Can You Beat Borderlands 3 With ONLY Fl4k’s Pets?

Gamer’s all around the globe want two
things, and two things are hot dog water g fuel and to be the best that there
ever was. That’s why today I’m taking matters into my own hands
with all the nerfs coming to Borderlands 3 I’m about to show you the only viable
build option that will be left for anyone to run today we will be playing
glorified Pokemon but with death and in first person and the presence of Ellie’s
sweet voluptuous in celebration of Pokemon silver and gold coming out next
month join along as we answer a question no sane person has ever asked can you be
borderland suri with only flax pets the reason why no one has ever asked this
question before is because doing so would be equivalent to overdosing on
gushers and mocha FRAP at 80 lattes those Pokemon roleplay fantasies must
come to fruition if we even want to see this run be remotely possible as we all
know flax pets deal about as much damage as a used condom though before we dive
into this glorified let’s play let’s discuss the rules gentle boys rule 1 no
guns grenades shield damage your vehicle damage must be dealt to my enemies only
my pokemons can attack them I will allow for flax raccattack to be used this run
as well as his pokemons sword and shield ina maxing ability rule 2 in correlation
to rule 1 I will have to use my vehicle to kill enemies and for a certain boss
to help proceed with the story those will be the only exceptions I myself
can’t kill anyone with anything other than raccattack rule 3 buckle your seat
belts and prepare those but chicks boys I want all of you to whip out your
Gameboy Advance SP s and throw that sweet sweet borderlands 3 cartridge in
if you were poor like I was and could only afford a gameboy advance which
basically meant you could only play in the Sun and and your friends made fun of
you and they called you a loser for cut damnit
crying emoji tag along as we tackle this challenge take on the pokemon league and
capture this grain gentlemen for this challenge it’s quite obvious which vault
hunter were going to pick but just in case you didn’t listen or weren’t paying
attention we will be running Amara I named Amara after the same guy that
invented the krabby patty formula and Kim Possible theme song and set off with
claptrap to assault a stronghold after watching our robotic friend gets super
sucked by the insane clown posse I used the guns he gave me to say hi and
give a friendly greeting to all of my newfound friends I got to my first gym
battle and I was a little sad face emoji at the fact that I couldn’t use my pets
for this one as I wasn’t level 2 yet but with the power of God and anime on my
side Shiv was dead and I was now a pokemon trainer
forged in the fires of Randy Pitchford zas cheeks the jabber my starter Pokemon
was brought to fruition I will be using this little beefcake for a majority of
this run using old PewDiePie memes for his main source of damage is glorious
and I expect nothing else but loyalty and ass clap itch from such a chat I
followed Lilith to mouthpieces office and surprisingly it turns out mouthpiece
has a good taste in animes much but to the eye of a trained professional like
me this weapon being a pokemon trainer so far felt great seeing those barrels
lobbed into a group of enemies gave ordering furry suits and strange hentai
from the slums of Asia a run for its money not only was watching his crusade
enjoyable but I had to admire that dude’s skills his aim was equivalent if
not better to most of the faze clan members and T foo the fortune knight god
shivers and butt cracks at just the thought of my pokemons accuracy in due
time and a couple of RAC attacks later the enemies perished and I met with
Vaughn I tried making my Pokemon let him down but it wasn’t possible so I had to
use Rack Attack after returning Captain Underpants to his babysitter I was told
to go find Ellie normally I would let her presence distract me but I only had
one thing on my mind the clap and booty blast a couple more banded ass chicks
because that shit was addicting now that catcher ride was up and running
I had a question on my mind can I get claptrap his nipple hat the
answer to that question was no my efforts were unfortunately futile my
purpose on this godforsaken planet was now diminished but I wasn’t going to let
this stand in the way of my jabber and I because our
big game is on point baby whoa after a few side quests and bonding it
was time to assault the children of cringe but before I could do that I
forgot something incredibly imperative to the success of our Pokemon journey
I forgot that I could name my pokemons I named him after a man that assisted
Abraham Lincoln while he was in office and it was time for Ben and I to collab
on some children of cringe mudflaps but before we can continue on with our
holy crusade let’s discuss the plan this run boys operation playing borderlands
while eating sausages raw when I’m supposed to be doing my homework is now
in full effect training for this challenge this run wasn’t easy
I had to absorb as much pokemons content as I possibly could to be sure I was
ready for such a feat then the jabber was going to be my main Pokemon and my
racks were going to be my side damage the blue tree was imperative as that
tree was basically the Turnpike for Ben to reach booty blasting bill after that
investing in the red tree for my racks to become full-on butt plugs wasn’t too
bad of an idea also although Rack Attack would be my main ultimate I will at
times Dynomax Ben for some extra DPS each Pokemon Jim will need to be taken
care of before I could reach the Elite Four hey guys and in hindsight future
Samantha wish she didn’t do this challenge because it was horrifying we
got a long road ahead of us boys so make sure your Game Boy SP chargers are
plugged in and ready for this journey with a rack attack and a flurry of
radiated Beryl Ben and I took on the world but after taking out the trash it
was time to enter the salty splatoon inside mouthpieces compound wasn’t any
different I threw out a couple racks been through a couple barrels and it was
now time for our first Pokemon gym battle hey guys Moxie’s right 1033 here oh you need my ass with a spoon you damn
it this was where my complications first started to arise then was doing a decent
bit of damage and my rack cooled down was meth but the problem was that if I
was downed I needed to rely on Ben to kill an enemy for a second wind and
relying on him is like relying on your dad to come home from his trip to the
corner store the perfect balance of commanding and just destroying that
space bar was needed eventually after getting a technique down which by the
way you can watch each and every boss fight with a link in the description Ben
was able to take out mouthpiece and I felt like a proud father it was going to
take some time but I was confident that this run was going to be a banger with
vault key piece in hand we got tannaz to charge that bitch was forced into
vehicular manslaughter for the sake of the main story and stole an ab chip from
SpaceX with Ben Lilith got her siren power stolen but that’s okay because
it’s not like she was useful for anything besides making bad decisions we
were now in space and it was time to head to Promethea even though Team
Rocket was already harbored there you could bet your sweet nipples that Ben
and I were heading down there to take care of some business Ben showed a few
rats a taste of pain and suffering and I discovered an interesting technique for
a future run even if there are enemies around if you engages the Lorelei
cutscene the enemies will disappear freeing you from their nuisance Lorelei
the leader of the Thundercats informed me about Reese and we made on our way we
pushed forward through the courtyards and this was where I realized my faith
this was how most of this run would turn out to be I would be sitting in a corner
like a little baby man in between Rack Attack cooldowns and then out on the
battlefield taking all the enemies to flavortown I was actually okay with this
fate because early on in this run Ben seemed to be juicing assholes left and
right and I enjoyed the carry for once after he got his eight Penta kill and
clearing out the area we got to restrung fork I mean he was pretty cool but
unfortunately his moustache had a better personality than him because he wasn’t
voiced by Troy Baker anymore we needed to find an atlas operative but before we
could do that it was time for a few side quests my favorite things ever if you
haven’t kept up with the anime recently in the last episode I made a promise to
never trash side-quests again could I take back everything I said about side
and for my 100k subscribers special I’ll be doing a 24-hour let’s play stream of
me doing just side quests and talking about my fortnight kDa after realizing
what a genuine guy the coffee bot was it was time to get to work on finding this
operative on our journey to find this man I saw poor Ben throw a barrel at
himself instead of the actual enemies I’m not sure if he’s a masochist or just
has poopoo brain but I still love him we found mr. 305 and God damn this shit was
amazing this cutscene literally always has worse frames than Goldeneye for the
Nintendo 64 with zero now by our side I don’t even need to commentate on how
this shit turned out you know what we’re capable of and our dick game was at
level 100 during this time I was also fortunate enough to discover a decent
combo send out as many racks as you possibly can and switch to Dyna maxing
then for the highest DPS possible throw that technique in a blender with a bit
of hiding in a corner waiting for cooldowns and a pinch of not being funny
at all and hot damn look at that baby we got a little bitch smoothie but
chicks were slammed hearts were broken but we couldn’t stop there because
Category fucked up and he was coming for our runescape accounts so that meant
that the next gym leader was on the hit list the tussle with Giga Chad was
already planned in my head so I wasn’t even worried has been focused on Big
Brain I would focus on the trash mobs with my Rack Attack no full restore was
needed for this boss and disclaimer I will say now that I did have a moment
where I nearly shit myself during this boss fight yeah Ben don’t do this to me
please please Ben oh my god where’s my dialysis
machine please just been kill yeah oh my god yes Ben you’re getting a baby with
Giga Chad now turned into a Steve Harvey fleshlight I stuck him in Teresa’s
computer and found out where the next vault key was Athena’s was next and I
was more than ready for this migraine Ben and I literally got our meats
destroyed just attempting to get to Maya after getting the Sith Lord Maya she
gave me a sense ooh beam to rejuvenate from all the ass pattycake we just got
and we got to work returning the favor the next gym leader was general taint I
wanted the diplomatic approach on this one because every run of mine dealing
with him has been nearly impossible but Ben wanted otherwise after trying a
couple of times I realized that Rack Attack was going to be absolutely
useless so I was going to have to rely on Bend
this entire fight thanks to my tactical planning a bit
i perfectly displayed a true set of skills and perseverance beautifully and
wonderfully executed like a Russian ballerina I commanded been to victory
the next vault key piece was now in my hand it was time to help Reese with
categor then informed me of someone that was on
his hit list someone that really grinded his gears because he used to smash his
current crush moxie then I want you to end that minecraft youtubers career with
Ben’s conscience now cleared it was time to get back to the matter at hand
the pre-sequel took a good bit of time and waiting for Ben to pop all the
baddies was torturous but I enjoyed seeing him send the enemies into the
Kerbal space program we got to cut a gallows butt plug and I wasn’t sure that
I was ready for this fight I was worried about him using a full restore like he
did in the last video but fortunately due to our constant shooting and
damaging him he didn’t I watched my boy Ben kill that thing and it was
absolutely glorious he was growing up and I couldn’t believe it I felt like a
proud father I mean yeah obviously this was only done due to my universe brain
commanding skills but watching him fight admirably was still beautiful it was now
time to go hunt down categor this was going to be simple get in and
get out type of quest boys if you watched my other videos you would know
exactly how good I am at doing these things dying is not an option and we
only have one shot I could promise you that no dying was involved in my Pokemon
obeyed every single command that I told him while I was showing the next gym
leader how to do the cooking by the book I realized that we hit that dude like a
truck Ben and I were spit roasting him like the 19:27 spit roasting
national-championship just looking at this dude resulted in him losing 25% of
his health and then of course as always I got unlucky but that didn’t stop Ben and I from
coming back and having a spongebob knee-slapping competition on his carcass
my ax Ben and I got to the children of cringe stronghold and it was time for a
true display of epic gamer moments kill with them by my side I wouldn’t ask for
nothing less from such a great team we eventually got to the vault Guardians
and beat them all in a game of Dance Dance Revolution which in turn gave us
access to the ram-paige the ram-paige er was difficult but my Ben and I made a
valiant effort we showed that dude our 8th grade report cards which in turn
lowered his defense stat and then I proceeded to command Ben to use tackle
I almost died and lost my shit after doing this fight for 23 minutes but good
thing we had Maya pre-book form of course in the fight so that she could
revive me you know I didn’t realize this before but Ben has a vault beast fetish
because that boy ate the fuck out of that rampages ass testosterone seething
from every orifice the RAM pager was dead and bla bla bla Maya turned into a
legendary class mods laughs guys please laughs guys that was guys please also uh
I have no idea what the heck this revolver was doing but this man was
really trying to get the fuck out of there Ben and I were now ready for Eden
6 after some much-needed Eden 6 planetary and geographic research I was
more than ready to take on whatever it was to come my way on this feral planet
I met with Wainwright and went straight in on the action Ben and I pushed
forward to find our main man Master Chief aka Marcus from Gears of War
aka my dad and it was nice not doing work for once I watched as a collab Dan
showed me how it was done the synergy between those two was unmatched
I pushed forward and met with not so tiny Tina got her bombs ready and it was
time for the prison warden this shit was 1,000% going to be the biggest goddamn
nightmare I have ever dealt with Ben and I couldn’t deal enough damage to stop
him from evolving so that warden literally hit Super Saiyan God Super
Saiyan aka Super Saiyan blue and then proceeded to suck our farts through an
aluminum straw because you know he’s environmentally friendly this fight was
monotonous and just this fight was poopy okay what else can
I say this fight was just straight-up dogshit my racks pulled in clutch I
released hammer lock and then it was time to hit up the Jacobs Manor I
enjoyed watching Ben play baseball and we proceeded through that manner with
ease my raksin Ben made it easy to take out Billy The Anointed for once and I
was feeling pretty damn good with mixtape now in hand I returned it back
to Wainwright and we jammed to that bad boy
poppy gamer Locke had a fire verse on that track and we went down to hunt down
ice-t his crown jewel I used the runescape super strength potion with a
baguette to muster up the strength to kill this dinosaur and I found ice-t
deep inside of the poor beast Ben ice-t and I proceeded through the down ship
giving the creatures that rested inside their birthday presents which newsflash
just in case you’re potentially legally blind or listening to this while you
drive hopefully not at the same time though we were giving them the gift of
death all those creatures are now dead we got to Genevieve and I actually died
during our first tussle after though Ben and Bey Lex did some sort of Dragon Ball
Z fusion and sent her back into the torrent she came from next I was given
the rogue site by clay to hunt down Archimedes aka mini Thanos I used Rack
Attack to get all the wall crit spots and made
sure that the fire button was unbind it so I didn’t accidentally shoot in due
time we made it to mini Thanos Ben and I turned that boy into a Pizza Hut pizon
and now we had the final vault key piece the thought of fighting grave Ward using
just benna’s damage was starting to haunt me but I will have to deal with my
problems one at a time like how though did clay literally just teleportation
jutsu across the map irelia was next on our hit list
unfortunately this gym battle wasn’t too bad she clapped me up pretty good and it
was annoying getting tossed around but due to Ben’s consistency and respecting
women he was able to dwindle her health down with every compliment he wrote in
her twitch chat his white knighting seemed to work she died and now it was
time for the next Elite Four member grave ward I wish I could have told you
that this one well but holy shit it really didn’t it took me 43 goddamn
minutes just to kill grave Ward himself my Rack Attack barely seemed to ever
work and all the damage had to be done by Ben which unfortunately didn’t work
out because I guess that dude was in heat every time I told him to focus
grave Ward he would do anything but that after 43 God forsaken minutes grave Ward
was dead Alito was kidnapped by the
twins and it was time to rescue her Ben and I went through the Bandit festival
asking those dudes about their fidget spanners and hot dog buns eventually we
found out that Carnivora was actually a fling tank and we tried getting it open
unfortunately after many failed attempts I decided I must resort to my tactical
barrel throwing attachment I’m sorry I had to resort to this method but it was
necessary to proceed I’m technically not killing anyone just destroying barrels I
even made sure to kill the bandit reinforcement with my racks and Ben but
if you are unhappy with this then screw you and I’m telling your mom you have
crusty socks under your bed the agonizer 9000 was next and this
fucker was going to get it for stealing my Code Lyoko looking head ass friend
this fight was also when I realized that Ben couldn’t hit crit spots fortunately
this fight only took me 30 minutes compared to the 43 of the last fight and
after a couple of sick revive clutches we were able to pull out with that W
with Aelita saved one of the cringe twins did something important to Pandora
which what that was I’m I don’t really know but I know that it was something
bad the assault on the cringe stronghold began fortunately due to my level the
game was getting a bit easier then popped up off doing what he did best and
my racks destroyed a few relationships with the awful words they spoke Austin
Powers sweaty armpit was an excellent forum member that needed to be taken
care of Troy got collapsed by my racks and although I got a little cocky and
gave up on humanity for a quick second I finished off the fight and that meant
that there was only one final elite 4 member I stormed necro DeFeo and met
with the first vault hunter Danny DeVito making my way to the vault I was braced
with the typical Borderlands move a bridge getting destroyed when I needed
to get across that bridge after performing a reach around it was time
for the last elite 4 member this fight actually pissed me the fuck off it was
basically all RNG seeing how many times I could hit my spacebar avoiding all
incoming damage Ben did virtually nothing and basically healed the dude
giving him a massage and it was all up to my racks now that taint was dead it
was time for the champion of the Elite Four I did a bit of prayer in the
chamber that Danny DeVito clapped all those cheeks – and conceived the cringe
twins and then it was time for tiring this battle I was going to need
everything I had which was basically nothing because that was all I had my
racks were the MVP and I found out in the middle of this battle that I
couldn’t hit her crit spot which prolonged the fight but with just a bit
of jumping around spamming my action skill it took around
25 minutes and there it was we did it Ben and I are now the champions of the
pokemon league this run took me around 32 hours and I hope you took notes boys
because with the influx of nurse this will be the only way to play borderlands
3 the support recently has been absolutely astounding I seriously love
you all if you guys like what I do here pokemon battle that like button and if
you want to see more of my aides be sure to cuddle and caress that sub button
follow me on my social is if you haven’t already and embraces beauty as my
discord nicing the drake and josh theme song

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    WE ARE NEARING 100K. Are you lads mad? Ask yourselves that? Thank you so much for supporting me and I can't stress to you all enough, thank you so damn much for taking time out of your day to watch these videos. Sorry they have progressively gotten longer. Just BL3 is a massive game and it's hard shortening things up. Think about it this way, if you are caught one day with sphinctal napalm and are on the toilet for hours on end, At least a few of my videos can help and pass the time ❤

    A few things Gentlebois: I hope you enjoyed the video, as this one has been suggested by many of you cuties 🙂 Also Im sorry for the fallout video, that will be out next week. I just had a few problems and needed to jump shit as I would have to start the whole run over.

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    Operation "My mom found my dented lube bottle and used it to clean her car"

  95. THEGAM1NGP1ZZA lohan smit says:

    "if u want to see more of my aids "
    this guy is funny af🤣😂😂😰

  96. Dean Summers says:

    It's pretty f**** stupid you can only get a pet under one class… Ex look at Warframe it doesn't matter which Warframe you main you get a pet. It's not like a pet is a major combat skill it's a pet.. you can use to revive you and to help you in combat it's nothing overpowered.. it's like having another player with you how is that needed to be only class exclusive. this idea is more worse than not having double jump in a game where most of the challenges requires you to jump on puzzle encounters in great leaps.
    can you not realize how fun Borderlands 3 would be if everyone could have a pet that you take care of on your ship that you unlock abilities and skills for your pet etc the possibilities for this idea is endless. Gearbox can make massive microtransactions from this idea.

  97. Wigglytuff Gaming says:

    Jokes on you, i had the bendy light attachment for the Gameboy advance.

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