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Welcome to how to play by Cat House Gaming
where our goal is to explain the key game mechanics needed to get you and your tablemates
playing. We know you’d rather be gaming. So let’s get started. Hey Guys! Today’s game is Cat Lady where each player
is on a mission to take excellent care of their cats. This of course involves adopting precious
fur babies and ensuring that they are adequately attired in costumes, entertained with cat
nip and cat toys, and most importantly fed. Cat Lady is a card collection game for 2-4
players. Game end is triggered when there are no more
cards to replenish the board. At that point, the game ends immediately and
scoring begins. Players gain points for each fed cat and for
having the most costumes. Catnip gains players 1 or 2 victory points
per fed cat depending on how much they have provided to their fur babies. Players also gain points by collecting cat
toys. Cat toys involve set collection and earn players
up to 12 points per complete set. But watch out, players will lose points for
having the most leftover food, being unable to feed all their cats, not having any costumes
or only having only a single catnip. The cat lady with the most points wins. Divide the cards into the main deck and the
stray cat deck. Shuffle the stray cat deck and deal 3 stray
cats to the table. The remainder are returned to the box. From the main deck pull out the cards that
are not required for the number of players at the table. In a 2 player game you’ll pull out all of
the cards marked with 3 plus and 4 in the top right corner. In a 3 player game, you’ll pull out all
of the ones marked with the 4. Shuffle the remaining cards and
deal out 9 of them in a 3 by 3 grid near the 3 previously placed stray cats. Place the deck near the play area as well
as the cat token, victory point tokens, and food cubes. Cat Lady is comprised of 7 different types
of cards. There are of course cats. Cats are specific colors and are worth a specific
number of victory points at game end if they have been fed their desired food. The cats demand food and it is available in
4 different varieties: milk, chicken, tuna, and wild. Food cards are immediately discarded and replaced
with food cubes. Note that some food cards yield 2 food. Cats love to play with different toys and
this game has 5 different options! Collect all 5 and earn 12 points. Multiple sets are allowed. Catnip bestows magical powers on your cats
if provided in sufficient quantities. Four or more and you’ll earn 2 victory points
per fed cat. Two or 3 and you’ll earn 1 point per fed
cat. But watch out, if you only have one, you lose
2 victory points. Cat ladies love to dress their cats in costumes
and so the cat lady with the most costumes will earn 6 points. Also, if you don’t have at least one costume
for your cats, you will lose 2 victory points. Players can turn in 2 Lost Cat cards to either
adopt one of the 3 Stray Cats that were flipped over at the begging of the game or obtain
a victory point token which is worth 2 victory points at game end. You can repeat this as often as you have lost
cat cards so you could potentially adopt all 3 stray cats and/or obtain multiple victory
point tokens. Players play the spray bottle from their hand
in order to move the cat token away from their desired row or column of cards OR move it
to a row or column believed to be desired by the next player. Determine the start player. Officially, this is the person who has the
most cats in real life. The person to their left places the cat token
near the column or row of cards of their choice. This row or column is now unavailable. The start player selects and takes all 3 cards
in a given row or column keeping in mind that the row or column with the cat token near
it is off limits. The cat token moves to the now empty row or
column. It is refilled from the main deck of cards
and it is off limits for the next player. In addition to taking 3 cards from the main
board, players can use 2 different cards during their turn. The first is the spray bottle which is used
to move the cat token and the second is the Lost Cat card which is used to adopt stray
cats or earn the victory point token. They can be used before or after the player
takes their 3 cards from the play area. Once the board has been reset, the player
to the left of the one who just selected a column or row will select a row or column
of 3 cards. The game ends immediately when a row or column
needs to be refilled but there are no cards available. at that time all players feed their cats and
then count their total victory points. Start by awarding 6 victory points to the
player with the most costumes. After that players can sum their individual
scores. The player with the most points wins. At the end of this two player game Chris and
Devin’s board looked like this. Devin had the most costumes and is awarded
6 points. Chris has 2 costumes so he does not lose 2
victory points for not having any costumes. Next, we look at fed cats. Each player fed 7 cats. Chris earns 30 points for his fed cats and
Devin earns 24 for hers. Neither player had leftover food so neither
player loses points for food hoarding. Likewise, neither player had unfed cats so
neither loses points for hungry kitties. Both players had 2 cat nips so earn 1 point
each for their 7 fed cats. Chris collected a full set of 5 toys for 12
points as well as an extra yarn ball for a total of 13 points. Devin collected 4 toys for 8 points. Neither play had victory point tokens. The final score for Chris is 50 points and
Devin’s is 45. That’s a wrap! Go forth. Adopt the cats. Feed them well but not too much! Entertain them with toys. Entertain yourself dressing them in costumes. And may the best cat lady win.

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