Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas With Only A Silenced .22 Pistol?

Without any DLC installed, you can get a few
firearms at the beginning of Fallout New Vegas. Most of them are pretty par for course as
far as beginning-game weapons go. But there’s also a weapon that has some
of the worst stats of any firearm in the game. Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas With Only A
Silenced .22 Pistol? The point of this run is to beat New Vegas
by only damaging friends and foes with the Silenced .22 Pistol. Because you avoid quite a bit of conflict
by dumping points into Speech, I’m not going to bother with that skill. I put 10 SPECIAL points into Intelligence,
Agility, and Luck, put 7 into Perception, stole a lot of Doc Mitchell’s house, did
a quick interview, chose Guns, Medicine, and Sneak as my Tag Skills, looked at a few ink
blots, picked Trigger Discipline and Wild Wasteland as my Traits, and left Mitchy’s
house to explore to Mojave Wasteland. Unlike something like a Rolling Pin, the .22
Pistol is readily available from Goodspring’s General Store. Chet had the Pistol itself, 100 standard rounds,
and 11 hollow points; more than enough to last until I find a new vendor. I sold what I could except for the 10mm Pistol
and Caravan Shotgun that come from the DLC because I felt selling them would give me
too many caps early on, so I dropped threw them on the ground, picked up my weapon, got
the Varmint Rifle from Sunny Smiles to sell later, and let my adventure begin. Back in the Prospector Saloon, I killed Trudy
and Joe Cobb, went outside to kill Easy Pete and a Settler who happened to be passing by,
I killed another Settler who was tending to his crops, killed Ringo inside the Gas Station,
returned to Doc Mitchell’s house to kill him and continue ransacking his house, killed
a few cows, killed Cheyenne and Sunny Smiles inside the Prospector Saloon, sold to Chet
what I’d picked up from the corpses, left Chet alive and alone in Goodsprings, and was
off to Primm. Before I’d even left Goodsprings I proved
myself to be quite capable with the .22 Pistol by killing a puppy on a far off mountain. On the way to Primm, I killed two Powder Gangers
behind Jean Sky Diving, killed two more and left them to rot in each others arms, got
a sneak peak of Warner Brother’s upcoming Godzilla vs Kong movie, and was near Primm. I had decided not too long ago that I’d
be siding with the NCR. But they’ll forgive all the crimes you committed
before dealing with Benny in the Tops, so I killed a Trooper so that I’d be able to
disguise myself as an NCR soldier later on. Then I killed another because I couldn’t
have low quality. I’m a princess, after all. I defiled the dead bodies in the Sheriff’s
house to steal his Cowboy Repeater and entered the Vikki and Vance Casino. Johnson Nash had some .22LR (Long Rifle) ammo,
but not nearly as much as I was hoping he’d have. The citizens of Primm are lucky that I’m
the kind of person who does the right thing without needing a reward. I walked through the doors of the Bison Steve
Hotel and let my slaughter begin. Slowly but surely, the Convicts inside died
to my shitty little pee-shooter. Now’s a good time to mention that the .22
Pistol isn’t entirely useless if you can’t get a sneak bonus. The .22 Pistol does 9 damage per shot, but
it has a higher chance to land critical shots than most other firearms. Critical shots do 3x damage. A successful sneak attack guarantees a critical
hit while also doing 2x damage, so you’re effectively dealing 6x damage with a successful
sneak attack. The Guns skill also has a role to play. At 100, the Guns skill doubles the amount
of damage you deal with guns. At 0, the Guns skill gives no quote unquote
“bonus” to damage. Suffice it to say, the .22 Pistol can be a
solid weapon provided you build your character around the Guns and Sneak skill. You might be wondering why I’m doing this
playthrough if the gun isn’t completely shit. The simple answer is that I’m doing it because
quite a few people suggested it. Back to the game, I’d finally killed all
the Convicts and could rescue Deputy Beagle. Remember when I said I’m the kind of person
who does the right thing? That was a lie. I executed Beagle, chopped up his body as
a message to anyone who enters the hotel, stole his diary, left the convict leader straddling
the Brahmin spit-roast, and returned to the Vikki and Vance Casino to kill Johnson Nash,
his wife, and their friends. In my new world, not having enough ammo for
sale is a crime punishable by death. I left Primm in shambles and continued my
mission of serving up justice to all wrong-doers of the Mojave Wasteland. I started with Nipton because the Legion are
there, and because passing through Nipton before reaching Mojave Outpost is an easy
way to complete a side quest. I parkoured my way up onto a roof, channeled
my inner Malvo, and one by one all the Legion soldiers and their stupid pets fell before
me. All except for Vulpes because he’s a pussy. I had to approach the building before I could
stealthily end him. I was going to let Oliver Swanick live, but
that bitch gave me the finger. So I killed him, cut off his head, arms, and
legs, and left his body on display on the road into Nipton. After getting ambushed by the Jackal Gang’s
Leader, I avoided the other Jackals by passing through a desert on my way to Mojave Outpost. A Traveling Merchant surprised me and had
some .22 ammo. I arrived at Mojave Outpost, completed the
Keep Your Eyes On The Prize quest, sold some stuff to Lacey, and killed Cass. Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything weird
with her body. I left her strewn over the bar, just as she
would have wanted. My next stop was Novac to hopefully get more
ammo before heading to Boulder City. I guess I somehow upset a herd of Bighorners
by killing some of the kids in the herd, because they fucked me all the way down the mountain. Luckily, inconveniently placed rocks are the
natural enemy of Bighorners, so I used that rock as my get out of jail free card, escaped
the herd, killed one more Bighorner that was alone was a last “fuck you” to the herd,
passed through Wolfhorn Ranch, exploded a bird, and met up with a few more Merchants. None of them had anything interesting on them. Unfortunately for them, there’s still some
justice to be served. I’ve been watching Game of Thrones, and
in that show there’s a say that’s something along the lines of “All Merchants must die”. I’ve made it my personal mission to kill
all Traveling Merchants I see. The sad part is their Pack Brahmin will stop
and stay by their owners side, forever waiting for their companion to wake up so they can
travel onwards. A group of Legionaries got into a scuffle
with the other Merchants before I could kill them. Don’t worry, they’ll pay for that later. I put all the bodies into a heap on the road,
stripped them naked, showed that we’re all the same when we’re dead, and started performing
some sacred Michigan rituals. A few NCR troopers passed by mid-ritual. I’d have killed them too, but one of the
Brahmin was watching and I didn’t want to traumatize the poor beast. After passing through a Viper encampment,
I arrived in Novac, rented a room, and spoke to Cliff Briscoe. He didn’t have any .22 ammo, because why
would he. I went up to meet Manny, but he’d been eaten
by the Dinosaur. I absolutely didn’t kill him and position
his body to make it look like a rogue dinosaur attack. I’m not that clever. I killed Dr Ada Strauss and the two Mercenaries
accompanying her, went back to Goodsprings to buy more ammo from Chet, and started making
my way to Boulder City. I stopped by Gibson’s Scrap Yard, hoping
to buy some ammo, but was attacked by her stupid fucking dogs for some reason. I love dogs, but they had to die. Also I just want to point out that Colmillo’s
eyes were out of his head and it really freaked me out. As I continued towards Boulder City, Lieutenant
Haggerty saw through my disguise and attacked me on-site, so I killed her and now I’m
Lieutenant Haggerty. I killed Ignacio Rivas and positioned his
body in a way that anyone who came in would think his death was an accident. Like he had a dream so scary that his head
exploded. Back on the road, I killed the Lonesome Drifter
and stole his guitar. Then killed another Merchant and saw another
sad Brahmin. After arriving in Boulder City, I killed Private
Kowalski and splattered his brains all over the memorial he was crying about, spoke to
Lieutenant Monroe, and agreed to enter the city and deal with the Great Khans. But the best offense is a good defense, which
is why I killed all the NCR Troopers inside. Before dealing with the Great Khans, I killed
Lieutenant Monroe. The Great Khans were surprised that I sided
with them, but little did they know that I have a vendetta against anyone who isn’t
me, so I sneak-killed them as well. I also killed the NCR hostages inside. This is all just hearsay, though. Everyone in Boulder City is dead. Nobody knows what really happened there. Just outside of Boulder City, I ran into Victor. Because I was low on ammo, I figured I’d
just follow him to the Strip. He saved me once, he’d do it again. And then Victor died. I tried to use his body as a shield against
the mutated camp children inhabiting the lake shore, but it didn’t work all that well. They’ve retained their crybaby instincts
to a surprising degree, because if they can’t hit you, they’ll just scream as loud as
they can. Inching closer to the Strip, I ran into a
Merchant that had a lot more caps than you’d expect. They died all the same, but if nothing else,
they had my respect and their Brahmin had my sympathies. At long last, I finally arrived at the Gun
Runners. The robot vendor had nearly 200 rounds of
.22 ammo, which is quite a bit more than the 12 rounds I had left. Because I’d only be spending my caps on
.22 ammo and Stimpaks, I went ahead and bought a set of Reinforced Combat Armor. Then this freak started sprinting towards
me out of nowhere like he was gonna rob me so of course I defended myself. I stopped by Mick & Ralph’s and bought another
170 rounds of .22 ammo, spent far too long listening to Rotface, killed him, tried to
kill a few kids, and entered the Kings Clubhouse. Somewhere in the Bible Jesus said that thinking
yourself to be cool when you’re not cool is a sin. And I’m on a mission from god to save the
Mojave, which is why I went room to room, killing every last person in the Kings building. You might think that makes me a terrorist,
but I think you should mind your own damn business. I tried to do the same thing at the Silver
Rush, but the Van Buren Boys were substantially harder to kill thanks to their Combat Amor. Despite their advanced weaponry, they low
IQ individuals. They don’t call her Crooked Gloria for nothing. Their heads were not protected, which made
Critical Hits easy to land. And finally, I arrived on the Strip. If you think I’m gonna be diplomatic in
my approach to dealing with Benny, you haven’t been paying attention. Things are about to get a little… murdery. I took my time and killed every person in
the Tops casino, met Yes Man, and confronted Benny. His body dropped like a sack of ground beef. With the Platinum Chip in hand, I knew that
I’d have to decide how to handle a few smaller fractions in the Mojave. And what better group to start with than the
White Glove Society. I’m not gonna waste too much time on those
cannibal fucks. I’ll just say that I killed well over 100
people while I was in there. After all that murder, my poor pistol was
uncomfortably close to passing out from exhaustion. I kept it alive by buying more bullets from
Robo-Vendor to force through its body. I tried buying even more from Mick & Ralph,
but they don’t like me anymore. I paid a visit to the Atomic Wrangler to buy
my way to people liking me again, which ended up being a waste of time since neither Mick
nor Ralph had any ammo for sale. Crimes against humanity must be punished,
so I wasted them both before returning to the Strip to wipe out everyone at Gomorrah. I’ve spent enough time detailing my murder
sprees, so just know that all living creatures inside that casino are now deceased. Both the NCR and Legion have already forgiven
my crimes, but I’ve decided to side with Mr House. To that end, I went into the NCR Embassy,
killed Ambassador Crocker, hid his body on top of a cabinet, and left. I also killed a few of the Troopers at the
end of the Strip, which upset both the other soldiers and the Securitrons. Luckily for me, I had NCR armor, which let
me get inside the Monorail Station, ambush a few soldiers by waiting at the top of the
stairs, ride the Monorail to Camp McCarren, kill Colonel James Hsu, Captain James Hornsby,
Lieutenant Carrie Boyd, Captain Ronald Curtis, and Major Dhatri. With a solid chunk of the NCRs Mojave leadership
down for the count, I could head to the Fort to do the same thing to the Legion. Caesar died after two shots, but I’d been
stripped of all healing items at the entrance of Fortification Hill, which made escaping
a little more difficult than I’d thought it would be. After I’d gotten back to Cottonwood Cove,
I took sanctuary in the Colorado River, went back to the Strip, and finally met Mr House. Robby did his usual song and dance and sent
me back to the hell hole that is the Fort. I had other things to do, so I picked up Veronica
and made my way to the Hidden Bunker. The NCR hates me, which is why the miners
at Sloan attacked me. And Veronica, that vile cunt, she went straight
for Snuffles. Any possibility of a diplomatic solution to
the Brotherhood problem went out the window. I got Veronica to let me into the Bunker,
I executed Elder McNamara, filled Head Paladin Hardin’s chest with lead, put a bullet in
Head Pussy Taggart’s stupid head, generate the self destruct code, killed Veronica, and
left everyone else alive so that they’d die when the bunker destroyed itself. I went back down to look at the good work
I’d done, and thought to myself, you did good, Bob, you did good. I named myself Silent Bob. Don’t think I mentioned that yet. Anyway, I ventured back to The Fort. Being an uninvited guest allowed me to keep
all my Stimpaks. Here’s a fun fact: The Legion can follow
you down into the Securitron Vault. And they certainly made this more challenging
than it needed to be. I had hoped that the robots inside would attack
them, but they didn’t. At one point, I had to spam my Stimpak hot-key
just to keep myself alive as I shoved my way through all the bodies shooting at me. My next task was to deal with the Boomers. On my way there I stopped by Crimson Caravan
Company and may have gotten a little carried away myself. Maybe. It’s hard to say. In Nellis, I continued the tradition of killing
their leaders before deciding to take care of the Great Khans of Red Rock early. In my travels to Red Rock Canyon, I encountered
two wannabe criminals. They were rude to me, so I left their dead
bodies to rot in each others arms. After I blew the heads off their dead bodies. I got revenge on those Bighorners from earlier
by slaughtering their cousins just outside of Red Rock. Not having time for diplomacy, and because
I’m a murderous psychopath, I opted for the “kill everyone” option when deciding
the fate of the Great Khans at Red Rock Canyon. Look at it this way: their years of suffering
are over because there’s nobody alive to suffer anymore. After I did the thing at El Dorado Electrical
Substation, the 2nd Battle of Hoover Dam arrived. I’m gonna jump ahead quite a bit because
I ended up getting myself in a bit of a pickle. I used an assortment of drugs and sneak attacks
to rather quickly kill the Legate. But there are also some Legion soldiers who
must die before you can confront General Oliver. Turns out I didn’t really plan ahead all
that well. Normal .22 rounds are great, hollow points
are not. In fact, they suck. I had 40 hollow points left to kill about
Legionaries. To put into perspective how bad hollow points
are, throwing a damp sponge at them would do more damage. Eventually I figured out that in my current
situation, I would not be able to beat the game. So I pussied out, reloaded a prior save to
before the battle began, bought all the ammo I could, and let the 2nd battle begin for
the 2nd time. This time, even with literally hundreds of
rounds of ammunition, I ignored the soldiers on the path to the Hoover Dam offices, quickly
disposed of those in my way inside the offices, flipped another switch, let the Securitrons
do the heavy lifting on the way to the Legate’s Camp, and killed most of the Legion Soldiers
before confronting the Legate. And by “confronting”, I mean drugging
myself out of my mind and unloading on him with sneak attacks like the sneaky little
gopher god of death I am. After the Legate’s death, I cleaned up a
few other attackers, used quite literally every other drug I had left, spoke to General
Oliver, killed him, quickly swapped to a shotgun to blow the head off his dead body, talked
to Mr House, and beat Fallout New Vegas with only a Silenced .22 Pistol. And that’s gonna do it for this video about
whether or not you can beat Fallout New Vegas with only a Silenced .22 Pistol. If you enjoyed the video or learned anything,
leave a Like. Leave a Dislike if you didn’t enjoy the
video or didn’t learn anything. Join the Mitten Squad Discord through a link
in the video description. Follow me on Twitter @MittenSquad. My name is Paul of Mitten Squad. Have a wonderful day.

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