Cane Corso, German Shepherd and other dogs wearing Glamour Dog Collar

This Leather Dog Collar is adorned with massive brass plates and blunted nickel spikes. Such combination makes your dog look noble and a bit aggressive. The design of the collar expresses the dog’s nature, his brave character and devotion to his owner as well as readiness to protect him in any situation. The collar is made of strong and long-wearing leather, which is soft and flexible at the same time The edges are carefully treated in order to protect your pet’s skin from rubbing and irritation. The collar is wide enough to handle large and active dogs. However, it fits canines of different breeds and sizes. The accessory is equipped with solid brass buckle, wide D-ring for leash attachment and rectangular ring, intended to hold the end of the collar at place. All the metal parts of the collar are secured with rivets to hold forever. The collar is designed to provide your pet with comfort, as well as to spice up his appearance.

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