BUYING A $25,000 PUPPY!! (not clickbait)

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  1. Rhyno 3407 says:

    Name it Frankie

  2. Alister Louie says:

    Lol this came up on my recommendations in 2019, great vid lol

  3. YouTube Shotz says:

    Name him CHECKZ. Checkz and bankz

  4. Gobi kurukal Shanmuganantha Sharma says:

    That felt like a jake Paul intro

  5. Marco Valer says:

    Why do u fucking spend money in a puppy when there are People that cant afford not e en some food

  6. Majd Diab says:


  7. Belga says:

    Call him rex

  8. Philly TheGod says:

    Coby leave a like if agree

  9. Reggi Nugget says:


  10. Theo T says:

    Crystal or bimbo or bambo

  11. Reuben Cupido says:

    French bulldogs are the best we have 2

  12. TYDIX says:

    Why does he cost 25k$ I can found him for free

  13. Chronic storm says:

    name the do shit ass

  14. Tullio Der aller Echte says:

    Ehrenbruder kylo 😂👍

  15. Sam Groff says:

    Hmmm…..Lets find the comment making an ass out of a soundcloud rapper. Ready? HERE WE GO!

  16. Ryan Breazeale says:

    I agree with paris

  17. Cyber Wolf GFX says:


  18. ItsAgent Cake says:

    "look at his big little ears" lol

  19. Blaze Charm says:


  20. Yara Cabrera says:


  21. 75 Cman says:

    That's ridiculous the dog is $ 25,000

  22. JV24 Gaming Vega says:

    call him Bubby

  23. PenerWeener says:

    1:10 did he just say the leaders of china and put up a Japanese flag? 🤣

  24. Marco coetzee says:

    name the dog pumpkin

  25. Bam Gallegos says:

    When you realze london was humping paris

  26. Misty Dock says:

    Name him misty

  27. FaZe CACA CACA says:


  28. Svntoss says:

    Sugesttion, Bankxa

  29. Louis BLoodworth says:

    Call it rocky

  30. Freddo Mills says:

    A name could be max

  31. paulonski 17 says:

    So cut

  32. Hugo Swanepoel says:


  33. Luca Smits says:

    Moon name of the dog

  34. Rufus Bown says:

    call it faze bangs

  35. Zbra Smurf says:


  36. Lil Sneggi says:

    I think the name is pumps or Fremo

  37. TNBC Jaze says:

    does he ever actually game?

  38. Its Eri says:

    Name Locho

  39. Hayden Brashier says:

    3M views almost 330k likes… dang

  40. Tbomba 107 says:

    I have a French Bulldog

  41. Jesse Sparks says:

    It got 300k likes time for a 3rd dog

  42. Fatality says:

    Name him/her SYDNEY

  43. Maurice O'Kington says:

    Highkey dude, your wearing lipstick? @8:15

  44. Maurice O'Kington says:

    What shade of lipstick @8:15? Kylie collab?

  45. CheekyChip Yt says:

    That little dude is nuts name him Paris

  46. Ryze kiko says:

    I think you shoudl call him PIZZI

  47. NGU Shotguns says:

    Moon or moonlight

  48. ppSkittlz says:

    Guys get him a goat

  49. 10 Tausend Abonnenten ohne Videos says:

    Call The Dog Lisa, Mandy, Paris, Pizzi or BLANKI!

  50. Jason Bezemsteel says:

    The dog: Banky

  51. Sad Boi Hayden says:

    Can’t lie x made trippie popular

  52. Luis says:

    call him Gucci

  53. Trendy y says:

    Little banks

  54. Twitch AntondA2 says:

    call him lil mongraal

  55. Jakob Olsson says:


  56. Benedikt Möller says:

    Call him lil pumkin

  57. noddy nodnodnods flim says:

    Name brandon

  58. YuniKe_ Recon says:

    bull shit you just dont want him to smack you up to

  59. Il diavolo9000 Lounge says:


  60. Il diavolo9000 Lounge says:

    The name is LOLA

  61. Finn Shezz says:

    Still here 🥶🚫🔥😱

  62. Real_Figurez says:

    if you buy a dog for 25k you are just fucking stupid and i'm not even going to watch this video

  63. Bálint Takács says:

    Her name can be pimpa

  64. Elsa Xoxo says:

    name for the pup – England or lAndon.

  65. Arjun Dewan says:

    see the cutest dog on earth .

  66. Janpaul Medina says:

    FaZe Buldi

  67. Tony O says:


  68. og og says:

    trippy aint the rap god lol

  69. ASSAULT_ YT says:


  70. Matthew Espinosa says:

    he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  71. Saud Qahtani says:

    10:44 cardi b nails

  72. Fwaug God says:

    Call him chopper

  73. Simon Teich says:

    Banks should buy 3 more dogs
    And a gay coyote to start beef with logan paul

  74. Milton Medrano says:

    everyone knew trippie was gonna blow up y'all stfu

  75. ReplayzWho says:

    mini banks

  76. Official stk says:

    Faze blue for french bull dog

  77. Dylan B says:

    Your girlfriend's a friggin' dimepiece

  78. Hooligan Alan says:

    Trippie fell off

  79. Kara Blangin says:


  80. Ttv Btw says:


  81. Frankie memes says:


  82. zeekthefreak says:

    Why is this on my recommend a YEAR later

  83. iris ramos says:

    Coby jr

  84. Dimar is goated says:

    Blu berry

  85. triggershyper says:

    Name him lowkey

  86. Archie Culley says:

    Who’s watching June 2019

  87. joshwuuuh says:

    bankz never lies…. trippie one of the biggest ‼️

  88. Brenda Macias says:

    Max or Tom or Gucci

  89. Krayy says:

    You payed 25k, me 900

  90. AK rules says:

    2 more dogs

  91. Finn Hills says:

    Call him Bobby

  92. Wild overflex says:

    The Disrespect black Air Force ones ewwww

  93. Christian Alexander says:


  94. Blake Ellis says:


  95. Navidad Navidad says:


  96. The Fat Cow says:

    I literally just got a French bulldog

  97. Eric Sun says:

    Nick comes in ooooou

  98. steven turtle says:

    Carti predicted Paris's name

  99. FuryBeab says:

    He is SO CUTE!!

  100. WICKED ASTRO says:

    330k likes….. god damn this dude is making money.

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