probably made in America and blue come on. How do you want to go over this color you know what I mean tell. Tell me about what you make someone everything. Is running on a kind of been around I want to tell me what we’re seeing. And tell me about all that so that that played in that- mix that you what we do is we this is all made in America that’s made with the silver plated. Our alley needs when you mix two models together. Most sterling silver is seven and a half percent copper. Did you know what’s the cooper that causes the floor with a tarnished it’s not the sober itself. This is made differently it has a ninety two and a half percent sober. But the aloe is mostly palladium palladium apartment plant and grow. In America they figured out in Buffalo how to melt the two bottles together instantly. The work. Doesn’t tarnish anymore you can basically you could swim with that it is a term. Of ten karat gold so now you can wear for ever and not have to worry about that part of the issue. And it’s wrong. Probably made a Buffalo New York so Michael Masterson. If my wife were to get me this ring for Christmas yeah. I can hand this down to my son. And generations. Only this is a generational star and- it was the one generations don’t think of it this was. In nineteen fifty five when it was discovered. It just called to mind right now though nine. So this was around I mean it’s basically less than what the fifty years approximately a half a century. And it’s gone. So folks. Yeah one one best in slot I love a lot of stones of our- but tanzanite. Not like this and these are beautiful beautiful forgettable. All right so that that beautiful eighteen karat. Gold the kind of- that scroll work. Around yeah thank of that ring. And then if you send us around you think. I want to show everybody the kind of the side. Michael what we’re looking . At here what you’re looking at there you look here the beautiful beautiful. And grounds it’s a bold. It’s a masculine. And this is an investment peace I mean it’s one ninety nine it’sery well priced for what it is. It’s absolutely beautiful and I love that under gallery how you cut that out today that light on your finger yeah Brian how does it feel in your hand it feels great and I love. What’s the future here underneath it keeps it from rolling around at that figure shank and that’s really important for the guys you know if you take a look at your hand. Right it’s flat here were the palm is it with your finger meets your hand it’s actually flat. Now if I were to make that a full round shank you get something groundbreaking flat they don’t fit together. What one. So when you go to make a fast. You don’t feel a thing. And if the whole world and that’s very very poor also very important. Guys we keep a lot of stuff in our pockets in our hands are going in our pocket. That’s going to go into your pocket machine here. It’s full. Match if the last in this exotic affordable. All right. Hander fourteen available for you guys one ninety nine ninety nine. One eight three four six five is how you’re gonna order. Pulled out shopping network dot . Com and that’s where you can put that item number in. Red hat with. Okay yeah we restored okay map right now this was found in the mobile phase. If I would discover okay of right from the scorpion mine and I believe it was covered in nineteen sixty seven or sixty eight was a rigid discovered in Tanzania but they wouldn’t allow mining so Campbell bridges the gap with this covered. Called the vein crossed over to Kenya at the start of mine. To get there and he called the scorpion mine. Alright this is backed by the man this is like that big bold brilliant child. Yeah 42% off. It makes the statement that we have not a bottle ring. But it’s just it’s just shine I mean it’s just. Art well I love love this camera hold this really still. Look like that it’s very hard really have what we call a high. Refractive index guys refractive index for first with gems ability and then slow like the war itself. The brighter look by the way these things are not treated. They do not color fade and they’re hard as a rock governments are very very very hard. Add this is called several right named after sabhal park itself will be ma’am. Because this is about savile park is where they have an Africa the main. Line these lines are very big and they don’t have a name. The attack people that’s what the cost will be ninety. Yes Jen wasn’t man either your nickname as- seen by my- stories Michael your stories are on late like. I would I would hear more stories about like. Had no it’s not mine but . Different lines you’ve been working well I mean it’s a it’s a. Is that they cannot use explosives- when it comes to mind colors don’t because they will take the impact with the diamond well. So they have to line up by him. Okay the conditions are very very different I mean some of the ones I’ve been to that they’re quite frankly dangerous or was one that was lowered down. Into a critical code of life was one of the most dangerous minds I’ve I’ve ever been to in my life would be this collapses there’s- it’s- and- what. About the min to make the dangers to strip. Of what they might be using the grills right to wonder drilling the drill bit snap. And they leave those shards of metal in the wall because they can’t remove them. So when you’re going in there you got yourself hello. I no longer. Hi good how are you. Officially. Canada yeah and I didn’t hear that all are. All the sons well I think I think I did it mine was the nineteen eighties version. Yeah it was. One we grew up. Not a lot. So I’m always confuse the hockey game that like all our- yeah. Remember that we have gone working week and all that yeah yeah. Yeah I think you’re gonna be on with us here the bulldogs have a network as well tomorrow night we have to special presentation. Special items or use that I want to show you about. For skin care for men. They should. Three your skin properly about this. I’m I’m and I’m a scientist not a magician. Thank you for joining. Thank you members seven seven yeah central yes here the bulldog. Shopping network. Yeah I’ve been with. Wait wait. There’s a lot of men out there that do not even wash their faces that night they don’t know. They don’t understand but you know we’re not a great. What they don’t what what you’re going to see is how quickly and easily your skin is going to change is going to get younger it’s the- mood there gonna get brighter. It really does respond menschen respond faster than women’s again. Thank you I need area. Alright we’ll see you back metabolism. Baby customer all right good night well. We’re playing the national anthem again. Are you okay. Okay. Okay man I thank you all right we got the paint their real. Well I love the band okay. All right with a neighbor I don’t I just want to let you guys know again. One eighty eight ninety nine one nine two two nine it’s high in order. That would amend on are going all out shopping now. Don’t get amends I’m glad I got to go out shopping. And that is that I don’t number that’s- all. That we have here on this L. Green and give them that item number as well all right. Guys we’ve got to fill with we’ve got a ring at that have sold more than twelve thousand. Right off of women’s unisex is fantastic it’s an amazing feat it does go all the way up to five fifteen now. If you only have a good one. Thank you okay I told I said fine. Michael what side. I’m gonna love it they give me a sec it’s like. I mean. Three I think they got like really. Not this is a fantastic before gonna tell you right now it’s one of my number one selling multi sapphire pieces white the quality of the stones the way we carve the peace the stones are multi sapphires but the company was contracted nabrit Tom what’s great about this is the chance in every Thailand sapphire. Our premium grade he’s around really because we’ve got the full fifty faster if you will notice we give you the full gamut of colors no you want something more profound for me not get all the colors like to jus come in blue becoming the fifth thank you for your call that the blood Orange that is a mile while the Orange there is the yellow the canaries you get green software you get of course you’re blue you get the eight. These are all very valuable you get the Orange is the pop rock just that’s all included in this incredible because it’s over for character if you call and everybody loves a matter of fact my planner here the guy the plans are shows yeah homes one yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah definitely well you know there’s an animal trend is really really big right now all the I’m a trend that there’s a big at the tigers all of that- get in on that trend for either a guy or gal. More than twelve thousand people it cannot be wrong hold with the reviews the fantastic on that what I . Love about this ring. It’s open his clothes yeah. Jim hold yours. Really yeah. Red nose up its stuff and you know this is a great read I’ll tell you what other people have called me and they’ve written about. This right now so yeah. My wife and I have one you know I did I find that with the big. Invictus great for that they’ve got these men’s watches and then the wives are worried because I need you guys on the boat. And there weren’t the woman size of that in there were the same watch you know the facts. And this is the one ring of that I’ve I’ve heard about they said husband wives. Where together he has his sights she has her five. To say re rain is fantastic why give everyone loves that. Right well this is a conversation starter quarters the conversation. Or ask these. Questions. Yes I’m here yeah he diesel. Who do you think would win. In a dog in the fight the bulldog or enhance their me for what. You know what the **** out of three I’m not a homeowner for removal of. Yeah I think the bulldog would win would you. It’s a very good job. I’m I’m a doctor I’ve had dogs my whole yeah and you have a- yeah we have a little because the girls one didn’t work. There is. Well it took an old lady. All right zero nine five eight is. My current how you’re going to order this cancer ring one of Michael’s very best sellers one of our neighbor to the network the station for our order everybody loves it what was. Best pieces you know come on it’s oufirst night tonight a bulldog I’m very happy to be here you guys are loving it well we’re just going to expand the you know what this is this is a great great items something I should do that cancel like we have a wonderful sovereign we have this piece I’m show me some of the best pieces of my collection but don’t know or because- we have the show yeah. And gift given time and you could buy yourself a gift you know I’ve been married thirty three years and have. A purpose I find myself to see if we can give it to me. That was. Twenty five years you just as happy getting yourself and were fine. True. Hey that is happening. It’s like you know she goes the bride was about half of the year. I know what I’ve tried it all already. We do that. I think the buyer for something you know what I mean. If you were given. That’s because you know that you’re giving something up there a lot of a total and you’re getting something that you want to make a mad apple what you’ve gift giving you know you want to put that here she’s going to be happy with right okay so you’re guaranteed to be happy with the fans there rain one two zero nine five eight is higher in order this is the best seller this is one that everybody loves get in on that animal trend right now with that king at the rank multicolored sapphires and a budget at that first came in multi colors. I did it before I started out this gig- at one two zero nine five eight that’s how you order global dot shopping network dot com call the number on your screen and enter in that item numr will get home for you we also get a home Brianna value pay of I can remember what thirty dollars is that right thirty dollars a night that’s our way of getting it interest free way of getting items home you’re wearing it. And you’re paying it off over six months which is a fantastic value. One seventy nine for the spring. That’s right man is. All right so. I know and then as we didn’t talk about the little co. Allies in. Fifty still the basically guys you’re paying. Three three boxes still know that includes the mountie I mean that’s just the tree. Right all right forget that home a little bit shipping handling that value the thirty dollars. Every month for the next six months will get that home for you sure to be a hit. Enter right twelve thousand sold 47% off. That goes with. Anything and sapphires are actually warning Italy by my- right now all right guys. It is time for story time with the Michael vality now. I want to tell you guys something about Mike about the you might not know if you are new to add here. He is an adventure. He’d go. On worldwide adventure into the mine. Into the deep and dark as part of the line all throughout the world. To sources Johnson. Indiana Jones absolutely all right so Michael we want you to tell us. What is your- growing story. You’ve had going around the world. After a long journey without a single cell. I was heading over to the gulf coast. And we were going down tracks with hill. And it would just rain every little edges from the side of the road when we finally got to the girl called the mind it struck me into a hard if they had. A lower me down to a long long. The hardest thing we had half the belt working. Because it only had the metal bar the loop with nothing. As I was going down I would notice the shards of metal. From the drills all around me and I was being lowered lowered down. I got down safely the very next day. I was in downtown golden voted Valdez. And the gem dealer and I was telling the story. With that I just for the vocal the mind and he said you didn’t go. Down that mine is that. Yes I did. You see that man at the front door that was missing a leg. Yeah that’s my uncle. Last year he went down that mine. And that struck broke. And life is like apart this is a true story. And guess what the almost bled to death and he walked away. I can’t believe you did that. That is one of the most dangerous minds in the part of herself. My wife almost killed me when I told. And that is absolutely not exaggerated collector. I am fi he said that was only a few of the stories on that trip. Number one. What. Well what if you have no idea. Credible are you flush with the factual truth I believe you I want to know- before we go and I’m in the back. How did you get into this. Line of work so my law. I literally a you’re right I literally I look forward to it very briefly I was good to go- back university finish of the of the eight. And for the summer I said you know what let me pick from our offer medical working. At a friend’s jewelry store started working there and absolutely fell in love with gemstones. I never acack. And then I became a geologist so I refer the technology and it’s a true story I never thought. In a million years. That I would be doing that on television yes you want to know a funny story. When I was fourteen years older than a pilot for my own television show. That’s a true story really call from a city because one of the local talk show featuring teenagers during the high from nineteen seventy one. And it we were talking about drugs at all but I think it was very problem that time to the pot of for that show. And it’s funny that now I’m on television right it is so funny and cool ever thought. Kind of marrying like your two favorite exactly now that the world of entertainment. And the religion that’s right that’s right. Thank you very much they you hear very well I. It is. Two row cluster this kind of like a big MVP rang I really is an emerald was a great great precious the order means you know from the time of the Roman emperors I mean animals have been treasured going back to the history of mankind this is top quality Zambian emerald this comes from two lines it’s will still kasuga full with there really are an extension of the same mind the kind of in a linear path this particular deposit right now. Is the number one worldwide deposit a verbal blunder probably everyone out there this is some of the best time- but I’ve been in business forty years to buy a mobile tell you why does that mean government invest a lot of money a few years ago to expand this operation right now we’re in a position in the world right now that there’s a little bit of a glut there’s a bit of an over supply white wonder digging for the animals. The best supplies often found not at the surface book close to the surface so we’re in a position now where there’s a lot there’s like a bumper crop of emeralds on the market you need for the consumer we’re getting better quality at the lowest prices I’ve seen them for decades that won’t last that won’t last wow he will come to an end because the supply in the band the demand is unstable plus plus a little bit over factory right now because it’s time to buy animals all right races of the best. Okay so he’s the guy in your life that needs a special some policies I have this green holiday get yes to me without clean that up right gorgeous gorgeous nine three fourteen sizes nine through twelve ninety fourteen still available I want I want to take a little spin around this ring until hall little details of this ring I do a little bit of it too- I’m because we have some really beautiful scrollwork we do have the really really gorgeous kind of this- kind of reading on that fact. This . Look at that green. Now you know I mean you don’t the story of kind of what kind of lit up here for all different things it’s not like we do with it which I don’t shop which we got the price for the job even the slight you can see the high quality of the stone that’s a great buy wow okay so now I want. To Michael when you force the file they all kind of all these different you know emerald do the same they all kind of look the same you have to kind of work to make sure that they’re the same I don’t know no no they they they never come to save this is all in after film ice that. Sort of stuff now I have another gal that helps me when I’m here I mean she helped me but I’m mostly for every single stone for all these rings the majority of my job is the thing and sorting some sometimes I that’s what I have shoulder. Pain from picking up the job. Yes sure. Our people hello I you can see there we are on Instagram and we are on you to fall at the comment so what you guys want to see more- would love to hear from you would love to chat with you I’m we’re just gonna talk real quick about this although she bring because of the number and Belmont. Welcoming of this is the how about that the Belmont comfortable for Brazil love this is their video of me going actually in the mind the Belmont mine was the best one I’ve ever visited very safe very state of the art theft because it’s been around for a long give us a lot of money into it. And the lmont images huge huge it’s very cavernous drive trucks into it into them got to take or if you if they leave the whole little to full mount and it’s a Michael Michael is a mineral and theirs is black Michael what they call the ship a shift the kind of gold like waves. In the one they might not the Michael that there is actually that that’s the like issues that here I am I’m waiting on. My mind I’m there were going into the mine. And soon agree that’s the you know what that is I think if there’s ever an accident all the victims skate the- numbers to shift. Pleas yeah so vicious get their battle my questions now they’ve just blasted the look with my flashlight. There is the xposed general. That is the exact color of the console of mine. So it’s the most amazing thing in the world to watch him out to be in a- dark dark this dark cave. And all of a sudden again his black will be the green shards of emerald sticking out of the wall. That’s exactly what it’s what. The color is natural Belmont what would you think of Columbia. Actu gonna. And we are I believe. Were the onpeople please don’t want their most in the mentoring that by with animal data for nine dollars animals are that one. Yeah there’s a personal still. Rough in about yeah look at the quality of that film. We got to get in there my guys so cool and- how you like literally it’s kind of what you. If you never see a mine in your life. Like that you don’t really know exactly like how does that really work. You know we have no idea I’ve never seen that I’ve never seen those films coming out of the. Because it it’s a show of good form different stones form in different ways and this is exactly how this form that the big big wall we call the shift yeah that’s my car. And it is very important because what the Michael forms it’s like a big area. So there’s the mica and usually you will get a quart flaring right behind it is the emerald. And the chromium conference. Or what’s called me if the element for the animal. We eed that call you need the right ingredients like snow. On the right hand picture you need the moisture all these things happen magically Happe for these animals to form we got to be the right place at the right time. And I was in for you right now a full box because at one forty eight. Take me home. Really yeah that thing all my gosh is. Beautiful a lot we’re down to about a half dozen yeah in all this is going lately. We have sizes. Eight nine ten and for awhile. Laughs if you wt in the spring you better act quickly because it is flying a one six nine. Two two five how you gonna order listed quantities. We’ve got- okay a couple of came into play for. The Mac. We’re gonna look at both of these is that our brain we’ve got a pendant we’ve got. Everything you need to keep it cool and sophisticated. If you are into a- folder for state leave math right and stuff yeah we are in very limited quantities here. Fewer than two dozen remaining I’m gonna let Brian the model vis. And one hand that one not. This is the king mentor for a three stone filigree ring. And three some conditions. Right now yes no wonder the look of this you’re gonna say to me that looks like sleeping beauty well king. The mind if people should be mine quotes. Kingman mine still produces pure robins egg turquoise and there is not a lot of it though. This is like that that blue crowd that they they produce are looking to mine I did visit that mine. And this. Course is completely natural. Probably minding Kingman Arizona right here in the United States by the Marty cold blood family. Now do you see the wonderful scroll work there where I get the impression of that when I was in Arizona. You see the most beautiful saddles it’ll be up the side of one of the work on the cowboys. Does not look with the scroll work could you would feel the latter. Zach Lee what I was after and that’s what we did this now this is one of the biggest men’s rings we’ve ever done. It’s ten and a half grams a matter of fact there I am I’m interviewing there that’s not shop your bookshelf. That would be interviewing Marty cold. Marty call by night were. I was interviewing him and- the mine is really incredible probably done here in the- state. The best request. Comes here . The gold. I am Marty called human mind. Fall from America to so it’s something that I’m very very proud of and- the best record ever is always come from the United States is fast track. Read the Mulders over there and all the best reports come from there. All right so one eight five four eight one is higher in order for the tendon this is the first time we’re airing this year that’s the only turquoise. Fact that we have in this our guests tonight right right- the full yep and your to save some money if you add on that pendant on to the ring again we have fewer than two dozen that remain. And I can see why because of its stately- yeah it is it’s very very- masculine looking regret Rolo chain there and that rolled through the full full twenty four inches you can see even here on the on the spot on the side with beautiful scrollwork on the site so. And again that scroll work is if you’re into the western saddles on the cowboy boots which are member being and- what’s the name of that that would be ok corral is out. To the office and they have the most amazing and also of the recycling of the fight arms with the yeah all. Musical unbelievable let me tell you. The scroll work there was the most amazing time that I have there and that’s where I was inspired to create this. They had one guy there that makes the saddle. He does the carbon by hand the leather working fantastic so. That’s why I got my inspiration for that would be great. Yes I did go to the okay. Without okay with it the whole and the best thing was- what’s it called. The gore cage fear. Unbelievable you don’t place with it since original form because very dry there. And they have been over Barbie was still the bullet holes there. And if you should go there if the most. Leave a bowl experience ever the paint on the walls original it hasn’t faded because it’s like each of the very dry there. So you don’t get the humidity the temperature changes wherehings will deteriorate. So it is an amazing amazing historical place so I had a great time there so I just love the southwest fantastic. Hello thank you have okay. All right this year you you for me a little. Thank you congratulations. On bulldog thank you very much you’re so excited to be the very first ever meant home shopping network. Here in America all right let your last chance there on that pendant and that ring. One eight five four eight one is in order. We are going. To live story. You’re so many stories I need room during high if you like- guide my attorney is our resident- gemologist he is an actor he didn’t venture kind of like in Indiana okay hi let me tell you another story. Of my trip to Brazil. There was a heavy heavy rain storm and we were going down these hills in the four by four trying to get to another mining area and all of a sudden there was a big big rain storm. And a clear that we’re going to have this muddy path and there was a dead reports in the middle of. The road we have to stop we couldn’t get past them and they want this but this is don’t worry he was killed by a point thank you for the war this is stay in the car they went to the next village the got the villagers. And they got these chains and they had a poll is that of course the way. It’s like it was nothing and we want our path and the lightning struck a tree and the tree collapsed in front of a path that I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t go. By maybe someone trying to tell me something said no don’t worry the villagers came out with these things flaws and all those things Bob the logs away. And we continued on our journey and it was absolutely treacherous I was bouncing around actually a video of me. At the edge of the mountain side like this there’s no safety. Standards as before okay of musters a mud slide. This is what I go through I’m not kidding you. True story and that was the day after that all the store that I told you every day there was something crazy happening on that result track eleven days of. One and here. It’s all very true. It’s not even exaggerating to be called back actually happen then I could not how will leave a lot I have no idea. By the way another thing about the mines it’s all guys they’re right yeah they don’t pack of their garbage. They have a they have a pop the thrown on the ground here walking this all garbage and so we want to clean the place something that the mind going to clean of marketing. But there’s no number working. The to throw. In the cigarette but I’m not. You just. Yeah they don’t clean up. I mean you know if you look at my garage would believe it because my wife hi. I’m going to do it. She was saying that since two thousand four. So true. That even have another. Stroll we have well okay okay. Remember that okay but I have another big one coming yes so we have that lands on both her quick ring and ten that you save if you five both of check it out at bulldog shopping network. Okay on hate this is our surprise donner got show iu men couldn’t wear Opal thank you again absolutely you kidding me right I think we’re gonna vinyl full why do I want to be feel for you know for me to tell you why. White Opal crack asking that question why do crack not because of stuff because they dry out did you know that opals from Australia which is normally get that have a very high water content the dryer- like your skin right that’s why they crack. Now let me take it the ethiopian as one might call the well lo mein there’s zero water content inirir opals for because they’re already dehydrated by nature they cannot crack they don’t crack they don’t dehydrate. They don’t they never will be opals are going to maintain this look for ever. You know that. This mine. Completely re wrote. What opals are about. Opal from Australia where they cracked. There wasn’t a lot of them a lot of very milky white and they were very expensive right because been professional. As to the shoulder for ten years. Call me feel pia. The quality would like this and the price went to about a quarter or less. Of what you’re paying for an Australian off secretive. This mind. Maybe three years left. It is done. You will never see the history the world Opal like that. This is re written a book civil fly no we’ve been showing it here for a very very long time you got used to it you think it’s always going to be around. Absolutely not he double three good years left on hiopian Opal you’re going to remember one forty seven if this was lost really noble of the same quality. Might opals would cost me a hundred forty Ven really alone so you the ring for that yeah yeah. Look at the color and by the way locals of the global tree. That’s natural all their color yeah you have to get the color no if you look at will select fro microscope. No Opal looks like. A big bag of ping pong balls the cold cristobalite fears. And they range in size from 900-021-5000 enemy. And when you look at the big little tiny balls all lined up. They take white light. And few of them called interference. The waves cancel each other out and that’s how you’re getting play of color there’s no one to spill the gulf that. Only for. That for the fire. Come on look at half hour the guys that were re and there’s like road okay Michael tell me what we’re looking at here okay as I just really. Absolutely is down at the right but we notice will be open with faceted you can’t possibly stuff from Australia but you can’t fast here. In the center here bio is a point one grams of a play about an acura tarnish died. Eight millimeters still in the center that’s what the quote would have a three carat diamond. Add to have Kerr is on the side five millimeters- it’s a beautiful classic three stone design. Which you can wear. All the time you know weeel a lot of guys wearing opals honestly. We would like all the guys that willverybody’s. Nor you guys wearing opals an Australian they’ll back to the women. All the men were really- yeah they were open to put on their knives on there yeah they they just a crazy world. So if a guy’s guy still it actually is yeah right. We don’t see a lot of fear yeah I was. Looking more and more rare. This is from. The opiate of the well. Line one official. All right one seven five six eight five. In order that ethiopian. Opal three still bring in one forty. Our value of twenty six dollars we can change get back home for you- if you we’ve had a handful lasted about. Three does and left in that Opal. I feel that we have our director Tom battenberg cake of with a nice. All jobs god is the one and a half white. I’m working where the fairing yeah love that okay and I do not know that white zircon was a real with the job absolute. We now to give the number number one circle it’s like a diamond in the sense that it comes in different qualities. The waves were calm that I use is the high dispersion the type one I’m sorry to put my hand I’m just getting used to the configuration. Of the white zircon that we’re using is per character most expensive what surprised you can buy if you look at that still with crystal clear on the inside. And the Scott peril to the C. Axis what am I talking about your call is doubly refractive we to take flight the doubles it up. If you don’t cut it right it looks fuzzy. These stones were cut perpendicular peril to the C. Axis the C. Actually the only direction with the like doesn’t get split up like a diamond. So when you look at the stone dead on you do not get the doubling of the facts. That’s why it’s high refractive index and the being. Cut that weight it makes a diamond perfectly. Natural gemstones. These are natural line from the Earth and the company was from. Cambodia that’s the natural color. How long. Their car. Yeah I mean you walk into a room wearing the frame the fantastic and you are. You are you like getting noticed- yeah it’s just out on you can see it that well in the minors. Yeah but the problem light. Is bouncing off of that so- yet nine point seven grams you got here six and a half millimeter stone so with. It it’s a carrot fifty five that were diamond would be. They’re kind of a higher specific gravity that’s why it weighs more and it handles like the- very similar to that of a dime because- its refractive index of the with the band played very high. And that’s important where does that. More broadly that if you don’t if glass had a high refractive index we couldn’t see through it. Because you would look this way that the image would be for it you can drive your car. So thank you to the glass with that’s why glass still looks a workable. Because the like to scho for what is called a factor. Okay all right let’se a spin around it real quick I have a handful of these yeah that as well- so Michael come over looking at with that okay. Release of a play it again yeah absolutely yeah. Classic sort of refer to starburst affected what we’ve done here is we’ve done it in a wonderful beautiful do tell. Almost like like the sun was just rising there you got that classic ribbing all down the five. There is. Control. Okay room and- because of the whole you gain of their. All right and then hello guys guys we’ve got such a great crew hey I got some great people running graphic we got great directors and producers back there I’m here at the pulled out all right so I want to keep going Michael right around here okay there. It is Tom really really wants is ringing. Absolutely yeah I know. For all the- watch enough right now to go. You know what if you wanted to have a nice ring vitamin a spring you know where. Later thirteen still available for that one. Late wives are con rain one seven six five eight eight is how you’re going to order take that one back to Tom would you please thanks yeah he won that one we have another fan all right we got another. Chance there really. Isn’t. I want to tell the guy. And they were still for December by the way. Never has all the all the first films and one of them the forces tanzanite filled with tens of like cancer I think absolutely are you ready to take a look at the vineyard of a letter that was available to have those crown that side I again just another. Honors so many of these of sold- of for both guys and gals what an amazing Christmas get this is the first yeah yeah yeah absolutely you know what I’ll tell Ya I just got off the bike here as we ever going to have a bulldog ring well you. Did it. You’ve only been here for what three hours three hours can I get home to make the drying hello okay don’t worry hey if. We got to get that you’re going to. Get back I will do okay great. All right that and. Trying to steal. The zircon car. With the- I got idea that is that’s- might not know is that Michael now it’s beauty is our resident jam packed for his exam all is that he has all kinds of occasions at the best of the best of everything when it comes in and still remain on the women’s jewelry. And this jams on both hands like cancer ring is in credible we do have it available I believe in sizes five to thirteen absolutely no guys get this home. For the lady for. Where the- if you’re going to get a story carbon this if ever you need aside you could give Jennifer. Our gal a call full freedom should you prefer voices a low. And you can find the truth about ten bucks full size for a set of facts. In case you need that you know and some of the wide receiver from by the one of five forty five five fifteen will do that for you. You’re gonna get the card has a toll free number we’ll take care of it we are all factory by the way what the public. You can come up with this little soprano with six different road. And we’ve been there since nineteen forty six so you can actually visit us really yeah we’re one of if I were one of the few people on network TV in America that actually still have are all. Running factor it’s a family business you can actually knock on the door and you can see me in person. So no other vendor here how’s that can make that statement come see us it’s a full fledged your factory right and left and that’s what makes you so special. Sam and dog and then. Everything you bring to us is that. Personal ties everything. Transaction and your love from the stone from the room. And like you said you call that number on the back of. A car that could. You call me and you can give him a call you. Yeah this is a call and they will answer your questions. Right away- but don’t forget we also the other pandering to the top of the hour. That mother because that would be able to pull a sapphire and right now we have a now yeah. If you wanted that you want to. Cancel it will right here. Is just in time for the season. They give us a little give a full. Hearing about it here’s an idea what some peoplmay just be tuning in. I don’t know okay can. You know all of it for their own coverage basically the late nineteen sixties it was made by fifteen company. All of this here in the summer of the Tanzanian government. As cse to mine for further north before they close the binder smart to build a wall. Around the it was. It’s an actual cement wall. With barbed wire. They put a gate. Armed guards and they then. They said. Seven hundred miners home. They shut the gate. It’s close. He has done. So until further notice the mind of schools are doing that. For a number of reasons one reason that they don’t feel limited commodity. And they’re doing it to force the force of the force in the price of by stopping the supply benchley. The man never diminishes. The force to supply down. Of course the price. Another doctor commodity you’re free to do that. All have it’ll be three ninety nine. That’s what’s going to happen it was sleeping beauty we saw big sleeping beauties like this you mean if they have a hundred dollar bills don’t cost me a hundred fifty my cost for the sake for the sake of happening this is going to happen. With him. All right other read. Duration absolutely. Exactly in the nse that I mean it’s a great store to one location stuff does this incredible tricor with property off there’s no one is still like it if you look at it with a special filter which I’ve shown on TV before it actually is blue and purple of two colors mixed together yeah I would call the deck was still production separate that there’s kids that look for quality of that style. I’m telling you you have no idea what happened the person that he felt the phrasing and again you walked in the room during the spring and this is like a conversation starter like you wearing what is that yes- standing. 419-999-1834 six six or higher in order that can’t their ranks this is the one done and all that beautiful tanzanite that gorgeous bluish purple if that is really really pretty scroll work all around the shaking can see- those green with a phone call to three nine- from. The office they come from Russia. Okay Russi. From that place there about that- when during the cold war we couldn’t get we don’t sell the union. They weren’t exporting spells America there was no trade. So we couldn’t get that it wasn’t until gorbachev. That up. Right that are prone to officers were available in North America before that. You had to be a Russian in Russia gold buffet from there are really affect future stuff one of the sixties and fifties you guys were trading with Russia you getting. A lot of all you don’t really it only came to be. On I believe on the first record was it did in the nineties I believe yeah early ninety yeah. I’m back yeah that’s exactly what the cable to the market here in North America they always had it there. But there was no free trade between the countries the place of self it’s only recently that it’s even been available. So pick it up with great non treatment it’s only Monday through short stuff. Time to be here because it’s on the surface. And the snow covers of siberia Italy since the new siberia yeah actually is a difficult difficult yeah. And the train the three seven five. Actually runs very near to the mind especially true story and they don’t mind we’re trying to get through there so they can’t get the final what it wouldn’t help. There is for the month of may and then by June it’s really nothing and it looks like almost like mark. And that’s the problem the office speaking on the ground. Before the March sex goes in the goal there. The local villages little fed cup for the ship away. That’s . How much money does not sophisticated yeah the chip away. Go to. A network that com. Or call that one eight hundred number on your screen hey. If you’re just tuning in guys we’re making. Television history tonight because we are the- only man shopping nwowork. Dedicated just to your stuff guys. Died here cool. Gadgets great jewelry. Free fashion- and we have it all here shop for your help. Gift giving as well this holiday season. Hey don’t forget about the- from that side of the ring the multi colored. In the beginning of our. One two zero nine five eight hi I ordered that one seventy nine ninety nine. Colors conversation starter animal lasts for a friend and we have got our. My. With T facts story from all around the world mining adventures sourcing all with gorgeous gemstones for his works of art all right Michael take it away another story probably sell well I was in the. Mining of the teeth. And in that line the mine. And it took me nearly to the end of the line there and there was this gentleman there actually have video of it and he’s- pounding with a hammer this raw. And I’m thinking what’s he doing is easy might buy. The fall walk it so hard how can he be doing that it’s at all no he drilled a hole and that’s powered explosives any how may get the compressor this is what. They said no this is actually true this is don’t worry only if there’s a spark will explode I took off like a bad are you kidding me. This is what should people do here. That’s true. Within twenty minutes the subtropics. No. Standards whatsoever you’ve probably innocent what’s he doing. Right it’s actually in dried form of nitroglycerin. I’m not kidding you wanna go really you’re not locked in there. Here I am with my love and I don’t have any hard hat anything because I couldn’t get in the country with hard hat to wonder what he’s doing here I did the whole trip a little lever because as I would have been the first to go. For my wife still hasn’t forgiven me. It’s a true story. I’m not kidding. And I’ve got. A bang. Bang it. And it’s what’s the matter. What’s the big reason we. Try to compress it on there. Just run away. And then the whole thing. And the roof ceiling everything shop that’s what it takes to get your chance stuff. Again. Right. Joining up with a bulldog right networ very. I love the place for the pilots. I got story about time I can get it thanks. A lot for you guys well the store of value you won’t believe you go he’s making that up I should a photograph but I’m not thinking about guys I’m telling you a modern day Indiana Jones right here right- idea when he goes through all the links to go through to get at the back of the bad for all the most incredible pieces of jewelry. Ever ever featuring a for you. Right here on the board like shopping network. Hey thinking about. Thank you goodnight what a good job you are you but the best you know that’s going to come back. All bloody all right you have a good night five favorite. I’m in the

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