Bulya Dog.Official Trailer (HD) Planeta.ru Funniest & Cutest French Bulldog Videos

Good health and positive throughout your life, dear animation lovers! We called Oleg and Elena Kolovrat, enjoy life together in perfect harmony since 1992. It so happened that all of a sudden, we become the creators of micro direct cartoon series “Bulya Dog”. Inspirer is my Elena, a beautiful,
well, I’m in process of forces and opportunities, embody it in life. By the way this is my debut in frame animation. After we lit up the idea of creating a cartoon, we had purchased a graphics tablet and 26 March 2016. I drew the first series. To create a cartoon we pushed our home favorite dog breed of the French Bulldog, which look (at least) without a smile, impossible! Clot unstoppable, positive energy focused in the pop-eyed Bun ears. Just with her we live is another creation of carbon monoxide, Exotic cat named Simon (namesake of the owner of the cat, whom the eponymous cartoon drawn). After suffering in childhood illness, he stopped in the growth, but it does not prevent him kink with Boulay. They are each other’s faces. Two boot boots! Our micro cartoon designed for children aged 0.5 to 98 years, without limitation, by sex and religion. And now a few words about this project on Planete.ru. It so happened that fated to continue the project there was a need for financial support in order to at least partially pay for the work invested in the creation of the new series, as well as to support the vitality of prototypes of the project, namely, the real dog Bulya and cat Simon (Unlike toon, they swallow constantly want to eat!) in consequence of that, and there was this appeal to you our dear audience with the hope of understanding Thank you in advance for your support! Once again I wish you positive throughout life, and let our unpretentious cartoons bring a good mood you and your children!

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  1. KidsMC CANAL says:

    Красивая работа! Я желаю успехов вам. Подписка.

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