Buying Worlds Tallest Dog EVERYTHING He Touches!

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  1. Rocky Kanaka says:

    Who just got a new shirt? Hello, Aloha, Ciao, WOOF, MOEW ??

  2. Saziest says:

    Goliath is a good boy. (*⁰▿⁰*)

  3. InsideOfMyOwnMind says:

    Can you guys take my dog to Best Buy?

  4. Estelle Marie Vella says:

    Can I buy him

  5. JenniferWakeman[XJ-9] says:

    This dog is a Horse for 1 year olds

  6. Rou Xuan Ng says:

    I really want to adopt him but I already have a dog and plus if I adopt another dog my mom will say nooo

  7. Ivee Chen Singian's LIFE ROUTINE! says:

    Me:Mom can i adopt Goliath
    My mom:Anything taller than a bunny nope.
    Me:Every Time!

  8. Melanie Hernandez says:

    Lol I would but I already have two German shepherds and they ARE A BIG hand full and my older one is MEAN LOL

  9. Steven Latorre says:

    You didn't buy the property since the dog touched the floor.

  10. MR STRANGE says:

    2019- plant 20million trees

    2020- save all the homeless dogs
    Like so people do this

  11. XxMoonlightxX X says:

    I would like to adopt him but I got 6 animals already

  12. Stranger Things says:

    Well this is not the tallest dog in the world

  13. Peter Pan says:

    Awwww???????? I love him, wish I had a big enough house for him. I'm so in love.❤ Gentle Giant

  14. alyssa caeytano says:

    Can that guy adopt him? I hate when people just throw the dogs away.

  15. legendary Pikachu says:

    Goliath:buys cat food
    Big mama:buys cat tree
    Me: are you two gonna move out and get a cat

  16. _general jaramillo_ says:

    Looks like a giant greyhound

  17. Nararara Mammily says:

    Tall dogs are usually gentle giants while small dogs are so loud ?

  18. Carmelita Amatosa says:

    ill adopt him!

  19. The Ibis says:

    I would actual adopt him, but unfortunately my other dog wont accept him and no way could I get a great dane in the place I live in tho wish him the best ?

  20. CookieDoge :3 says:

    If I could I would adopt all of shelter dogs in the WORLD ?

  21. Magnus Bech says:

    Thank you for doing what you do??

  22. Ben Pearn says:

    3 dogs soon will get a new one and 5 cats

  23. BombArrow says:

    all the dislikes are the people who hate dogs

  24. Coffee_Dutchie says:

    I wish I could adopt him but I have a lab

  25. kenna luvs you says:

    he is such a gorgeous dog ? my mother wouldnt let me have anything as big, but i do hope this poor boy finds a loving home ?

  26. Marrisa444 Marrisa555 says:

    Would but live to far ?

  27. Kenji Ko says:

    How would one adopt him?

  28. Honi Vale Great Danes says:

    Leave it to a Dane to find a buffet ??

  29. Grace’s Beanies says:

    My family wants to adopt him how do they apply?

  30. Aisling ting says:

    Great Danes are my dream dogs

  31. contortion style says:

    I really want to adopt him i'm looking to buy a dog anyway and my whole family really likes big dogs he's cute too.?

  32. contortion style says:

    I think he's perfect!

  33. Ayissha's Vlog says:

    Like who would never adopt this gentle pups…..there literally angels from heaven….if i could juat adopt them i would be so happy but im still 10

  34. Imani Williams says:

    They added the world's tallest DOG in the title for clout

  35. Ines Hope says:

    Please somebody adopt him!!!!!

  36. Monsta X says:

    I would adopt him but im 4, 10 so no

  37. Citra says:

    I would adopt Goliath in a heartbeat but I live in Finland and it would be complicated

  38. theReDaNnImAtOr Xd says:

    My heart is melting for them both
    There just so cute, sweet and playful

  39. XL_TUBE_ 357 says:

    My dog is doing surgery right now

  40. White Fox bka says:

    sorry but that aint the e talllest fog maybe in the states yeah but in canada there a dogbtyatis taller han a wolf

  41. Nocturnal Skys says:

    I would love to adopt him. I need all derails & his location.

  42. •PikaGacha• says:

    I have seen a more taller dog

  43. John Smith says:

    Dog touches the wall.

    "Welp rules are rules"

  44. Draco Devil Child Malfoy says:

    Awwwwwwww, I wish I could adopt the sweet pup

  45. TheChillingFriendz says:

    I saw bigger dogs tho?‍♀️

  46. Charley._ .Equestrian says:

    Just saying the world's tallest dog lives in the UK

  47. Bruno The Expert says:

    I wish my mother did the same……

  48. SchleichForester17 says:

    My friends dog is bigger than Goliath

  49. Megan Rodriguez says:

    I would take him in seconds if I didn’t already have 4 dogs but I hope he finds a great home

  50. Marvin Tan says:

    Dog sniff: touched

  51. Lyrical Terrorist says:

    Thanks guys! Those filthy humans don’t deserve him.

  52. black Wolf Prinz says:

    big momma is one of those breeds that where breedet without considering that they will have many health issues
    does not mean shes not a grate personality
    only means i cant understand people that support such species by getting them from a breeder

  53. Regan Sturdy says:

    “Like this video if you think Goliath is going a good job”
    Me, who has already liked the video; Unlikes it then likes it again

  54. Allysha panton says:

    How to adopt big mama??

  55. Seto Kaiba says:

    Gorgeous Great Dane! Love that Pet Smart allowed you guys to do that for both dogs. It was sad that both dogs were done that way.. ?

  56. Regan Sturdy says:

    When stacii mi ng all that’s stuff, ty should have but dog beds on top as well to create a spot for more stuff that wouldn’t roll off

  57. Green Paladin says:

    Actually, Irish Wolfhounds are taller than Great Danes.

  58. eric jasman says:

    ive been a fan rocky for 6 yrs now and when i saw goliath and heard his story it broke my heart an i cried who can just dump a goregous fun lovin dog like him an i fell in love with big momma an i saw the video today b4 work and i plan on buying your shirt an see if he has a reversed rescue shirt please

  59. Lil Panda says:

    Fiona looks like an exotic bully

  60. Violet mallatt says:

    Do you have any puppies

  61. Malou Aviaja Tousgaard - 8B says:

    I think that this is the first video where they actually bought the cat tree???

  62. Jennifer E Partin says:

    I want to adopt all of the dogs

  63. Sara No H says:

    My parents really want another big dog since our German Shepherd will sadly soon pass away. Sadly my parents want a puppy but i really wish I could adopt Goliath!

  64. PeepsAsmr AndMore says:

    My friends aunts dog is the tallest dog in the world

  65. Briana Juarez says:

    He is the cutest great Dane ever!!!!!

  66. Laura Kloska says:

    Big mama is super cuteee

  67. Ainsley Isbell says:

    i've seen dogs way bigger than that lol

  68. A Y says:

    I want to but I can’t I don’t have any room and he might eat or attack all my reptiles. ??

  69. Lorena Suarez says:

    I would like to adopt that dog im from phliphines

  70. NMOProductionz 020 7 says:

    We all want to adopt him but don’t deserve him ?

  71. Kayla Animal says:

    Aaawwwww there so cute!!!! But my mom says no more dogs…

  72. Mayo nnaise says:

    I wish I could adopt Goliath but I already own a toy poodle and two cats, and my mother is terrified of large dogs but I wish the best for both Goliath and Fiona and hope they get amazing homes! Love them both!

  73. Sydney Ackerman says:

    Is Goliath still available for adoption? My grandmother has a bull mastiff/lab mix that would be his best friend!

  74. Xx jenniexX says:

    i have a puppy but they died 🙁

  75. Wolfpack_5509 Anderson says:

    People who disliked are people with no heart

  76. μαρια ???!! says:

    can I have himmmmm???? ????????

  77. Bella Carter says:

    i have two great danes and i want him he’s so pretty

  78. Reaper says:

    I'd love to adopt him but my family has 2 dogs and 2 cats I'd love to but sadly I cant

  79. Just your average Gay says:

    I love him so much. I'd take him but I don't have room. You're such a good person! Keep giving. ???

  80. Dylan Gamez says:

    I have three Great Danes

  81. IrishLand57 says:

    I want him

  82. VA ThatOneAndriod says:

    I wanna adopt this big boi but i live all the way in The Netherlands

  83. Phxntomz says:

    Awww he’s such a cutie I would love to have a Great Dane

  84. Mya Gersic says:


  85. ActualSideOfRice says:

    This is the kind of content I come to YouTube for

  86. kennethperkins3645 says:

    Why don't you adopt him or it could be the person filming

  87. TheSpetsnazLord says:




  88. Raquel Lopez says:

    Hi am new I subscribe and hit the bell like

  89. ADISON TAYLOR says:

    I would adopt him but I just got a new 2 year old puppy and I have a small dog to :c

  90. Ceili High says:

    If I had a house, I would adopt both? they're adorable?

  91. sweatgoat says:

    Who wouldn’t adopt him he’s so adorable

  92. Beth Rybolt says:

    That's alot

  93. Blue Berry ッ says:

    OMG he is so cuteee ???

  94. Sacrufi A says:

    Can I have that dog

  95. Jada Renee says:

    I want him so bad i want to meet u

  96. Kaylup _1017 says:

    I wish I could but my dog Luna would be terrified

  97. Laurel Luvs Dragons says:

    Wow, I can’t believe that the pet store workers let you bring a horse in there… crazy…

  98. Annie Fraley says:

    That’s a Great Dane

  99. Maria Yershova says:

    My family would love to adopt him w have no dog

  100. Gacha Girl says:

    My dog actually eats the milk bones and we use about a big box every 2 weeks

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