Cat Quest II – Gamescom 2019 Gameplay Trailer | PS4


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57 Responses

  1. Lilcrow972 says:

    This isn't ghost of Tsushima

  2. TallulahSoie says:

    Sony really did a number on PQube.

  3. iKatOverLord says:


  4. communist wookiee says:

    No release date. I'm sad now.

  5. Cristian Falcao says:

    Gonna love play with my wife

  6. Temper says:

    Yesssss, finnaly!!!!

  7. VelvetMidnight says:


  8. Jimmeh Rulez says:

    Anyone else getting odd castle crasher vibes?

  9. Johnny Richer says:

    Yay this fall cat quest 2 🙂

  10. Francesco Orfino says:

    Voglio Synergo e Redez insieme su questo gioco… ORA!!

  11. CH ii says:

    all the cat puns man…

  12. ScarfFox and Friends says:

    There's always that time after a Nintendo Direct where Sony uploads trailers for most of the 3rd party and Indie games announced in it.

  13. BROCK 1903 says:

    Juhu love Cat Quest it is a great Game ?

  14. PurpleKirby says:

    How did I not hear about cat quest before this trailer now? This looks amazing

  15. Linda says:

    RPG adventure with cats?! Count me in!

  16. RPM says:

    Title is “cat quest”
    partner is clearly a dog


  17. First Last says:

    I like the art style.

  18. Luxifer Gremorie Ryan says:

    Cant wait to play this game with my bud Zak. Loved the prequel, hope this game has the same awesome and amazing story like the one before.

  19. Marky Jasper says:

    can we get a release date ?

  20. capz says:

    Your quest. Push everything down.

  21. SpeedDaysTV says:

    I loved Cat Quest…I'm so happy right now???

  22. Hussain Ali says:


  23. Javierm0n0 says:

    Pawtner up…..


  24. Jesus Gomez says:

    Wow what a purrrr-fect sequel. I hope the difficulty is ruff.

  25. nnofeng says:

    Byjer na to czekałem!!!

  26. Evomre says:

    The Catpital?
    This game deserves to die a horrible death.

  27. Nico Cabeza says:

    its perfect for my switch

  28. D amon says:


  29. richie zamot says:


  30. thePaperDinosaur says:

    ok, now that I know this is a thing I'm wondering if, somewhere, there might really be such a place…

  31. Samcwic says:


  32. Bart van Mameren says:


  33. MysticKitsune94 says:

    Whats this game like ????

  34. Sam Loveless says:

    yay i'm so excited!! and i can do co-op now? awesome, can't wait.

  35. The Gamer says:

    When comes the game?

  36. Main toxico O_O says:

    justo me acabo de terminar el 1 y ya va a salir el 2 OWO

  37. Jasmine Scholz says:


  38. The Lone Raf says:

    This is truly pawsome

  39. Lonit says:

    local coop? noice

  40. Warframe Crunch says:

    I'm more interested in this rather than new predator hunting game

  41. Femi 110 says:

    I hope it is free

  42. Shiba Army says:

    I've been waiting for this master piece since last year. Can't wait to play it!

  43. Tropical fox says:

    Man cant wait!!

  44. KRIKORIK says:

    Finally, I waited so long and now, on September 24, I hope the game will be free for Android and ios users!

  45. Mr. INFERNO says:

    Russian community can't wait to play! (Or at least me)

  46. Sиндерей says:

    ohh… I am crying because of this now. and I don’t know why.

  47. AnimichileTV Nana says:

    looking forward to it sooo much. Hail the cats. Would play this with one of my own cats together 😀

  48. Vicente Francisco Mateos Martinez says:

    Cat quest

  49. Paradox Acres says:

    Aww they should both be Cats! >:(

  50. Vivi says:

    0:17 – Nice, nice… nice… nice.

  51. Wulfy says:

    I have platinum on Cat Quest 1, this one will certainly have a platinum trophy too!

  52. dead guy says:

    When it comes Out?

  53. confucamus says:

    This lowkey looks fun

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