Can Dogs And Cats Get The Coronavirus?

Now that the coronavirus is officially a Situation
Everybody Must Deal With, there are many things people are asking, possibly by screaming their
questions dramatically at the sky. Such as, how can you avoid getting COVID-19?How
deadly is it? And what is the virus doing to your poor cats
and dogs? Fortunately, at least some of those questions
can be answered. According to the World Health Organization,
it’s easy to improve your chances by washing your hands well and often, maintaining basic
respiratory hygiene, keeping your hands off your face and keeping a careful distance between
yourself and suspicious coughers. As the BBC tells us, it’s incredibly difficult
to tell how deadly the virus is, though researchers guesstimate the death rate at somewhere around
one percent of the infected, with elderly people at a particularly high risk. As for cats and dogs, well, that’s… a very
good question, actually. How are pets coping with the coronavirus situation? Does it affect them at all, or are they low
key in grave danger and no one’s paying any attention because of the human health crisis? Let’s find out whether dogs and cats can get
the coronavirus or not. “Don’t worry!” “I’m worried!” As the BBC reports, there’s a bit of a myth
that you might be able to catch the coronavirus from pets. After all, the prevailing theory is that the
virus got its start in wild animals in China, and may have gone under the radar until it
made the jump to humans. However, as of early March, 2020, evidence
indicates that your dog or cat is unlikely to turn you into the latest COVID-19 statistic
– or vice versa. In fact, if you ask Jonathan Ball, professor
of molecular virology at the University of Nottingham, the role of pets in the coronavirus
situation isn’t really a concept we should dwell too much on. He says, “I still think it’s questionable how relevant
it is to the human outbreak as most of the global outbreak has been driven by human-to-human
transmission. We need to find out more, but we don’t need
to panic.” According to Financial Times, there actually
is one confirmed case of doggy coronavirus. The fuzzy patient is a Pomeranian from Hong
Kong, who was only mildly infected and showed no signs of the illness. However, it was infected, which seems worrisome
enough. Fortunately, the poor Pom doesn’t really affect
scientists’ confidence that dogs are unlikely to become a vector for coronavirus. According to the World Organization for Animal
Health, “To date, there is no evidence that companion
animals can spread the disease.” They also note that the Hong Kong dog was
actually exposed to its coronavirus-infected owners, not the other way around. Virologist Ian McKay, of the University of
Queensland, agrees that the virus is far more likely to spread from people to pets, and
that the odds for transmission from dog to human is quite small. As for cats, ABC News explains that they also
believe cats can’t pass on the virus, though they can also test positive for low levels
of coronavirus – courtesy of their owners. However, CNN says that current evidence indicates
that pet animals are unlikely to be sick from the virus, even if they do get infected. It’s worth noting that the 2003 Sars outbreak
featured a handful of both cats and dogs that tested positive for the virus, according to
the BBC. However, they didn’t transmit it to people,
or even to members of their own species. So, at the moment it looks like the new coronavirus
hasn’t figured out our feline and canine friends any better than its predecessor. Don’t worry, people: Science hasn’t discovered
any evidence to suggest that the whole COVID-19 thing is a joint canine/feline plot to take
over the world, by coughing all over you. However, the BBC reminds us that, coronavirus
or not, you should still totally wash your hands after handling them. Just treat these animals with the same basic
hygiene you always do, and you’re golden. Probably best to avoid coughing on them, too,
even though it appears they don’t really get sick from the coronavirus – it’s just common
courtesy. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about science
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67 Responses

  1. ROMA Portugal says:

    Yeah something to know but grandmother said ‘no’

  2. Grunge says:

    What are you doing to protect yourself (and your pets) from Coronavirus?

  3. PuNkin Oi says:

    Dog mask 2020 we need these dogs safe
    -sentence by yaya

  4. Izaro Celayeta says:

    Then can get corona but they aren't affected or infected by it

  5. Mary c says:

    My cat was Diagnosed with the cat Coronavirus

  6. Crystal M says:

    Omg I hope dogs can't get it 💔

  7. A. May says:

    Um yeah, I was never worried about myself catching it from my dogs but myself or others giving it to my dogs!

  8. Johnny Blaze says:

    Who gives a shit if they can lol

  9. Cab Terrot says:

    No, because the corona virus is a hoax.

  10. Brookie Cookie 🍪 says:

    Thank god. That’s the last thing we need is idiots killing their pets like they are in China.

  11. Chip Muellemann says:

    Oh stop it you morons. Just stop the fear mongering.

  12. Aaron landen millan says:

    I want a dog

  13. Sondrehar Ikkeliv says:


  14. Thomas Campbell says:

    No, they probably can’t.

  15. JM Browning says:

    the world health organization says that dogs cant transmits the virus….so …….WHO let the dogs out !!

  16. janice mcgill says:

    My biggest concern was could the dogs get it I wasn’t so much worried about them passing it on to me I was just wondering if the dogs could actually get it because that would scare me really scare me if anything happens to my dog

  17. Bruno Cunha says:

    No they can't

  18. Arch Tayus says:

    1%? Not in Italy..

  19. Disciple Toki says:

    There is some semblance talking passed each other here, I think most of us pet keepers could not give a rats keaster if it is contagious to humans, we are worried about our companions getting it not us getting it from them.

  20. Stephen Williams says:

    Here's a tip, ignore the world health organisation. The virus is at death's door. Only the governments want to promote the virus to scare you into enforcing their unpopular laws. This is how they go about it.

  21. Андрей Бирюков says:

    Gentle warrior 56

  22. Deplorable Cat says:

    So what is the answer?

  23. Vlad Bess says:

    Strong savior 85

  24. Gemes bro says:

    Short engineer 92

  25. T.BONE/SIDE OF LIFE says:

    Hmm, be kinda hard to put old yeller down……..Twice!

  26. Cameron Heidelauf says:

    Grunge people you guys are delusional there anyway dogs and cats cannot get the crona viruses at all anyway stupid idiots you grunge guys really are there anyway BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  27. Fumanchu1 5150 says:

    The virus didn't come from animals but it did come from a laboratory.

  28. j says:

    Well, wearing the mask like that, I think that dog (in the thumbnail) would catch the virus

  29. Renee Cavaluzzi says:

    Unfortunately most people are being suckered in and scared. a lot of people are afraid for the children but if you do the research it doesn't hardly even affect infants or children at all except that they carriers. I've already had it I work in a fast food restaurant in a tourist area and I'm fine I'm a senior citizen. They can keep their tests and their vaccines are violating civil rights. People think that these governments can do something but they could never stop it anyway it's a flu. people are giving up their civil rights believing that they can be protected by a false sense of security. staying indoors is the worst thing anybody could do you need the UV light from the sun you need to walk around and move your lungs exercise your lungs. God I wish I could get off this planet but I can't.

  30. Robert Schlesinger says:

    Interesting and worthwhile video.

  31. Dustin F says:

    I appreciate this video and all of the comments I've read.

  32. CciIcCo says:

    Corona Virus first appearence on a fish market in Wuhan. Ok what about fish…what about our food…what about insects…what about our water..what about fecies…what about the long are they contagious…seriously… it's getting absurd.

  33. Tntdruid says:

    Short "no"

  34. James Fox says:

    It did not transfer from snakes either.
    Until it did. Mutation people, it already mutated once into a deadly strain.

  35. Ich bin says:

    first world problems, who gives a damn

  36. Mountain Dew says:

    it is true cats and can transfer covid19, this video is not telling how:
    – bodyfluid dog or cat
    – blood

  37. Thomas Renfrow says:

    Without a actual fit tested respirator(clean shaved skin) AND a cartridge/s that stops viruses, these masks will not stop you from contracting "CoronaFever", lol.

  38. Anthony says:

    I was worried

  39. mikemichaelmusic09 says:

    Corona Virus was from animals is was made in a lab in China and it got out the cage. Think about it how long have we lived on the planet with animals and made the are pet and never got a virus from them until now. The most common thing we ever got was Fleas.

  40. Leeroy Kincaid says:

    Cover the dogs nose for goodness sakes.

  41. Robert Pyrosthenes says:

    The dog in Hong Kong was a false positive. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

  42. Cee L says:

    Of course they can get it!! This disease passed from animal to human. Haven't you mfers studied or researched anything?

  43. Mr Ferris says:

    You should still kill any cat you see… better safe than sorry. The worlds wildlife will thank you.

  44. Otis Williams says:

    I worked in pet store in the 70's and some dog and cats had Corona Virus.

  45. Meredith Wilson says:

    Yeah make sure to lock up your cats & dogs in cages & set them at the bottom of the well for 14 days. Nobody wants to give them the flu except for the news media that want you to believe all that BS is real so that you willing give up your freedoms like in Orwell 1984. What a bunch of 💩 – The communists sure play dirty!!

  46. Marco Polo says:

    Who cares

  47. Evil Fingers says:

    The Animal Kingdom will reclaim the world.

  48. Jay Ray says:

    lol This video is focusing way to much on the fear of pet -> human; when the real fear is human -> pet.. and if they'll be okay.

  49. batgurrl says:

    There is so much love between the humans and their doggies and kitties here💕

  50. Nunyabuis ness says:

    Answer: Probably not.

  51. Bill Stafford says:

    The original Planet of the Apes, all dogs and cats were killed by a mysterious disease, hmmmm.

  52. Kawaii Squish lps :3 says:

    If the dog showed no signs of the Corona virus but was proved to be a carrier then why was it in the vets in the first place??

  53. Jimmi Woltz says:

    Steven King was right! Captain Tripps will kill us all! 😜

  54. Ian Brown says:

    It’s just a common cold which the media is making it worse than it is and telling the basic rules what you should do in colds and people can die of common colds and animals wouldn’t get it

  55. Vaz123 says:

    If my cat goes outside then it gets coronavirus on its body (but not in its body) then I touch it then am I able to get coronavirus

  56. Kathy Martin says:

    the virus I don't believe is cat or dog origin… we are grasping at straws, the Chinese eat any kind of creature that moves, probably they are responsible for the origins of many flu's-H1N1-Hong Kong flu-swine flu etc. poor ruthless hygiene-look at the video from the Yulin dog festival- the dog meat-raccoon fur farms, the conditions and the way they treat animals says it all….karma back

  57. Kathy Martin says:

    make sure your pets are up to date on rabies-distemper-parvo shots

  58. Flying Up says:

    I got a really bad cold and my cat got it from me as well. A virus. Beware.

  59. Pat Lloid says:

    This narrator is worse than having Coronavirus

  60. Gary Maxion says:

    I've heard that COVID 19 can't infect animals, but other strains can.

  61. Summer Chanler says:

    This report is human centered. Basically its saying “its ok we cant get covid 19 from dogs they can get it from us” WTF!

  62. Arashi Mokuzai says:

    Bruh, death rate is confirmed to be over 3.4% Don't lie to the public like that, I will report this video for false information.

  63. Julia Naylor says:

    The animal source is probably something extremely exotic, not a domestic animal.

  64. hey you , hi. says:

    Coronavirus is fake and no subsuerter

  65. Puertecitos68 says:

    anything with lungs and heart can catch the virus.

  66. The,ode Tho,masa says:

    Can mosquitoes transfer COVID-19?

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