Buying a Special Needs Dog EVERYTHING She Touches!

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  1. Eva and analeigh Tomboy devils says:

    I think Freddie is a toy chihuahua I don’t mean a proper toy it’s a dog breed

  2. Jenine Van 't Wout says:

    If I were to do this with my dog there would be no treat aisle left

  3. Lupe Wolf says:

    I wanted Bosco but he is taken

  4. Colton Still says:

    is Bosco up for adoption

  5. Geraldo Gomez-Jimenez says:

    I would take both of them there cute

  6. lbm dlb says:

    I did it I am so happy with him he is such good dog

  7. Denis Levesque says:

    I love freddy murcury

  8. Lorena tolley says:

    I love I love your video you're so nice

  9. Petite Lime says:

    I can’t continue watching I love it tooo much ?

  10. William Perkins says:

    Bosco made a food at my school bosco sticks

  11. Ameena Czerhaine O. Adam says:

    Admit it, you cried

    Don't worry i cried too.

  12. Sandra Ronquillo says:


  13. Maria Sanchez says:


  14. Doge gamer pro says:

    Cool. The dog can stand on her or he feet

  15. Kaitie Power says:

    Hi rocky I hope Bosch gets a new home

  16. Nikolai Gorte says:

    No matter which dog it is or cat treated fairly

  17. Daemon Slayer Playz says:

    Adopt this fricking dog

  18. Mangoonthemoon says:

    Guess you can say… she found somebody to love

  19. Tony miskowiec says:

    I want Bosco head Freddy

  20. Love Kenzie!!! says:

    I cried when I saw the video!?????????????????????????????????????

  21. Perez Ariaz says:

    I would adopt Bosco and fredy but my mom said no more pets but they are so cute

  22. izzy cute says:

    We all love them Butiefull dogs

  23. Pug Bus says:

    so cute its hard to get a big dog when you look at freddy he is too cute

  24. Gabriella Snow says:

    I want him!!!!!

  25. Gabriella Snow says:

    I want Bosco

  26. Mari Bazaldua says:

    There so c7te

  27. Hailey Sanchez says:


  28. jazzmin rodriguez says:

    I love freddy and bosco I'm a dog and cat lover no matter how it looks

  29. Leylan Annon says:

    This YouTuber: dies.
    Dogs at Marley's Mutts: We just lost our best defender.

  30. kaesyn bell says:

    Freddy makes me cry evry time not in a bad way she’s so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

  31. Nayah Schultz says:

    1 like = ♾ infinite love and caring for Freddie and other dogs ❤️❤️❤️

  32. Nayah Schultz says:

    Idk why but am a little crying ?

  33. Pamela Lane says:


  34. Brayden Mcintosh says:

    Freddy took a DNA test turns out She’s adorable

  35. Paul Heywood says:

    I love dogs so I hate to see dogs like that

  36. Erica Sardina says:

    Thx you have a great heart

  37. Erica Sardina says:

    I will give all my money to that peace of hevean wich is freddie

  38. Victoria Garza says:

    Can I still adopt Bosco

  39. Luna Salvador says:


  40. Z M says:

    I love freddy and bosco * I cried *

  41. Sabrina Buck says:

    I love Fready and bosco

  42. Sokol no clickbait says:

    I cried when I saw Freddie

  43. Sabrina Buck says:

    It's suprizing that they like coffe more then me

  44. Sabrina Buck says:

    I think she chiwawa

  45. Luna Salvador says:


  46. K'eyui OwO says:

    a guy on my game made his name FreddieMercury.

  47. Taraji Brooks says:

    Add poor puppy I love freddy and Bosch so much

  48. Justin Schwarz says:

    Whoever would throw out a dog as cute as Freddy should never be alive they're the meanist human alive and I would never do that to any dog.

  49. Kayla O'Connell says:

    This is how many times people have done this

  50. I ate my pet rat says:

    touches store

  51. Iz biz says:

    I kinda what to!

  52. Helenis Contreras says:

    I’m going to cry how cute is Freddy and how playful is Bosco

  53. Awesome Danny1234 says:


  54. Cubing Central says:

    I was about to adopt Bosco but then it said Bosco was adopted… well at least he has a home

  55. Kimberley Rowntree says:

    God made beautiful animals. But some idiots don't look hard enough to see.

  56. Eve Van Der Ploeg says:

    Aww freddie is so cute

  57. Elyxema Plays says:

    freddy make me cry his poor

  58. Elyxema Plays says:

    oops she is a girl

  59. Jada kizz says:

    My toy yorkie have that “ bitches love me “ shirt i love it ???

  60. Eliza the random Girl says:

    There is tears on my phone

  61. Liz Kelly says:

    I think Freddie is a terrier

  62. cloudy tears says:

    Omfg freedie is so gos damn cute

  63. Olivia Devane says:

    Freddy is soooo cute! So is Bosco ! If I wasn’t allergic to dogs, I would have a million dogs in my house! They are so cute!

  64. Snežana Kovačević says:


  65. :P Palermo says:

    This broke my heart freedie is so cute

  66. Kathleen Hernandez says:

    Rocky kanaka you should adopt Bosco and then he would make a good dog and still be able to play with bosco

  67. Kathleen Hernandez says:

    Correction Freddy ??‍♀️ Freddy x bosco I bet they would make a beautiful baby cRiNgE

  68. Kathleen Hernandez says:

    Why would you leave Freddie in the car you should have taken Freddie

  69. Juan Lopez says:

    i got a nise dog we adopte him his so cute like im crynig waa

  70. maylin sosa says:

    she is sosososososososo cute

  71. Ne1 2bot says:

    Everytime see freddy its just breaks my heart , i think mercury is a chewwaha dog?

  72. KILLER on LOOSE says:

    Freddie is beautiful
    LIKE if true

  73. Pølsa says:

    Fuck man i crying

  74. Pølsa says:

    Im sitting on the toilet crying

  75. Kiva Espeon says:

    Freddiie cute tiny so strong

  76. Set says:

    Freddie is honestly one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen.

  77. Brittany Boice says:

    Whoever disliked is a monster!

  78. Jefferson Go says:

    Dint he touch the store

  79. speachless 30912 says:

    Freddy murcury is soooo cute 🙂 .

  80. Terminator34 Gaming says:

    Ugly on the outside BEAUTIFUL on the inside ❤️

  81. Marsh Pearce says:

    1 like 1 help for freddie

  82. Cory Xl says:

    My heart is melting ??????

  83. McKayla Nuernberg says:

    This is how many people would adopt Freddie

  84. Colby Editz Xxxtentaction Editz says:

    She is too cute?

  85. Mia Dronk says:

    I want Freddie to be my pet?

  86. Liz Kellow says:

    I think Bosco and Freddie are gonna make a great team 5 minutes later bosco why is Freddie's head hanging out your mouth

  87. Woozy says:

    Freddie is such a inspiration, she never gives up! :3

  88. rada zlatkova says:

    I love all dogs ekwaly

  89. Roma Byju says:

    Wares the adoption center?

  90. Roma Byju says:

    I like Bosch and Freddy I want them

  91. Roma Byju says:


  92. Priya Blair says:

    I want that dog of I don't have it I want it I just love Freddy Brandy song I want Freddy why am I uncomfortable I want it I only have like a hundred dogs ready but I only have like $100 like a but that takes me a lot of dogs that have and have a hundred hundred hundred hundred hundred I know I only have a channel for dogsI don't like 45 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 100 and yes I want it eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 19 21 22 23 I just said that two times and you're not giving me I said it two times and I have 80 and 180 100 that's what I have the for dogs df I give them some treatsyeah I got them some treats without their homeless and Ally have dogs are just getting some good like one pepper 101 other names is Doyle Doyle Kula hula hula hula and I have lewin I have a little I want that dog bye bye I'll see you tomorrow but please just give me that Freddy dog 18 dogs already and you guys won't believe it a five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 dogs an RC Willey Cooley in the ?

  93. Gary Breary says:

    I love Freddy

  94. Katherine Reacts says:

    Freddie is a gorgeous lil angel ☻☻

  95. Patricia Serrano says:

    I think Freddie the Chihuahua

  96. Patricia Serrano says:

    I think Freddy's a chihuahua

  97. Kate N says:

    Aww she’s so cute if I could I would adopt her!

  98. Leon Begay says:

    I'm really sad for Freddy

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