Buying My Dogs Everything They Touch!

– Ah, good day everyone and welcome to today’s special video. Why is it special Joey? Well I’ll tell you Joey. Because today is all about my dogs, and they are going to be
making my wallet empty. Because they are going shopping, (laughs) at the pet store. How do you feel about going into a pet store, and anything
you touch, you get to keep. Sounds great dad, I
would love that, whoohoo. And it’s not just Wolfy, the favorite. The two others also get,
only one thing each. (laughs) No just kidding, whatever
you guys touch, in a pet store, you get to have, and Wolfy we’re going to cut you
off, probably if you get too much food related things, okay? He’s like, don’t fat shame me. So yes, there is a trend
going on right now, where people take their pets into a
store and whatever they touch in the store, the owner, has to buy whatever they touch. So even if they go over
and sniff it, add it to the cart, we’re getting it. Wolfy is like, this sounds
way to good to be true. What’s the catch dad? So I think what I’m going to do is, I’m going to take each of them
into the store individually. I’ll give them about, five minutes each. I’ll take them around the store, we’ll see what each of them picks
out, and I’m very curious. Out of these three dogs,
what’s going to happen? Am I going to be bankrupt, we’ll find out. So lets head to the pet store, in three, two, one. They’re eager. Eager beavers. – [Woman] Eager beavers go. – [Joey] They want to go. Go. Yippee, yippee. Alright, listen up guys. I want you to be on your best behavior. We’re going out in public, so you need to make your dad look good, okay? So, no acting a fool, okay? Alright, we’re good. Let’s go. Alright, this is going
to be quite the challenge because they’re all super hyper right now. So, once I open this up I
feel like they’re going to literally sprint out of here, so. Get inside, get up there. Up, up, up, up. Get up, get up, get up, get up. Alright Storm, you’re up first. Here we go. Alright Storm, where do you want to go. – [Woman] Welcome. – Hi, oh wait we should get a cart. (cart clangs) Okay, here we go. Storm, where are you going? Also, he’s at the food right now. I don’t think food is going to count. Treats will be okay,
but we’re not going to get a giant bag of food. I think we’d end up with 50 bags. So, Storm, let’s go down the toy aisle. We’ll start there. (groans) You don’t need those though. You don’t need ultra giant dog pads. – [Woman] (laughing) – (groans) We have to add this to the
dang cart, don’t we Storm? I don’t know what we’re
going to use, you know what? We could always donate
the stuff, that they’re not going to use. Alright, let’s go down the toy aisle. Let’s go. He didn’t touch that one completely. Oh, he touched the shark. You get the shark, you like this one? Yes? We’re already getting that one. (groans) He wants the sloth too, these are so cute. Okay, I approve these messages. Okay, anything else? He has to fully touch it, by the way. Just like a little glance isn’t enough, his nose needs to touch it. (gasps) Storm, look it, there’s a kitty there. Look at her, she’s pretty huh? He hasn’t noticed it yet. Storm look, who’s that? It’s a black cat. Oh my god, she’s so pretty. (gasps) Awe, there’s two in there. (gasps) I want a cat so. – [Woman] He’s touching it. – Oh my gosh, he literally touched the biggest bone there is. His eyes are literally so wide right now. Oh my, oh my gosh. You can’t have everything
on the dang aisle. You get one bone. This is giant, oh my gosh. Okay, let’s go add this stuff to the cart. Oh my gosh. (groans) The mini dog treats. – [Woman] Do you want me to get the cart? – Yeah. Let’s continue, shall we? Where to next bud? You lead the way. No to the clothes. (gasps) Oh, he touched that one. This one moved, what is this? It’s a treat puzzle
game, that’s fun, Storm. It’ll work your mind. Okay, that’s fine for
that one, we’ll get that. Alright, let’s keep going. Not interested in these,
oh he wants a Kong. This one jiggles. They already have one of these, I think? Actually, I haven’t seen it in a while. This is a wobbler Kong. You put treats in here
and they jiggle jingle. Oh he’s excited, he likes that sound. Alright we’ll put it in. Listen, you’re already wrapping up a big cost for me and your brother and sister still haven’t gone. So, you have one more
minute, so make it count. You want to be a little girl? Do you want a little girl dress? (gasps) You do want a little girl dress. Okay. Oh, he loves birds. Do you not see the birds flopping around? He loves chasing birds. (gasps) (laughs) Unfortunately, this doesn’t count. (laughs) He loves chasing, hey
no jumping on the glass. Hey, let’s keep looking. Okay, we need to get away from the birds and the animals because he’s going to find a way to eat them. Uh oh. (groans) What is this? He touched this, which. I don’t even know what this is, it’s some sort of like, cocktail drink. I think you’re time is up sir. I think that’s all the
time we have for you. You’ve literally almost
filled up the entire cart. So, special thank you to Storm. You’re time here is
done, in the pet store. So, what do you think your brother and sister are going to get? Other fun stuff? Oh, you said you’re times done, yeah? Alright, let’s go switch out for, Lark. Stay. Alright, come on Lark. See you guys in a minute. They all go to this dog food, right away. That is a no, we’re
not doing giant bags of dog food that costs 68 dollars, I’m sorry. Where you going? You want to leave already? Well, Lark’s time here is done. Okay, let’s go down the treat aisle. We haven’t been down this, I don’t think. She’s not touching anything. Just kidding. (laughs) – [Woman] Pig ears? – Whoa pig ears. Okay, definitely not vegan over here. But, we got to do what we got to do. Let’s keep going down this aisle. All you want is pig ears? No bags of food, this is
literally all bags of food. Girl, let’s go to the toy aisle. Come on, this way. Alright let’s go to see what’s down here. She’s literally not doing anything. What do you want? All you want is pig ears? She like wants to leave. Come on, let’s just go down the toy aisle, and then we’ll see if you want
anything down there, okay? Where are you going? You’re literally not, providing anything. Do you want to leave? She’s unlike her brother. Oh, she touched this, the sausage. Is this exciting, because this is what you touched, so you get it. It’s a giant, is it a sausage or a poop? I’m not quite sure, we’ll go with poop. Alright, let’s go. (gasps) Oh, you want that? You want an alligator? Okay, you can have it. This is really shocking. I kind of expected her
to be more like, the one that’s into everything. But she literally has only picked out three things so far. So this is your last minute, girl. Make it count. Okay, so clearly she wants to leave. So this is all she’s
getting and the pig ears. So lets go get Wolfy now. Okay, now this is the dog we need to be real worried about,
because he’s the one who’s going to want
everything, oh my gosh. (groans) Can’t get in here faster. (laughs) He’s like, I’ll take this,
this, this, and this, and this. – [Woman] (laughs) – Listen, the cart’s already
full from your brother so. He’s like not even touching them. He’s just like, sniffing right now, without getting too close. (laughs) I love, literally went
straight to the food smells. (laughs) Literally has to smell
all the foods right now. None of the other dogs like, he’s leading the way right
now and it’s just like, all, let me smell all the foods. Mm which one suits my fancy? Do you just like the food aisle, Wolfy? Oh. (gasps) His tail wacked this. Oh my gosh, it’s a pet yard passage. – [Woman] Oh god. – Oh my God, this is huge. Wolf, you literally got the
biggest thing in the store. Oh my gosh, Wolfy. Okay, I don’t even know how I’m going to get this in the cart. Will it fit? I don’t know. You know what, I’ll just put it off to the side right now, and
we’ll come back for it. (groans) Okay. What’s next, big boy. What else do you want? He’s getting so close, to so many things. But he’s not fully touching them. Do you want to go down the toy aisle? Come on, let’s go look at the toys. Oh, he touched the pooper
scooper with his back. We’re going to have to pick
up some poops with this. (gasps) Oh, you want the tire? His whiskers touched this, so we’re going to count that. What else are you smelling? (gasps) Oh, you want that? He like came out to get, oh because there’s a bone on there. Always finds the food in
everything, don’t you? Oh, he’s touching treats over here. Okay, he’s going crazy with the treats. Alright, you’ve already
touched one of each, of them. Alright, we’ll get one
of these, we’ll get the chicken squizzle, and
we’ll get whatever this is. You touched all three of these, and you touched this. Marijuana. Medical juana, catnip? Boy, this is catnip. What are you going to do with this? Well, we’ll see what happens. Apparently, he wants catnip. Anything else? You have one minute left. This is the cat stuff, oh gosh. Any of these? He really wants these. Listen, this doesn’t count because, it’s not really dog stuff. So, you’re not going to
get any use out of it. Okay, do you need another leash? Do you need a harness? He’s like, really not
interested in anything here. Okay. Do you want a new collar? (gasps) Oh, his ear touched the gray collar. Okay, got him a new collar. Okay, time is up. Wolfy is done, I am shocked. I had no idea Storm was going to get so much stuff, but he did. And Lark barely got
anything, and Wolf I mean, he just wanted the food
things so, that was expected. But, yeah I’m very surprised with Storm. So, let’s go purchase these things and see how much it’s going to cost. Alright, so the cart is completely full. Mostly, thanks to Storm, and then Wolfy, but mostly Storm. So, let’s check out. I’m curious, I feel like it’s going to be about like 300 dollars, is my guess. Just because we got like a giant, dog thing, playpen? Thanks Wolfy. (laughs) So my estimate was a little off. We’ve gone through like,
a little bit of it, and we’re already at 300. I don’t know which dog to blame more. But I think it was definitely Storm. Although Wolf, spent 130 on one item so. – 465.66 is your total. – Oh my gosh, okay that was a
little more than I expected. But, you know what? I love my dogs so much, that
they get whatever they want. So, under 500 dollars, not bad. (groans) (laughs) – [Woman] Hi. – Storm’s literally the
only one over here, that cares about all the stuff we got. Do you want your big bone? This is yours, yes this
is the one you picked out. (gasps) Oh Wolfy’s come to join. He’s like, is it snack time already? Just wait a minute guys. Storm gets the bone. Oh my god, he can’t even carry it. It’s literally bigger than you. Oh my God, look how cute he is. Storm that’s so big. That’s so big, can you even carry it? Here you go. Oh, oh my gosh that’s so adorable. What does Wolfy want? He says, okay, it’s my turn, it’s my turn. Christmas came early. Alright, let’s see what
else we got because we literally have so much. Come here, you’re blocking the toys. Alright, so most of these
are, oh Storm is like, oh that’s mine. (toy squeaks) Oh, squeakers. Who wants the shark? Okay, who wants the sloth? Crunchy. Wolf’s like, listen up,
enough of these toys. Bring on the good stuff dad. I want a nice big ole treat. You know what, I’m just
going to put them all out for them to just explore, and pick out the ones that they want. Does that peak your interest, big boy? Oh yes, I could be, I could be in the mood for a crunchy biscuit. Oh my gosh, this is from
Toys R Us, RIP Toys R Us. This is how Wolfy will get
a treat, it’s a pet thing. Well obviously it’s a pet thing. (laughs) It’s a pet thing. I just had to remind myself,
so I don’t play with it. It’s a treat thing, you put the treats in and they have to figure
out, how to open it. How do they open it? Okay, let’s put some treats
in, and let’s see if they can figure it out, I’m very curious. Okay, so all the treats are in there. Let’s see if they can figure
out how to get into it. Wolfy, there’s treats in here. (gasps) Storm is so smart, you figured it out. You’re so smart. You’re smarter than Wolfy and Lark. Look it. Oh my gosh, I swear if he does it again, I’ll be so impressed. Oh my gosh, you are such a smart dog. Lark, can you figure it out? Why are you the smartest, little guy? I’m so proud of you. This makes me like you even more. You’re a good boy. Can you figure it out, Lark? – [Both] (laughs) – He’s like, hey I’m not dumb. Do you want a treat? Wolfy, your turn. Come on, you’re smarter than this. Okay, moving on to the next toy. Alright, let’s see. Who wants the tire? Go fetch. Okay, well that was a fail. The shark? Go get it. Oh, you like it? I think she was the one
who picked that one out. Right? I don’t remember. What do you want? I don’t remember which
one of you picked this. I think it was Lark. Lark, go get the sausage. (gasps) Storm, your dress. We have to put your dress on. You are going to be a pretty girl. Okay. (gasps) She’s so pretty. She’s a pretty little girl. Wow, look how pretty
you are, a pretty girl. We love her. Okay, who wants the crocodile. (toy squeaks) Look at her face, she’s so intent on it. She’s like, I’m going to
tear that thing apart. (toy squeaks) She wants it so bad. Alright, go get it. By the way, Lark is going to
claim all of these things. Like, she’s going to
take it all to her bed. She’s going to be like, oh that’s mine. Oh that’s mine too, they’re all mine. What does this do to dogs? Okay, lets actually make sure
that dogs, can have this. It doesn’t say, warning keep
out of the reach of dogs. So, let’s see what happens, if dogs really care for catnip, as well. Oh my god, it’s like a giant pill bottle. Okay, enough squeaking. She loves it. She loves the alligator. Her eyes literally, lit
up when that happened. Alright Wolfy, do you
want to sniff the catnip? Do you like it? Do you like the smells? Lark? (laughs) Oh no. She got a real big whiff of that one. Do you want to take a hit, Storm? What are you eating from? Oh my gosh, you got into the box. No. – [Woman] (laughs) – Are you eating the catnip? Maybe he’s not that smart. I don’t think you’re supposed to eat that. Wolfy is very annoyed. He’s like, alright, enough
of these stupid toys. Can you just feed me a treat already? Does Wolfy want the chicken quizzles? You ordered this one. (laughs) What are you doing? Your brother picked this
out, you don’t want it. You wanted out of the store. He’s going to go take this away and he’s going to eat it in point
two seconds, watch. He’s like, so scared
that someone’s going to come over and take it from him. Okay, let’s distract the other two. What do you guys want? You know what? We can set up the crate,
and put them in the crate. Or whatever it is, the play
pen, while Wolfy eats that. Alright, let’s get you guys in here. Wolfy, that was record timing, of you eating that entire thing. That is supposed to last
a dog like 10 minutes, it lasted you 30 seconds. Are you ashamed of yourself? Nope it was delicious, thank you. Play pen is, pretty much set up. I don’t know how to really attach it, but it doesn’t really matter. I want to try and get
them through the door. So I’m going to lure them in for a treat, and see if the guys are
skinny enough to come through. (laughs) Wolfy, you’re not going to fit. If you come through, you get it. Come on, come on. (gasps) Skinny. Storm, come on, come through. Come on Storm, Storm come. Here, let me take that off you, come here. Alright, listen. You can make it through. You can fit, come on. (dog barks) (laughs) No. Storm, come on, come on. (dog barks) Listen, if your little sister can fit. (laughs) Wolfy, awe. Wolfy, you don’t get it. He’s like, come on, I’ll jump over it. (laughs) He want’s it so bad. Come on, come on. You have to crawl through, crawl through. Come on, almost. She’s like, I’ll take it. You want it Wolfy? Okay, just because you’re the best boy. Gentle, gentle. Gentle, come here Wolfy. (laughs) That was so gentle. Watch how fast he’ll eat this. Swallowed, completely, gone. Okay, well, these are all the toys. Lark, you’re trapped in here. Actually, I wonder if
she can get out of here. Let’s see. Lark, come. Come on. (gasps) Whoa, you were supposed to go through but that was impressive as well. We also have the pooper scooper. Okay, so overall, I feel like every dog, got something special out of today. Wolfy got some treats, Lark got her alligator toy, and
Storm, we figured out that he’s a genius. So, I think this was a successful trip. There’s definitely some things, I probably should go return. But if you guys enjoyed today’s video, make sure you hit that like button, and if you’re not already subscribed, go on and subscribe to me and hit
the bell notification button. It’ll notify you, every
time I post a new video. Since subscribing doesn’t
do that, all the time. So anyways, that’s it for today. I love you guys, until next time. I’ll see you next time, good damn bye. (upbeat music)

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