Bullied Cat’s Desperate To Eat Food Waste Even If It Could Harm Her Life | Animal in Crisis EP110

A mysterious critter shows up for sure if the light goes off.. “Shows up only at night when everyone’s gone and disappears with leaving a trace..” Gone just like a movie name ‘Gone with the Wind’.. Who on earth is the mysterious one? PD : Execuse me~ Restaurant CEO : Hi, welcome For several days, something wrong keeps happening on the 3rd foor CEO : It’s been more than 15 or 20 days Someone comes and leaves a trace every single day Like this. mess up the trash can and look for food.. Who has it done like this..? The trace someone looked for food Staff : Even took a poop here..
PD : Huh!? Staff : See?
PD : Och, smelly.. The poop found in the corner Staff : Here is a restaurant which is needed for being clean But has poops..so.. It makes me stressful.. But, there’re only traces and still don’t know how it happened. CEO : Still not sure that the one is inside or gets in here by way of somewhere. Staff : There’s no passage from outside to inside, it’s hard for someone to get in and out
because all gates are locked It’s hard to get in from outside
through the thick glass windows..! Can’t find any trace someone walks in through this tiny gap.. It’s even not easy to get in and out cause the emergency zone is always locked. But here’s only one possibility.. that someone enters the open gate, be stuck inside, and hides somewhere.. Carefully look around, but failed to find anyone who hid.. Decided to keep an eye on the situation at night via several cameras. The time all staff went back home.. As soon as the light is off, someone appeared from the corner under the floor..! The one who appears from a narrow gap is a ‘cat’!? The cat watches around and sneaks to the kitchen That’s the charm of the cat… (Surprised….) The place she moved to was a trash can inside a storage closet After finding that there was nothing left to eat in the trash can, she heads back out.. She hasn’t had anything to eat yet Sleeping here and there in the restaurant was a very usual thing to her Once it became about time people come, she heads back under the floor She’s trying to fit her body through a place where she can’t be seen from outside Shoving herself inside…hehe Looking inside where she went in.. It was a tiny space that could barely fit one hand To see her inside, we decided to use an endoscope camera. Huge nails popping out of the floor.. The cat is barely seen in a narrow corner!! You were hiding here.. Put food for the cat and wait for coming out Came. came. came out! Here here here! As soon as the restaurant’s lights were off, she comes out and devours the food.. As hooman gets closer, she rapidly hides inside the narrow space again. To help her, the vet came to see the hidden cat Vet : It’s quite hard for the pedigree breed to live outside cause they don’t usually begin to live on the street. Their appearance is much more distinctive than normal cats, so easy to be bullied among them. As she gets in, here is the place to hide, so she may decide to stay here till now.. But the circumstance where she lives in is not that good..! Vet : Here’s nothing to eat except for water. Thereby, she endured abt 20 days now, but her nutritional status is even worse than living outside. Because the restaurant removes food waste every day for sanitation, it must be hard for her to get food So we began to rescue her in a hurry *Preparing for the successful rescue* “One, Two, Three!” *Working well* Even tried to use aroma scents so that the wary cat can easily come out. Aroma Therapist : Babies get a good sense of it.. and can be psychologically relaxed as being at ease. *Spraying the aroma* We turned off the whole lights of the restaurant to pretend to be vacant and waited for her. The cat appeared again..!! She seems to be more cautious than before The installation worked well (???!!) The cat is startled by the sudden sound and directly tries to go into her hiding place..! But the passage is already blocked! She tries to hide anywhere, but it’s blocked in all directions now “Turn on the light!” “Don’t move!!” PD : Phew.. she gets so nervous..? Run-away is succeeded..? NOPE. Nowhere to hide hehe.. Caught. caught~ caught her! Blanket blanket blanket Covers by a blanket so that she’s not surprised.. The sudden situation may let her be embarrased.. Used catnip powder which is good for relieving cats Seems to be a bit relaxed Vet : So different than before~~ huh~? Staff : So cute, but pathetic.. how pitiful she is.. (Aww so cute..) Transferred to the vet clinic Taking medical examination Vet : As you see this bone, she has only bone and skin now! It means that she had been so long to sustain her life. She has not a big health problem but is srsly malnourished from starvation. (So delicious~~) Vet : As time goes by, she’ll be better soon if feels secure again. She used to be with hooman for long.. Thankfully the cat was soon adopted by a new owner♡

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100 Responses

  1. Lourdes Barbosa says:

    Voce são anjo dos q.resgata os animais.eles quer come deus abençoe vcs sempre amo

  2. Florida Kaplan says:

    Awww the kitty is so cute and beautiful

  3. booga and more says:

    2:46 cat: "surprised pikachu face"

  4. booga and more says:

    4:22 the cat is barely seen in a narrow corner!!


  5. ああ says:


  6. Aigul Keleş says:


  7. Rosemari Brevesteky says:

    Gratidão por todo Amor e Respeito a esse anjinho 🙏🙏

  8. Jo Ann S says:

    Bravo 👏.

  9. bro says:

    Parasyte film 2

  10. Martha Defabachew says:

    God bless you for rescuing this angel.

  11. EXO L FOREVER says:

    She must have been living inside a house with her hoomans and one day her loved ones must have betrayed her. If you have pets you should be with them till their end they can't survive by their own when they get used to be with humans. Hope she found the best hooman who will love her to the moon and back

  12. Ivan Lewkow Lewkow says:


  13. Julian KANSEKO says:

    Que hermoso…. ♥️

  14. godric Elkhazali says:

    Much love and respect to these people

  15. Rodrigo Alvarado says:

    No contaban con mi astusia lindo gatico

  16. Tony Is A God says:

    How did a beautiful cat become from street

  17. Robert Reed says:

    Why didn't they set a trap the first time an animal trap is all u need? Dummies

  18. Redcat says:

    I just love how you guys and girls help poor animals. You are all hero's

  19. Shehan Jayawardane says:

    a simple trap could have saved already traumatized poor thing a lot though,
    thank you.

  20. Nao Leon says:

    that feeling when you can’t pay attention to this cute cat, because the vet who holds her is smiling so charmingly. (I hope this does not sound rude. it’s just that this vet always seems to me just an angel)

  21. antony kulik says:

    He's a Beauty

  22. Mina Dr says:

    Please where can I find the cc button for subtitles

  23. Ilkin Novruzov says:

    А простую клетку установить?

  24. Jodie York says:


  25. jackofshadows says:

    Thank you for what you do.

  26. Moon nigth says:

    Hola ♥

  27. William Baker says:


  28. Rahamath Fatima says:

    You are the best people

  29. Артём Заречнев says:

    счастья котику любви, удачи, здоровья, заботы, мира и спокойствия

  30. Tia Sari faramitha says:

    Kucing secantik itu kok nggk ada yg mau jaga, kalau disini kucing biasa2 aj, aku kasih makann walau bukan kucing aku.

  31. Mandy Pudding says:

    What a cute cute kitty. But they all are, poor darling cats.

  32. Ваня Краев says:

    Съели бы его и все…

  33. Heedy says:

    couldn't they have just used a drop trap?

  34. Scorttxh ! says:

    7:02 That song was from The Aristocats.

  35. SSJI Neon says:

    Poor baby! Thank you for giving her a new and better life, she deserves it! ❤

  36. mr.Zvereff ! says:

    Милаха!дай Бог ему крепкого здоровья и долгих лет!

  37. Sven Titze says:

    Thank You for the good reaktions of the Cat!!!

  38. ᄎ무샤ᅡᅮ묨 says:

    Anyeongg.im from indonesia.the girl ups doctor,,, she just look like j-hope BTS lol :)) nah ; )

  39. Nopnaster _e says:

    why in the title "mais meurt de…" she is okay !

  40. Selahattin aktaş says:


  41. Stefania Pedrosi says:

    Good job Kritter Club as always!

  42. Brigitta Máté says:

    Poor kitty

  43. Swarovski says:

    Me encanto❤😍😺😺😺😺😺

  44. Huzaifa Dar says:

    9:57 cat asmr

  45. Azlisham Mohamed says:

    Poor little cat 😭 , thanks for saving her .. beautiful cat ❤️

  46. Milcah Cabanlong says:

    i dunno why did i laugh so hard when i saw her feet struggles to snuggle in a small space, i mean this cat is so preciously cute, my heart!!! 💗

  47. Дарья Минайченко says:

    Я одна Русская?

  48. Charles Scatola says:

    You have to give these people a lot of credit for going out of their way to rescue this stray cat. Even going as far as giving her a thorough veterinary examination. Kudo's to all, including the restaurant manager for not putting out poison to stop the cat from wandering around the place.

  49. Angel Luk says:

    So cute poor cat must of been so scared thankful there's kritter klub to save her and hopefully she went to a loving family ..

  50. Teguh S says:

    Fucking cat

  51. Robert Zohrabyan says:

    Fucking cat

  52. Bruno Sousa says:

    Thanks for rescuing her 👏👍

  53. LİU YAOWEN刘耀文 says:

    Ledim kendini köpek sanıyor

  54. LİU YAOWEN刘耀文 says:

    My cat thinks of dog

  55. Кот Бегемот says:

    We, in Russia, also love cats !!! 💓

  56. Елена Ивановна says:

    Не знаю..У них даже бездомные коты не худые..красивые..на британца похож…А у нас сколько больных худых никому не нужных

  57. Alex K says:

    Какие молодцы! Респект!!!

  58. Roswitha Pahlke says:

    The cat woudnt cold. She is cool and find Sure helps. I HOPE God luck and free live .

  59. Simone Ferreira says:

    God blessed South Korea today & forever! ❤🙏🐈

  60. Left Right says:

    What breed??

  61. Ahmet Kurnaz says:

    Thank you my Japan brothers and sisters from Turkey 🤍♥️

  62. Jhennifer Machado says:


  63. jocelyn oon says:

    The reason they didn't use food as lure and trap is due to the possible trauma that the cats may connect eating food laid down by humans as untrustable , and will affect them adjusting to life adopted in the future.

  64. Panda Bear says:

    Thank you for caring for this cat and letting us know she was adopted. So good to hear another happy ending! 😻🐾🐈😍🙏🏻

  65. MzClementine says:

    Aww did she use catnip? Aw happy at last.

  66. александра александра says:

    Какая красавица ! и ласковая какая )

  67. александра александра says:

    и что это за мята такая, кошачья, которой можно кошечку успокоить, мне очень надо, а то моя нервничает в ветеринарке.

  68. margaret gill says:

    Beautiful cat..good video. I'm happy she got adopted.. 💓except it would have been easier to put food in a trap…very smart cat.. and shame on people who abandoned it..as that cat was definitely tame…. 💓

  69. Amanda Bianchi says:


  70. hello :v says:

    ;_; ¶-,

  71. Carlo Martin Parmisana says:

    She’s so fluffy but malnourished? What breed is that? I think i need that kind of cat. Able to survive for so long :3

  72. Mah FiFteen says:

    Everyone here don't realize that millions of Humans live like this still to this day.

  73. Ivalda Francisco Da Paz says:


  74. redo cherry says:

    8:52 [Aww malu banget]

  75. Саша Попова says:

    Какой красавец

  76. Alex Bos says:

    толстый уже

  77. dannyevilcat says:

    Have these guys never heard of a trap cage? It would have been waaaay less traumatic for this poor cat

  78. Мария Голованова says:

    Thenk you!

  79. Anne Cote says:

    Where is the CC Button for subtitles???

  80. Марат Керимбеков says:

    😫😫😫😭😭Sadddd……I love cats….he really die???

  81. Rhyl Pancakes says:

    8:12 don't move? LOL

  82. StickySli says:

    Who's the sneaky one and wrote "hooman" in English CC at 5:07 😏

  83. Halil Afrisal says:

    nice job team allah be with you

  84. Hilda Nadhila Hasbi says:

    I wanna adopt her too! 😢💖

  85. rexifelis says:

    A live trap would have worked and less stress for the scared cat. But I’m glad he was caught and given good care at the Veterinarian office. You can tell he was a pet, maybe he got out of his house and got lost.

  86. Tag Hack says:

    Every Animal on earth is in need of HUMAN’S love and care. It’s our duty to protect and look after them! NO Animal should be left hungry nor thirsty. They need our love and NOT ABUSE.

  87. Tag Hack says:

    IF ONLY Dogs/Cats and all other animals could “speak” IF ONLY, some adults/children and teenagers STOP ABUSING /TORTURING AND HARMING these beautiful creatures and START TO LEARN ABOUT THEM/SAVE AND RESCUE THEM IF/WHEN THEY ARE IN DANGER INSTEAD OF ABUSING THEM!

  88. Анастасия Сазанавец says:

    Рада за кошечку, её спасли и приняли в новую семью. Кошечка живи долго и счастливо. :-)😘💕💞🐈

  89. Rachelle Suico says:

    2:43 😍😍😍😍

  90. katherine graves says:

    The vet looks like j-hope 😆

  91. Joln Blinks says:

    About the poop issue, there was too much of it to be from one cat, even one that wasn’t starving. The restaurant wouldn’t have left it there, collecting over time. So it’s a poopystery.

  92. 김유나 says:

    누가 버린거네…ㅠ 에효… 배가 얼마나 고플까ㅠ 고생많았다 아가야 이제 좋은 집사 만나서 행복하게 살아~^^

  93. drekson23 says:

    This is scary in the middle of the night when everyone was away then something is walking around you dont know. Imagine if it wasnt a cat but instead a chicken shows up.

  94. Liz W says:

    Thanks for letting us know in the end she was adopted!

  95. Qonita BadegesTM says:

    Thank you! 💋🙏😽

  96. CIOO L says:

    How so cute omg 💕😭😭😭

  97. emi lee says:

    Thanks so much for vietsub <3

  98. personal confuser. says:

    This was so stupidly taken care of… That poor cat looks terrified.

    What people do for views these days…

  99. Loise Amaral says:

    Vocês são show 👏👏👏👏🇧🇷

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