Can We Smell The Sex We’re Attracted To?

Does sex smell? Science says yes! But not
in the way you’re thinking, ya perverts. Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews – to talk about
everyone’s favorite subject, pheromones. Now we’ve been told for years and years that
pheromones influence our behavior – and help us choose mates – but it’s always been kind
of a question mark as to how much of a difference they really make. Humans in particular, have more secretion
and sweat glands than any other primate, and the organ we use to detect pheromones is called
the vomeronasal organ, or VNO. It’s a tiny, crescent-shaped bundle of neurons at the base
of each nostril, and almost all animals have it – from reptiles, to elephants, to house
cats. What’s surprising, however, is that only 30%
of humans were actually born with this organ. But we can all smell pheromones, right? So
there’s gotta be something else that allows us to detect them. Well, there is. Men secrete something called
andro, which is a metabolite of testosterone, in their sweat and semen. And women, secret
estra, a derivative of estrogen, in their urine. Both chemicals are known to trigger arousal
in the opposite sex – but in order to be considered true pheromones, they have to shape how people
view different genders. New research from the Chinese Academy of Sciences
in Beijing – confirms that that’s exactly what happens. For the study, researchers split men and women
up into groups of 24, and then had them watch this video. Notice the figure on the left,
has a decidedly female strut – with a lot more hip movement – while the figure on the
right, has a flatter gait, typical of most males. The one in the middle – is considered
neutral, meaning it could go either way. They then asked subjects to inhale either
andro or estra – and judge whether they thought the neutral walk was more masculine or more
feminine. Turns out, their judgments depended entirely
on their own sexual preferences. After smelling andro, the male hormone, straight
women perceived the walk as being more masculine. But the pheromone had no effect on straight
men. In contrast, smelling estra, the female hormone
– made straight men perceive the walk as more feminine. While straight women, weren’t affected.
Even more interesting, is the fact that gay men followed the exact same response pattern
as straight women. Meaning homosexual men are more likely to respond to male pheromones
than they are to female ones. Oddly enough, homosexual women – fell somewhere in between.
So neither pheromone made much of a difference. This supports the classification of andro
and estra as “sex pheromones,” but it also shows that they can influence our perception
of gender – but only in the genders we’re attracted to.
Like most pheromones, the smell is imperceptible – so all of these decisions that happen are
subconscious – but they’re still an important part of how we interact and perceive each
other. More importantly, this study shows that pheromones
aren’t gender-specific – but rather, sexuality-specific. Which gives even less ammo to the argument
that sexuality is a choice. Personally, I think everyone smells gross.
But, I also live in a city with almost no air conditioning. And, I attend a lot of gaming
conventions. So, my experience is probably skewed. Speaking of smelly things – and terrible segueways
– if you want more facts about smelly stuff – go check out Animalist’s new show, Best
Breed Ever! It tells you everything you wanna know – and some things you didn’t know – about
your favorite breeds of dogs. FOR EXAMPLE: Did you know that French bulldogs are banned
from most commercial airplanes? It’s true. And when you hear the reason, it actually
kinda makes sense. They’ve got new episodes every Wednesday and Friday, so go check those
out if you’re interested. And in the meantime – if you have questions
or comments about this episode, leave em down below – and subscribe here for more videos.

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97 Responses

  1. Emma Wright says:

    I will never do the test, I'm sure I'm not gay

  2. J.mar_W311ness says:

    This chick is so much better than the blonde girl. I've always found her quite annoying

  3. William Villalobos says:


  4. Dniel315 says:

    so a deodorant with pheromones actually CAN make a girl seem more attractive?… dammit o.O i tho the pheromones they used would have no effect since they do not belong to the one applying the deodorant… 

  5. ZZDaikun says:

    Can we smell you?

  6. violet qween says:

    I like ass but dont think i wanna smell sweatie guys at the gyms butts and when they poopy..i find it by aura..eye hump you then ass hump you

  7. Rex says:

    That is likely because a good amount of "homosexual" women are bisexual. :p

  8. J Gardner says:

    Typical DNews topic. Very edgy, boy I hope my parents don't walk in while I'm watching this!

  9. TheBrigadeloco says:

    They all smell the same in the morning:D

  10. Shawn Ravenfire says:

    I think this also reinforces the notion (right or wrong) that men are more definitive as to whether they're gay or straight, and women are more flexible.

  11. markyakima says:

    She is a very attractive woman.

  12. Captain Nemo says:

    You still look like a man.

  13. Angelica Escobar says:

    I'm pretty sure they did a damn good job with casting this girl!!!

  14. Tuco Pacifico says:

    Send me your summer underthings Tara, I want to see if I am your soul mate

  15. uriel adame says:

    Mateo becomes an alcoholic!!!

    Watch "Mateo listen linda" on YouTube
    Mateo listen linda:

  16. Cusco Othriyas says:

    Tara looks less masculine now.

  17. HellGod67 says:

    Pheromones are bullshit no matter how much we would like them to matter – the conclusion of this video.

  18. sushanalone says:

    Tara, i like to imagine having sex with women with glasses when i watch their videos, dont ruin it for me by going contact lens hipster..please, do not deny me and thousands of others of free imagination that youtube can provide.
    Paul Pervert.

  19. DancingDovaaah says:

    I only noticed the walks were different when she said they were…
    Well, I would have noticed if I looked at a longer recording of it. just not straight away.

  20. Rursus says:

    It smells exactly in the way that I think, me pervert!!

  21. J Ribs says:

    Tara, Chase, and that old guy are phenomenal. Everybody else should be cut out.

  22. Elliotgn says:

    What about bisexuals?

  23. omfgkrig says:

    I want to smell your dinner…

  24. Sam Trott says:

    It doesn't affect if sexuality is a choice, if it is a choice then our bodies just adapt to enjoy the other pheromone. 

  25. Jason W says:

    I am totally straight (my boyfriend tells me so), but I can smell the 'Estra' from a distance when a woman is on the rag, and it certainly does not turn me on… plus I fuckin hate that 'baby powder' smell they use to mask it.

  26. Quacktics are Go says:

    Is it me, or are the DNews topics becoming less… sciency?

  27. TriclopsGamer593 says:

    Is it possible for someone to have no pheramone?

  28. k31than says:

    @2:37–2:46 The bottomline.

  29. Tyler Durden says:

    I didn't know Axl Rose was not a presenter here.

  30. Praptolium says:

    wow i am skeptical about this study. I could read the methodology, but I cbf lmao :p
    but like this whole study could have been affected by like the questions and stuff they were asked before the tests. and like did they ask everyone the same questions about the "masculine" walk and everything like… ????

  31. TheWaluigiman1 says:

    A interesting theory. I think I'll personally research more into this. As for sex, I am purely homosexual, this I know because I married a man. So testing it on myself will unfortunately be pointless.

  32. It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan. says:

    Do you smell what my rocks are cookin'?

  33. Chaim Goldbaum says:

    OMFG this girls of 'that 70's show' i swear!

  34. Chjofy says:

    Very interesting. I would want to know what would have been bisexual men and women's results, though

  35. Doyouunderstand87 says:

    It would be interesting to see this sort of study methodology applied to transexual people. 

  36. Nuggat says:

    Unsubscribing the sex channel that used to be a science channel = DickNews

  37. MakeItRed says:

    Colognes, perfumes, & deodorants only mask the pheromones. 

  38. Nicholas Greene says:

    Is this channel actually suggesting that gay men are born this way?

  39. EMAngel 2718 says:

    Wow, a video about sex that doesn't involve Laci.

  40. Chris Sanchez says:

    pretty much whats its saying is to all you homophobic people out there, you have no grounds to base your 'its a choice and they're controlled by demons' crap upon when it comes to gays. give it up and leave them to be happy

  41. TeeKay XXX says:

    I just uploaded a video on my channel asking people on the street when they last had sex. Check it out!

  42. Alexis Lupus says:

    Where did Anthony go?

  43. Danica DeCosto says:

    All those walking dot people look the same to me.

  44. Tomahawk00984 says:

    You know, Tara (especially without glasses) reminds me a little of Laura Prepon. Not sure whether that is a compliment or not.

  45. Luke William says:

    So homosexuality is a choice for women. You can't argue with science.

  46. lordkalem says:

    im getting a little mad at myself. ever since terra took the job iv been kinda. getting more and more angry at her. 

    literally the way she delivers her story's and the ones that are either picked for her or picked by her. are just REALLY bad ones that she should not be talking about because she just doesn't know how to deliver them properly. she just. 

    i don't know. and thats why im mad at myself. every time she talks i feel like there's a scheme or sinister motive making me question whether i should trust her or what shes presenting.

  47. DeepSouthLass says:

    I've always been able to detect chemical changes in other peoples bodies. I'm more accurate with women than men though. I'm pretty close about most things, my ability to be able to detect pregnancy even before a blood test can is at 100%. It's strange to people I don't know if they catch me sniffing around them, my friends enjoy my little quirk though lol.

  48. Zetr0 Space says:

    A fascinating study, such a shame that there are a lot of posters completely missing the point of it.  I would like to see this study opened up to more groupings and even couples.  The latter to see if being in a monogamous relationship effects the bodies absorption or interpretation of pheromones.

    Thanks Tera and DNews =)

  49. Obama's secret son says:

    Yes is the answer… Some girls I kiss and have sex with smell funny all the time.

  50. Leith Marshman says:

    I have no cognitive control over where I put my penis, fucking bollocks, do what you wanna do but being gay or straight is as much a choice as anything else, your privates don't magnetize themselves to another beings privates do they? You choose what you do with them!

  51. Mikhail Dreygon says:

    whoa whoa. science fail. the study (from the description) showed that people WITH already predefined sexual preference are capable of interpreting these pheromones according to their sexual preference. Thus sexual preference is more a choice not less, because a hetero-guy can't interpret the scent unless he's chosen to be hetero. Unless ya'll forgot to read something the study you have presented showed unless you have a premeditated sexual preference the pheromones don't work.

  52. rodrigokita says:

    Sexual preferences? Seriously?! They should have Laci review ANYTHING sex-related before releasing it…

  53. give up says:

    tara pheromones are having a strong influence in my body

  54. Anna Briley says:

    So homosexual men are attracted to men the same way that women are, but homosexual women are not attracted to women the same way that men are? Why are they different?

  55. Doctor Turdmidget says:

    I'm attracted to buttsex. You can totally smell that.

  56. Joshua Moldoff says:

    Phil Defranco sent me here to watch your video ! A great video it is ! 

  57. SuperBellyflop says:

    very true. i dated this girl who, whenever i was close to her i got turned on like you wouldn't believe. i mean she wasnt like some rocking body, she was a kinda small somewhat squishy Asian girl. but my god sitting in enclosed spaces with her was hazardous to my health. it didnt help that she was a total tease too

  58. ForeverEpicness says:

    interesting study, but has nothing to do with choice of sexuality or giving less ammo to sexuality being a choice as her analysis does not consider any of the psychological effects that factor into what senses can and cannot perceive.  if you remove the human brain from existence then her analysis is valid.  Then again i suppose many people go to great lengths to not use their brain when choosing who they are attracted to. 

  59. TallyBeanieBear says:

    How do I know if I was born with it?

  60. dragosh541 says:

    what does this ugly man in the video trying to say?

  61. BillyJoe1305 says:

    Wait, so does this mean Gaydar is real?

  62. Skroot says:

    I searched for "quantum" on DNews channel, and got this result among others. 😛

  63. Katarina Bergqwist says:

    What about bisexuals and pansexuals?

  64. Elon Musketeer says:

    Conclusion: Lesbians are immune to pheromones.

  65. koZmo .seVen says:

    Not to be creepy or anything, but is this why the cute girls who work out at my gym always smell so good? They're as drenched in sweat as us guys, but some of them smell amazing to me.

  66. SrmthfgRockLee says:

    Um I'd like to share that I think playing music in the background isn't good while explaining science stuff, the human brain can start paying attention to the music instead of what information is presented which can result in leaving the information being said with a lack of attention by the viewer. I usually listen to like 5-10 musics @ the same time while playing, meditating.. as long as I'm not playing some laggy game because then I have to lower them to like 2-4.. League of Legends is much laggier than Warcraft 3 even though Wc3 is much harder/more fun to play yet requires less pace. My point is when I watch interesting films, series… or in this case a science video, the information should be payed attention to, not listen to it carelessly like music. my Winamp and windows media player are on 1% volume while video on higher and music can actually help memorise/help you hear better and more and multiply it more but I believe the individual should make this choice(for music) himself. So like, there shouldn't be much distractions… I think the music in the background is a mistake here… THOUGH IM ALL ABOUT MUSIC & STuff, and well… this way you can accept it as a challenge, train your attention/multitasking and stuff. Though it's bad if it comes from different sources like some1 else talking irl and you watch video meanwhile your ear can hurt a bit switching from listening to one source to another.. especially when both are sounding at the same time, same for eyes if your screen is not LED.. but those square ones, you see the light on the screen if you have a light lighted up in your room and especially if it's dark like if you have no windows or if it's night, your eyes might hurt a bit switching from one light to another and you wouldn't want to look at the light in your room if you're playing a game(P.S. whether Led Screens are better or not I'd like to point out that from my experiences it's kinda bad/very bad to not have a light up while using a Led Screen in a dark room… it's ok during the day, I had a friend make some specific options specifically for this LED because something was either wrong or my eyes were not used to it, or both… I couldn't stay like more than 2-4 hours on it, eyes started to itch.. maybe hurt/annoy me, yet on the other one I stay like 10+hours a day.. I sport 24/7 since 2010+ .. running 10km+ a day, marathons, sit-ups push-ups gymnastics.. and sometimes swimming so don't ya dare call me no-life guy without a hobby or whatever ).

  67. Hope Davis says:

    I wonder what would happen to pansexuals

  68. ohmygollywow says:

    2:11 I think it was skewed due to having a purely homosexual category, whereas homosexual women and bi-sexual women were grouped together.

  69. Rien Jen says:

    I wish men wouldn't hose themselves down with cologne–it masks their natural scent.  A little is okay but when you're leaving a trail of cologne stink behind…yikes (and yes, I'm sure women can do this, too).

  70. Ashley Holley says:

    Is anyone attracted to strange smells, such as gasoline, wood, or like objects or general smells someone might smell with a certain career? As example: if your husband or wife works in a auto garage with tires and oil, do you become attracted to the smell of the occupation?

  71. T Newberry says:

    I know this video is old, but I've noticed that I absolutely hate the smell of a small percentage of women. Most women I've dated I have no problem with there smell, but two girls I considered dating smelled horrible, and it wasn't that they were dirty, they could be fresh out of the shower, but their smell was absolutely disgusting to me.  I always assumed this was a pheromone thing but my friends never smelled what I smelled and after watching this video I'm really not sure.  Any one have any ideas what I smelled? Is this common?

  72. UnitedPebbles says:

    The pussy are full with fatty deposit btw in opposite to the muscular dick. So the penetration actions worked these specialized cells, which under goes metabolism, and of course give secretion and excretion.(more likely excretion, gaseous form)
    So woman will give off the smell of fat cells metabolism vs men muscle cells.

  73. Angela says:

    stereotypical gays act feminine , is this some type of genetic fault?

  74. Ken Upton says:

    when I smell a guys cologne I want to smell it all day long and when I smell a girls perfume I want to think of it all day long but not smell it

  75. Zikki Toulouras says:


  76. member 268159 says:

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  77. Robert Peters says:

    so its an actual sexuality test?

  78. Dylan Todd says:

    Is that how gay guys and gals are attracted to the same sex? Or at least a contributing factor?

  79. Dylan Todd says:

    Then there is the Sexual Preference factor.

  80. Kris Silveira says:

    This is amazing – best way to learn how to present a paper !!
    great way to summarise their results !
    #learning more

  81. cammandoookhalsha skyblue captain nephew says:


  82. Sebastián Rimbaud says:

    this has nothing to do with pheromones, humans DONT HAVE PHEROMONES

  83. Lord Nox says:

    "The boys feromone level indicates he wants to mate with the female" – Ratchet

  84. Arya Pourtabatabaie says:

    So people can now just "test" their sexuality and not hang in the "questioning" limbo?

  85. Yeferson Herrera says:

    Hahaha she killed me when she said "perverts " lol.

  86. Sirius White says:

    thanks for your video. I'm a heterosexual male. I think I give off a pheromone that attracts men and repels women. It's a nightmare.

  87. Dora Wang says:

    I think it's true. My husband smell good to me, normally I hate all BO, including from my son. So I make sure my son wash himself with soap every day, twice if it's summer time.

  88. Elmina Holcomb says:

    What about bisexuals?

  89. TillTheLightTakesUs says:

    You may have unintentionally debunked homosexuality as a thing. Whoa.

  90. Mysterious Phantom says:

    No, we don't produce pheromones. And yes dating is impossible. Money talks.

  91. Mysterious Phantom says:

    And also don't go on dating sites.

  92. biggo meat says:

    I love smelling women

  93. 🌍 Mister No says:

    Leave it to woman and she'll find a way to sound condescending just about anything.

  94. Jace Cavacini says:

    “But not in the way you think, perverts!” Well, gee, that’s not sex positive at all.

  95. Aimie says:

    Farrah moan


    Why do the sexers do smells bad in room what the reasons tell me the reasons of bad smells bout their sex smells why they smells very bad😡

  97. Salem Ayari says:

    Sex smells like trash with chicken

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