Captain Crocodile’s Boat Keeps Floating Away! | Cartoon For Kids

Mr. Monkey, monkey mechanic, was weighing a
big shipment of heavy banana crates It’s heavy lifting and Mr. Monkey was having
to work extra hard Oh my, a visitor? Who could it be? It’s Captain Crocodile, and his great big boat Ahoy, Mr. Monkey, said Captain Crocodile Ahoy, Captain What seems to be the trouble? It’s my boat, Mr. Monkey
It never stays where I leave it When I sail out to my favorite swimming spot
and drop anchor, my boat just floats away I’m always having to swim after it Captain Crocodile is a great swimmer but it must be exhausting chasing that boat
all over the bay Mr. Monkey inspects Captain Crocodile’s big boat First, he checks the steering wheel He checks the horn Then he checks the anchor Hmm…this seems like a small anchor
for such a big boat According to Mr. Monkey’s scale, it’s not very heavy Hmm, Mr. Monkey has a big idea So he swings off to his workbench Now let’s see, Captain Crocodile has a great big boat and a very small anchor Anchors are meant to be big and heavy, to keep the boat in place Perhaps the boat needs a bigger heavier anchor One that’s heavy enough to keep the boat
from drifting away Hmm, Mr. Monkey doesn’t have a big heavy anchor but maybe he can make one He’ll need some heavy things and something
big to put them in One of those banana crates should do the trick Now Mr. Monkey just needs to fill it with
heavy things Oh, and of course, Mr. Monkey will also need his trusty monkey wrench! Mr. Monkey has replaced Captain Crocodile’s
anchor with a bigger heavier anchor It’s heavy enough to keep the boat from drifting away But it’s not too heavy for Captain Crocodile to lift You’ve saved my boat, Mr. Monkey And just in time for my afternoon swim What’s this? The boat won’t budge? Well, at least we know the anchor works That was definitely some heavy lifting Now Mr. Monkey deserves a light snack

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16 Responses

  1. cute lolo says:

    Nice I enjoy it please do more never stop Bec its so fun to watch

  2. Keira Fun Playing says:

    very nice cartoon. enjoyed it so much

  3. Daniela Herrera says:

    This is amazing, please never stop these series! My kids look up all weeks to seing them in our lessons <3 you make them immensely happy! A big thank you to all of you who make them possible!

  4. MineChris 2008 says:

    Do mrs cats ambulance next

  5. zaira balbaira says:


  6. Sophia Salinas says:

    Keep up the good work and the amazing videos!!!!💛💛

  7. Silver Balintong says:

    Awseme !!!! 🙂

  8. Rhian Hurley says:

    My daughter is 6 months old and she absolutely loves it! As soon as I turn it on she starts smiling from ear to ear all the way through! I’ve seen the episodes multiple times with her now I’m surprised I don’t dream of it 😂 hoping for more episodes soon! 😀

  9. Robot Croc And Galaxy Whale says:

    With my favorite animal crocodile 🦁🐵🐢🐊

  10. Heather Banda says:

    I lost my teddy bear

  11. Jack Tang says:


  12. Jesus Alejandro Salomon Camacho says:

    This show is so cute💕🐒

  13. Joaquín Coelho says:


  14. Joaquín Coelho says:

    Is mr money

  15. Poonam Mander says:

    thank mama

  16. Super Simple TV - Kids Shows & Cartoons says:

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