Cat grooming – Siberian Cat Diamond bathing! Full grooming procedure & detailed Product Description

Hello everyone, this is Dreamcat & Diamond
YouTube channel. I am a cat groomer and online shop owner of
CatinStyle Switzerland. I am grooming cats either at the client or
in our place. You can see Diamond who is freshly groomed,
he took a bath – you can enjoy the procedure later. Now I want to show you which products I used
for the procedure. Diamond is not patient anymore and unhappy
but you can see how clean his hair on the belly is. So let’s give Diamond his freedom and
I will explain you which products and Shampoos I used. First the cat needs to be degreased, I used
Groomer’s Goop paste and gel for this. When the hair is very fatty I prefer to use
the paste otherwise I use the gel. Without degreasing it is much harder to clean
your cat afterwards. Next step, in a simple bottle because I refill
it from a bigger bottle is the product Artero degreasing Shampoo. Next we use a K2 Shampoo against scales/flakes. Diamond currently hs scales/flaked because
of the dry air in the flat – much like humans. This anti scale/flake shampoo also has Vitamin
B5 and will nourish his hair. As you can also see Diamond has a lot of white
hair, therefore I use Pet Silk Whitening Shampoo to clean it well and make it snow white. Additionally I used texturizing Shampoo for
his tail and body as it gives the hair more volume. At the very end I use a conditioner, this
time I used a light one, from pet Silk with Aloe Vera. Additionally I used this slicker before and
during bathing to get rid of additional hair and dry his hair faster. The brush is also available in our online
shop. Now enjoy the video and visit our Online Shop
to get our products and make a grooming appointment.

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  1. Trap Town NCS says:

    I enjoyed your video 🙂 Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  2. Mizblue Cat says:

    wow beautiful big cat…

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