Bullmastiff, Lab, Rotty & Neo Mastiff in Caterpillar Design Dog Collar

This stunning design leather collar will make your dog irresistible during everyday walking and training. Not only it looks marvelous, but it is also comfortable for your pet. The item is made of perfectly oiled selected leather, that is strong, long-wearing, tear proof and durable. The leather of this kind is soft as well, so the Collar will not rub or irritate your pet’s skin. The gear has no doubled up fillers or machine stitches, which basically means that the edges won’t fray. The accessory is decorated with exclusive design brass studs. They add elegance and style to the look of the item. The studs are not glued to the Collar. All the decorations are securely fixed with rivets to hold forever. Besides, the studs, as well as the nickel plated hardware, are resistant to rust and corrosion. Every little detail is well thought out to make this Leather Collar a perfect accessory for your canine!

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