Cat Giving Birth to 5 kittens with complete different color

Belly is going to be a mom First contraction Petting helps her feeling better More, please! Amniotic sac come out Keep contraction It has been 2 hours… Goat milk replenish her energy Welcome to this world First Time Meow Cut the cord for you “My Babe” Belly’s Second Child Placenta gives Belly more energy It seems a little bit hard to chew Find Nipples Belly’s Third Child They all look different Another Cutey Hola, Little Brother Really Exhausted Belly, you’ve had a long day Wish you all have a happy life

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  1. Lucky Paws says:

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    Belly, Ore, and Reo love you all, 😽I will keep updating their videos and photos. Hope you all have a happy life.

  2. Juliana Braga furlan says:

    Que dó😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥


    Woooow cute welcome the world cat welcome… CUTE

  4. Smite_theKnight 123 says:

    Omg Those kittens have no fur yet but when the meow it is adorable and their so tiny

  5. Emma García says:


  6. Dayana Dayana says:

    Très jolie ❤️ le respect pour les animaux

  7. Sugar Chan says:


  8. zizi const says:


  9. Ana Quintilho says:

    Ai que gata mais linda e os filhotes também 😺😺😺😺😺😺

  10. Daria Ba says:

    Good job! Brave Mommy ❤️

  11. Gabriely Godoy says:

    A pelo amor de Deus animais são irracionais eu ia ta nem ai pra o gato também oh negócio nojento, aff

  12. Corinne Janine says:

    It would have been so much better without music.

  13. Min Yoongi says:

    “My Babe” I'M WHIPPING-

  14. _hm bloom says:


  15. Juleczka xD says:

    Jestem polskim komentarzem którego szukasz 😀

  16. João Márcio Alves Crisóstomo says:

    Muito lindos que fofo parto normal natureza de Deus

  17. Rodrigo Barboza says:


  18. Ayisha Ramsi says:

    17K unlikee😡😠😠😠…… Are you human? Foolsss,, 👊👊

  19. Gina Engracia says:


  20. Ayisha Ramsi says:

    Love You❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️MOM😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😘

  21. L u c i o l e says:

    Sorry I cry 🙂

  22. Małgorzata Górniak says:


  23. metal y Rock! nilse galeano says:

    Que lindo sere mama

  24. Dayra Nina Flores says:


  25. rubidelia Perez says:

    A so cute

  26. Trinidadwatson Watson says:

    But wait no disrespect. Did belly's mated with five different color cats? But very nice video

  27. Franck Dreyer says:

    Comment ne pas s' abonner ! Je me suis de suite abonné ! J'adore'J'adore' c'est dans ces moments là que je veux faire véto !

  28. l'aventure de shana says:

    J'ai failli pleurer ❤️❤️ ils sont tellement mignon

  29. 01 11 says:

    So beautiful

  30. SaturnEvocative says:

    Not a single soul:
    Not even Trump for gods sake:
    Me: clicks on a video of a cat giving birth thinking I’m really weird for watching this-

  31. 01 11 says:


  32. silvia sluysmans says:

    Schattig maar ook zielig

  33. Richard G4M3R says:

    Pq colocaram isso no YouTube meu deus que nojento mas é fofo😘

  34. slime devert devert says:

    coisaa fofa jesus

  35. Chloe Matthews says:

    Awwww, how cute

  36. juliano lindo antunes says:

    que grasinha os filhotes

  37. •Kiara - chan• says:

    So cute <3

  38. Chloe Matthews says:

    I wanna cry so much, cause I just love baby kittens when their first born 😢😢

  39. Sofia Maarad says:

    😭 c'est mignon le chat avait des bébés je ne sais pas combien mais franchement la vidéo est trop

  40. Sarah Fudge says:

    Aww how cute that's kitty's are and belly well done

  41. Kaiuh BS says:


  42. ibra cats says:

    Only cats lovers like this comment subscribe 👇👇👇

  43. patricia pindoba says:

    So cute

  44. patricia pindoba says:

    Ohhh que lindo

  45. Mariana Paz says:

    Aí meu Deus…quanta fofura😍🥰

  46. Miguel angel Soler galva says:

    Que triste que tenga mucha valentia😇

  47. Scourge TV says:

    So cute

  48. Clara Tronet says:

    I cryed 😭😅 this is so cute and i love cat so much but i remember my cat who died and i guess she's in a better place 😭❤

  49. Satan's Wolf says:

    Aww so cute, im glad shes a mom!

  50. Dragana Velickovic says:


  51. 《 Sofi _Life 》 says:

    It's so beautiful

  52. Haseeb Hadi says:

    This make me seriously cry. Every mother has to face the pain of child birth even though an animal mother too.

  53. GUI·D·GAMER says:

    cade o pai deles

  54. Lorrie Finley says:

    Cats (animals) have been giving birth without human interference for thousands of years. It's when humans meddle that the natural process can go wrong. Not giving enough privacy, touching the baby or placenta & getting human scent on it can cause the mother to reject her newborn. Cutting or removing the placenta is interfering in letting the mother follow her natural instincts. It's important for the mother to consume the placentas for iron & other nourishment it contains. It's OK to rub the mama's tummy to provide some soothing from the contractions – if she allows. Only if the mother is showing true signs of distress and needs intervention, then yes, step in and take her to the Vet.
    It's also extremely important to have the litter (& mom) spayed and neutered as soon as they're old enough to prevent mom & these little guys from adding to the population. Keep in mind- it's always cheaper to fix one cat than a whole family. Plus a kitten as young as 8 months old can become pregnant but that doesn't mean she is physically able to carry the pregnancy to term or if she does, they will survive. And if they do she might not produce enough milk or know how to care for her kittens. She may even abandon them not realizing the connection to her.
    So as sweet as this video is, there is always the other side of the coin. Don't ever use finances as an excuse not to spay or neuter. There are low cost clinics, and it never hurts to ask about payment plans. Or keep kitty indoors while saving up.

  55. Yasmim isabelle Pinotti says:

    É a coisa mais fofinha q ja vi 😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  56. Helen Beatriz Joaninha says:


  57. Milusia Misiula says:

    Właśnie znalazłeś polski komentarz. Nie spodziewałeś się tego, prawda?

  58. Tony Davies says:

    Awww the cutness beautiful girl

  59. JP 95 says:

    All so so beautiful, mother cat and kittens ❤️ bless their little hearts 💕

  60. Martha Bryant says:

    Why did they give the Mother cat milk? It can harm her and the baby's.

  61. Justeditss says:

    Is it just me or that cat is freaking cute 😍😍!!!

  62. Mike Jackson says:

    Wonder of life

  63. Talia Clements says:

    I feel bad for dis cat 🙁

  64. RedRyda B says:

    Ha wish child birth was this calm😉

  65. Ana cristina Nascimento Lopes says:


  66. moon; says:

    Música super calma tocando

  67. kokun says:

    Nose mi gato pario en el pasillo y cuando fuimos aver ya estaban caminanado

  68. Agathe Manzanares says:

    Vraiment choqué qu'il filme la chate de sa chate

  69. Selene Flores says:


  70. KatiV says:

    It's weird but my brothers cat would always have her kittens under my dresser and it would always smell like sugar water or sweet condensed milk down there even tho there were blood stains

  71. XxZodiac_TracksxX says:

    When it ate the placenta I just couldn’t, cute vid tho

  72. Inês arco-íris arco-íris. says:

    Omg 😍

  73. Emmanuel Gyaeme Junior Boachie says:

    you are the best owner of a cat

  74. Michele Ravena says:

    Lindinhos ❤

  75. princesszozo frofro says:

    So cute I love it so much ❤️😻

  76. Ja'onna Ayala says:

    i cryed so bad

  77. Jesus Lopez says:

    El bello momento donde nace una vida mas

  78. Isaac Philip Romero Santiago says:

    O pai q n é de nenhuma dessas cores :


  79. Elizabeht Martinez says:

    Linda mamá gata cuídalo mucho

  80. Janeilla Dawson says:

    Like if u agree

  81. Yuki Rose says:

    My tortie gave birth to an orange, a silver tabby, a seal point Siamese, and a blue for her first and only litter.

  82. maria josé augusta Nunes says:

    agata e sega

  83. may says:

    Foi transar e deu nisso

    Brinks vídeo muito lindo to quase chorando lembrando da minha gatinha q morreu ❤😥😥😥

  84. Íris Félix de Freitas says:


  85. Larissa Moitinho says:

    Ninguém mesmo:
    Definitivamente ninguém:
    YouTube: Vc quer ver uma gatinha parindo 5 gatinhos de cores diferentes?
    Eu: Claro!

  86. maria josé augusta Nunes says:

    e sa e acoisa mas trist da minhavida

  87. FLAME NGO says:

    Pois fofis

  88. FLAME NGO says:

    Eles parecem uns ratinhos S2

  89. Aja Reid says:

    Omg so cute just adorable that cat and congratulations 🎊

  90. Ur mom says:


  91. Popsi Rad says:

    I love Belly with my full heart ❤️
    She did such an amazing job

  92. mariana passos says:


  93. Castilhoana 1715 says:


  94. Popsi Rad says:

    It’s crazy how you can actually see the contractions and how they get stronger…

  95. Cirila Azurduy flores says:

    Love cat

  96. Shirayuki Hime says:

    So cute 🥺💗💗💗

  97. ꧁ꥭMatt. wꥭ꧂ says:

    my kitty also gave birth to 3 cute kittens '-'

    If I'm wrong, I'm sorry, I'm Brazilian and I'm using Google Translator '-'

  98. tanilyah Robison says:

    This made me cry waiting for her babies to i remember me and my father having a cat we sall the babies they were so cute but…. She died giving birth

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