Cat Ages and Sizes

So everybody knows that warrior cats has a pretty bad grasp on cat biology But I’m under the impression that they do in fact want to imply that In most ways these are real cats This makes things like walking around a few days after being born and cats dying of old age at five years old mistakes and don’t you dare try to tell me that it’s normal for feral cats to die of old age at five cats don’t have Shorter natural lifespans just because they live outside they have shorter natural lifespans because they get hit by cars Attacked by wild animals and sick and all sorts of other terrible things that can happen If you let your cat outside these are all things that can kill a warrior cat – but the ones who don’t die if someone natural cause are usually living about As long as an actual cat you do have to keep in mind that these are cats living in the forest but (Dont eat the grass honeyfur) They’re cats living in the forest who have magic medicine that pretty much cures everything every single time that they set out to cure someone Actually, I’m pretty sure most of the green cough, yellow cough, and black cough deaths are in between books Did I say yellow cough? that only shows up like once or twice does- ah, never mind Never mind The warrior cats sleep and warm dens and even keep themselves checked for fleas and ticks Somehow they shouldn’t have lifespans that are differing from normal cats Granted realistically if they’re getting ticks all the time every single one of these heckers has little kitty Lyme disease. it’s weird to me when people say cats should retire at ten because this implies to me if we’re being accurate to cats that the Cat will go to the elders done for nearly over a third of its life but that’s also Seemingly how warrior cats has been with cats like gray stripe being an elder for what is now quite a few years or Purdy being An elder in arc – and then living for the better part of three more Hollyleaf’s entire life takes place while Purdy is an elder Then he goes on to live for seemingly three years after that so maybe being an elder and warriors is less like being 70 and more like being 45 which begs the question as to why they act like all their bones are breaking right out of the Warriors den. But whatever We also have a situation where graystripe is only a few moons older than frost for surviving litter of thorn claw Brackenfur brightheart but was made an elder years before with thornclaw who was apprenticed together with his sister remaining outside of it I would argue that maybe becoming an elder or more so not becoming an elder might be a choice But then again, it feels like there’s a lot of things that we just don’t get properly explained in Warrior Cats Like what defines an elder how old are they supposed to be? What kind of accomplishments have they had? Like what makes you old enough to become… Old in Warrior Cats? It’s just not explained It’s a bit of a derailment, but I’m frustrated because there’s so much about warrior cats. That is just kind of Abstract, it’s not something that we can access Even when we have perspectives of people who are like Going to get an apprentice. For example, we don’t really get an explanation as to Why they are getting that apprentice anymore it just everything feels a little arbitrary What I want is for, you know us to know Hey squirrelflight got Foxpaw, because Foxpaw’s handful and squirrelflight was a handful. You know what I mean? I don’t want it to be Completely mysterious as to why every choice was made in the series But this especially goes for elders which more recently have been going to the elders done just in between books Thornclaw’s especially is a total mystery because it’s like did they purposefully leave him out of the elders done? because obviously I’ve been making jokes about that since before they did it, but did they do it on purpose or Did they just forget how old Thornclaw is because they seemed to do this thing Very very frequently where they don’t really imply very much that Brackenfur and brightheart and thornclaw from the same litter I guess on some level. I understand because every single one of his siblings Has had some important part to play or at least is memorable but You’d think that if they did something like this on purpose They would at least have like a throwaway line about it like brashbullstar saying ah yes, I remember when thornclaw refused to go to the elders done and could be like basically all you had to do but Anyways back on topic we’ve also got Apprentices which from a design perspective or actually done well in my opinion their children for six months long enough for them to be nearly fully grown not quite they’re not filled out when they’re actually a little Bit shorter, but large enough that on a physical level. They’re not being left behind by their mentors that said the books are Constantly telling you that apprentices are small not to mention There’s definitely going to be situations in which a cat on the smaller side gets in apprentices larger than them an apprentice isn’t a little baby kitten and it really will come down to genetics how big it is at any given age, but It’s not going to be like a half the size of the mentor situation Not to mention the fact that the cats don’t stop growing when they become apprentices and the apprenticeship lasts quite a few months So by the time it’s over, they would definitely be on par with their mentors in size Correct me if I’m wrong here But I’m under the impression that the months that it takes to become a warrior pretty much changes for every single character Not that weary of cats keeps count because nobody keeps count of anything But how old their kids are I think it’s appropriate to compare a newly apprentice cat to a fourteen year old child still a child Mentally, but large enough physically to be able to spar and train and learn how to be part of their little warrior cat society But keeping in mind the size of real cats can put better perspective on what some elements of warrior cats implies for Example the kittens being Apprentice by brokenstar were very small being only three moons old This is just impossibly wrong because a cat that’s barely half the size of its mentor isn’t ready for that sort of battle training Plus, that kitten that young still very clearly looks like a kitten There’s also Swiftpaw and brightpaw which at the time of his death swiftpaw (RIP swift…) was far Beyond the age where he would have become a warrior and very likely was a fully grown cat Another example is how Queens will imply there isn’t enough room in the nursery. Of course, there’s no room Imagine if there were for nearly you size children trampling around in the infant hole I don’t want to imply be you that cats are at their full limit at six months because Obviously, they’re still kind of lengthy, even if they’re nearly the height they’re going to be at they do fill out after that getting bulkier physically You might be wondering why I’m so into the sizes and ages of cats when I reject ideas of Warrior Cats realism in other areas Well, I counter with this in a fantasy novel about magic humans You still assume that the humans age normally even if some of them have bright red hair or cure diseases with plants most Abnormalities and warrior cats are told to us directly the cats can speak the cats practice religion The cats can do magic the cats can cure wounds the cats can go to heaven This also applies to say cats you have blue eyes that genetically would never be able to have them like crow feather And yes, I know that there are rare cat breeds in which you can breed blue eyes into a cat But those are rare cat breeds and these are cats living outside It’s way more plausible to me that warrior cats just bends through the rules of biology in some areas than to say Oh this cats actually a Persian it was born that way in the middle of the feral wild cat colony Granted I’m not really fond of the idea of applying cat breeds to cats with in warrior cats This is kind of in part because I think that it’s more fun To just mix and match whatever traits you would like on the cat and also because I’m just not really that keen on Purebred cats I feel like there’s a big misunderstanding with cats where people don’t understand that Most of the cats that you see most of the cats that people have they’re not a breed of cat Surely you could call them a domestic Shorthair but my domestic Shorthair is going to be totally different genetically than yours Warrior cats has given us reason to believe that cats can be yellow (hello, rootpaw) But no reason to believe that they have a different life span or growth cycle than a normal cat We know that cats can live outside and survive outside believably and that basic level of believability is what keeps warrior cats afloat while cats can also talk and cleanly amputate limbs with rocks Granted I know rock amputation is where some people jump off the ship and Me saying cats can survive outside should not in any way convince you that you should ever let your cats outside (don’t.) There are some things that blur the line when it comes to ignorance of cat biology and purposeful fantasy For example many cats will be born with their eyes colors ignoring for a second that a kitten doesn’t open their eyes for ten days or so a Kitten will also have dull dark blue eye colors when it’s born and the real color and her eyes won’t develop until a little while Later, but in Warrior Cats the kitten blinks open its eyes and sometimes you can see Oh, it has green eyes or amber and some kittens get named after that color So is it purposeful like cats being blue? Is it a misunderstanding? I’m not sure I know if it were me writing a book about animals I would want to keep most of the biological aspects as accurate as possible and only really deviate in certain aesthetic Areas for the interest of the reader or at the interest of myself as the person writing it So maybe reading things like this as purposeful changes is just better for the health of the reader myself the better for the health of myself Captions by Ocelot & Pepper Bye moonkitti

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100 Responses

  1. vulpes_iridis says:

    @ the cat breeds thing: I feel like people are just familiar with dog breeds and presume that cat breeds operate similarly, when that isn't the case.. Dog breeds vary wildly in size, lifespan, energy level, personality, etcetc, and any member of a given breed should theoretically behave predictably based on that breed. With a dog, knowing breed is important/useful because it can help determine whether that dog is going to be a good fit for you. But with cats, no breed has a significantly different lifespan/size/etc, and personality depends far more on the individual cat than breed (imo anyway; I've owned like 15 cats lol). Cat breeds are almost entirely aesthetic. And most cats are so genetically intermixed that, unlike with dogs, you can't really pull out a specific breed or two they're descended from in the majority of cases. (Domestic shorthair is really just a catchall term for "no discernible breed".) So yeah, if you just want a pet cat there's basically zero reason to seek out a purebred. (I think we should just stop breeding cats entirely considering the number of unwanted ones there are, but I realize this is kind of a hot take lmao.)

  2. ferrelkids says:

    Graystripe is 25

  3. Jules Dahl says:

    Why does thornclaw have such thicc front legs??

  4. AMC * says:

    Moon you said Blackcough instead of Whitecough… 1:00

  5. Jelly Donut says:

    Me hearing tock amputation: what!

  6. Ratyr says:

    When I saw Rootspring, I instantly thought he was a Jolteon

  7. THE Berrby says:

    9:39 I can't read the fine print girl.. My eyes are horrible 😭

  8. PopopamAJ says:

    What if your cats are indoor/outdoor cats and you live in a neighborhood where it's safe for them to roam as they please?

  9. Your moms Pet cicada says:

    I have a 18-20 year old cat who was in the wild for about 16 years. Cough

  10. WarriorCatQween says:

    8:03 lol
    if you want a at…

  11. _Wth_Elle_ says:


  12. Berry says:

    i saw a siamese with blue eyes-
    oh uhm sorry

  13. Breeze says:

    How old is Mistystar


  14. WolflexZ says:

    Do Warriors as leaders of the world
    Do Warriors as Presidents of the United States

  15. Stormie Grace says:

    i'm also very much this way in the realism sense. i feel like i have to know and understand how everything works before i can imagine it (boring, but that's how i've always been). so it's wonderful to see someone else thinks the same way.

    but when it comes to the descriptions of cats in warriors and their unrealistic, purebred standards, i feel like i don't necessarily find it completely unbelievable. after all, the majority of — if not all — purebreds stem from a naturally-occurring mutation. once the founder cat is discovered to have a specific trait, it is then bred to try and get more and more of that desired trait, usually by breeding its offspring back to its parents and grandparents and so on to find the correct combination and expression of traits. after a while, a breed is created. it's bred to other similar (hopefully unrelated) cats to try and broaden the genepool, sure. but a purebred cat does have a lot of repeated genetics in there.

    so (and i know this is all theoretical. warrior cats is a children's book series written by folks that didn't really do their research on cats before sitting down and writing it) taking all this into consideration, and the fact that the Clans treat outsider blood so disdainfully, i believe it is possible for cats to express features that are typically seen in purebred cats, due to the very small genepools found in the wild cats. and interbreeding with outsiders that are (sometimes) kittypets, with their own features that could be purebred, may also cause these cats to express traits and features found in purebreds.

    tl;dr: small genepools lead to more mutations, which can result in blue-eyed cats or doll-face persians. not breed-standard mutations, but enough to stand out to a bunch of wild cats.

  16. the artwoolf says:

    Lets just say the warrior cats are mixed bred cats with mainly maincoon lines mixxing with other breeds overtime

  17. Pokémon Rocks says:

    U should do warrior cats as real life cats breeds, (Graystripe being a mainecoon Firestar being a short hair bc it's a rlly basic breed and ect.) If you read this. Thanks. XD.

  18. Nathan Luciow says:

    I remember in vision of shadows Thornclaw talking angrily about how Darktail and the kin wouldn't take care of the shadowclan elders like Ratscar, which was amusing since Thornclaw was a senior warrior when Ratscar was a kitten and still kept talking like he was younger than him.

  19. Spyder Byte says:

    The oldest cat ever was Creampuff, who lived 38 years, and 3 days, so, Mistystar is fine, and really so is everyone else, and most cats can keep being warriors long after 10, depending on genetics and health conditions

    Also, I purely like picturing certain cats as MOSTLY one breed, and then adding other breeds into the mix, like, I love Bluestar to look like a russian blue, or, say
    Tallstar is an oriental shorthair
    Plus it's funny to think he does the honk meow tbh
    I like to picture Squirrelflight looking something like a Somali cat, or Leopardstar looking like a bengal, but that's purely preference

  20. Silent Breeze says:

    I’d love elders to just be made elders based on performance rather than age even though some are like.. half the age of another elder but becoming elders at the same time. If they can still care for their clan, does it really matter if they’re 20-30 moons old (IF they even live that long)? They’re still useful, just a bit slower.

    Except thunder clan.

    EDIT: I feel that MistyStar is O L D. She’s lived multiple series and I think she’s TOO old, even though she’s useful, she’s become boring now that she’s been here multiple books and even though she’s older than FireStar, she’s still living (unless she died now and I haven’t read it but I doubt it :/ )

  21. Erce says:

    moonkitti just thinks out loud and leaves the mic on and is like “Oh i was recording” and turns it into a video

  22. Flower Kat says:

    Don’t cats usually live up to 25??

  23. Lpsgotpretzels go to Lpspretzelpuppy says:

    If warriors ever remotely mentions an Oriental shorthair I'll just be picturing my cat the entire time

  24. Red wolfie says:

    Write a book

  25. dewtuber says:

    It always bothered me how at least a third of the cats have blue eyes, when it actually should be very uncommon, and how they never mention that all kits are born with blue eyes.

  26. Mcat B. says:

    hey moonkitti- would you ever do a Warrior Cats as Disney characters skit? Like, Mapleshade could be Maleficent for example. Great video by the way

  27. RubyXXX WildCraft says:

    I just got to the part where Twigpaw and Finnpaw go to TunderClam

  28. Plutodragon Is Making Commentary says:

    Moonkitti, make a video about Beetlewhisker and how he’s supposed to be dead but he isn’t.

  29. Lexie Breeding says:

    Honestly, for me to relate to the apprentice and mentor not always being the same size in the beginning AND when the apprentice is made a warrior. An example of that would be Firestar and Bramblestar. Firestar was Bramblestar's mentor, but Bramblestar was already more than half his mentor's size basically. By the time we was made a warrior, Bramblestar was already full-grown, being a whole head taller than Firestar. Bramblestar is only this tall because of his genetics given by Tigerstar. Another example would most likely be Redtail. Redtail's last apprentice was Dustpelt, who, having just made apprenticed, was already as tall as his mentor. It's not that Dustpelt was a really tall cat like Spiderleg, but it was only because Redtail was more on the short side. This all happened because of genetics. So . . . no offense to those that think that mentors are always taller than their apprentices, but that's not always how it is. Look at Squirrelflight, she's short and Foxleap was taller than her in the end.

  30. Lexi Reeves says:

    I headcanon some cats having some breeds.. but lemme just say.

    Warriors has so much incest that, by now, no breeds would be easily noticed. From the ancients, to the clans, there’s gotta be so much incest… but cats like Sasha, kittypets, those are a bit easier to say.

  31. ash roberts says:

    Just use your imagination 🌈

  32. Randy The Entry Level Intern says:


  33. Jedi The Kitten says:

    The writers of Warrior Cats literally forget to make a cat die. Some cats die at 5 from “old age” and others have been alive for well over 20 thousand years but are still living. Like w t f

  34. Blizzard the Icetalon says:

    Moonkitty: brackenfur, brightheart and thornclaw were from the same litter

    Me: cinderpelt?

  35. Tamayako says:

    My basic rule in my own roleplay is that cats are considered seniors at five and can retire at that age or older. Retirement is also a choice, unless they have such a devastating injury that they are physically incapable of performing basic warrior duties after healing. That's IF they manage to survive said injury, because I try to make sure that my cats aren't bloody invincible like the canon books do.

  36. Deborah Condorelli says:

    Plz make more ivypool

  37. *regan.marie* says:

    I have a Chocolate Point Himilayan and I think he’s pretty big, but then I read Warriors and they’re like, “Tigerstar is the biggest fucking cat in this world ok he’s like four feet tall and weighs 190 pounds and is a tabby”

  38. Silver Heart says:

    Yesterday me and my friend got into several arguments about warrior cat and now I’m questioning why

  39. Snow Flake the ice wing says:


  40. The WatermelomMaster says:

    Greetings, Sucklemother

  41. Russetfur 1128 says:

    You're talking about how small 3 month cats are and I'm just here looking at my 3 month old kitten who is twice the size of his brother and nearly as big as my 8 month old.

  42. Amora Chinchilla says:

    tbh this is exactly my feeling on the whole biological side of things. same as re: full grown, average sized cats being literally picked up and carried away by eagles (and in some places HAWKS,) who can't carry that much weight to begin with.

    genetics are something that interest me a LOT, so i personally love putting real genetics into the warrior cats universe, but there's a huge difference between viable genetics and BREEDS of cats, which are entirely different things. "Cloudtail is a purebred persian even though his mother was absolutely not" makes way less sense than "Cloudtail has this researched, specified gene that makes him fully white."

    i always find that people tend to think that genetics = breed, as though they don't exist outside of that, which is unfortunate, because huge-pool genetics are SO much more interesting to work with (while also allowing, in general, the mix-matching of parent character traits that is mentioned here!)

  43. Dance to the BaileyBeat says:

    Queen: Oh look, a kitten with black fur and blue eyes! I'll name it Yellowkit!

  44. Emma Yerly says:

    Me before I watched this video(because I read Warriors too much): oh no my cat is almost seven years old he's gonna die soon no!!
    Me after I watched a few minutes of this video(after seeing the lifespan of normal cats: OH THANK GOD!!! he hasn't even lived half his life!

  45. Long Fang says:

    Join the cult

  46. Dance to the BaileyBeat says:

    Everyone: complains loudly about how bad warriors is
    Also everyone: reads 80+ warriors books

  47. Faith Chipman says:

    Thornclaw is freaks me out. He is still is a warrior and his sister, Brightheart, is a elder. Also his mate is like ten and he is 75 (in human years)

  48. Just Me says:

    Oop- my cat is a indoor and outdoor cat

  49. Karis Roberts says:

    i feel like a new apprentice is more like 12 tho

  50. Kit Kat wolf 2009 says:

    MoOnS is MONTHS!!!!!! ;-;

  51. real sad egg says:

    The cat breeds thing never made sense to me in Warriors, mostly because of all the mixes of breeding going on if tht makes sense? Even by the time Rusty comes to the forest, it would of been many generations worth of cats having babies all across the board that I feel like 'breeds' as we know them wouldn't exist.
    Sure there's gonna be dominant traits that get passed down, but theres no real control or reason in my head, anyways.
    I'm sure Firestar and Cloudtail might of 'stabilized' some of the genetics in the Thunderclan group but idk. To try and label each cat as 'oh this is obviously a shorthair!' or 'oh this is a persian' doesnt make sense to me. (Obviously I'm not some cat expert whatsoever lmao)

  52. Director Nora says:

    Misty’Star might beat Bark’Face and Purdy in age.. or did she already beat them..

  53. GingerFox _ 39 says:

    It’s not that they forgot how old Thornclaw is, they just forgot Thornclaw. Ya know, the patrol guy!

  54. RandomGreninja says:

    Can we just talk about how shitty the cats who attacked the kits Brokenstar forced into training were?

    Like, there's a clear difference between a cat who's six months old and a cat who's three moons old. There's no way the warriors who killed those kits didn't know they were younger than six moons.

  55. Emma says:

    Fur sum reason I wanna be an elder cuz im not gonna be a completely old lady cat

  56. Chris Othen says:

    In 5:52, the black and white cat looks like Tallstar

  57. Chocolatewing says:

    Cats don't actually meow to each other. Isn't that weird?

  58. Jaygonator says:

    My kitten was only 5 months old and he was the height of my 10 year old cat

  59. Scott Fritzler says:

    Why does everyone draw Swiftpaw really small? He was old enough to be a warrior, so he should have been fully grown, why's he perceived as so small?

  60. Kecia Shaw says:

    New Warrior Cats club: The Immortal Cats

    Member 1. Mistystar
    Member 2. Graystripe
    Member 3. Stormfur
    (please tell me more members)
    Edit: also who's a bigger traitor, Stormfur or Graystripe? FATHER OR SON

  61. Динго Art says:

    Moonkitti, you forgot one thing: cats see the world in black-and-white. But in the series they can see different colours

  62. Minkosinko says:

    Erins: lets have Thornclaw live forever
    Me: but he is …..
    Erins: doesn’t matter what I say goes

  63. Florania The Dragon says:

    There's also red cough. Very nice disease.

  64. Prince Ash says:

    The cat sizes have been one of the very few things I get kinda butt hurt over being mostly realistic. Mainly since I'm big on roleplay and kitten sized apps/warriors and absolutely massively sized kits will always get on my nerves.

  65. the fluffy Octopus says:

    I think the elder thing is more or less, they retire when they are no longer in peak physical condition to hunt/fight rather than how old they actually are. But I know nothing about warrior cats so maybe I'm wrong lol

  66. Wolfe Cara says:

    I think that unless they were a kitty pet then they shouldn’t have cat breeds

  67. Hawk Talon says:

    ….Damn it, I'm forever calling the Nursery the infant hole now. I'm dying lmao

  68. C & C Miller says:

    Hello moonkitti! Nice to see you!

  69. ZömbieWarZunter says:

    Why the frick is this in my recommended I don’t even read Warrior Cats or like cats really that much.

  70. Night Orcid says:

    wait.. blackcough? Whats blackcough? You mean whitecough? @[email protected]

  71. Kaleb Mulhollen says:

    Crow was actually said to have amber eyes in the new prophecy, Just giving us another reason to hate the series ;P

  72. karateiscoolturk says:


  73. Pandora Smatilova says:

    but thats also seemingly how warrior cats always has bean

  74. RowanLoneWolf says:

    I just want to say; Jodie Lynn, a cat advocate on Facebook, has a feral male cat in her colony named Mystery, and he has very pale hazel/blue eyes and a pure black coat. You're welcome to look him up, she had her photos of him clearly labeled. It is extremely rare; but… i do believe it can still happen very very rarely, and with a bottle neck gene pool like Warriors, a trait like that could become more and more and more common over time.

  75. A Bird Lover says:

    oop I've never read warrior cats, but thx youtube recommendations anyway b/c these are some darn cute cats

  76. vaniilla piinkk says:

    so many true points tho

  77. No Name No Name says:

    The books are badly written in so many aspects, like age, isn’t so much of a big issue as the plots and inconsistencies are. In all honesty, they’ll probably never get everything right, unless the whole series is tossed and a new one takes its place.

  78. FoxLite says:

    My cat lives outside. He is a mysterious house cat. He looks like a Siamese but has long fur like graystripe and bright blue eyes

  79. Taylor Nichols says:

    Oki but we all know that when it’s an apprentice (Firepaw for instance) we think of them as a lil kitty and when they become a warrior (fireheart) we think of them as adult cats suddenly. At least in my opinion…


  80. Hinxkii says:

    Warriors is basically pokemon but with cats

  81. Crystalgleam Is in skyclan says:

    My 2 cats who basically don’t live with us: am I a joke to you?

  82. Hollyleaf Gaming says:

    3:34 Thornclaw didnt do enough patrols.

  83. yiannn says:

    I think at some point they mentioned thornclaw wanted to just keep building dens instead of being an elder so he just stayed a warrior

  84. Molten Freddy says:

    My cat goes outside and we live by the woods-

  85. Goatie The Demon says:

    infant hole

  86. meowcatmeowjustmeow AJ says:

    Therapist: Manly Moonkitti isn’t real, it can’t hurt you
    Manly Moonkitti: 0:04

  87. Hex-Chan says:

    I thought… a moon.. with the moon-cycle… one moon is a week not a whole month—

  88. Hamsters am I Right says:

    I like bananas because they have no bones.

  89. Pappythe PO says:

    A moon is not a Month.

  90. Michael Booker says:

    Cats typically reach full maturity at 1 year
    These cats make no sense lmao

  91. rose winter says:

    I have no idea what any of these names are because I never read past Dawn Of The Clans but… here I am

  92. I am a Mess. says:

    A moon is a week. Just saying.
    Edit: Kittens at 6 weeks are allowed to be taken away from their mothers.

  93. Shade .S. says:

    Also Moonkitti there are around 6 authors for Erin Hunter is a pen name so the authors might forget how old some of the other cats and might not get together and talk about the books Also some of the authors write other series to and have other pen names and more books too.

  94. Huskys are awsome says:

    My cat live outside

  95. Elie Asling says:

    Thornclaw can’t go to the elders den! He MUST go on patrols!

  96. Madison Lovatt says:

    To be honest,
    Becoming an elder is a choice. Let's look back to when Mousefur turned herself into and elder after Spiderpaw turned into Spiderleg.. And how Thornclaw will never become an elder because he doesn't want to!

  97. Snazzy Dogs1 says:

    I had a rare cat with blue eyes her name was Ashla

  98. YellowFang and CinderPelt says:


    haha, love your vids

  99. Maddy Bays says:

    Why am I here I know nothing about warrior cats-

  100. Believer gaming Waffle says:

    hrmmmhr whitecough hmrhrm

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