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Here’s the full story of Robbie and Cat. From the very beginning,
there was something going on with Cat and Robbie. You’re still on that? She loves me! It was a stage kiss, she was acting. You didn’t feel the kiss. A girl can’t fake that kind of heat. I don’t care if she tells me
a thousand times that it didn’t mean anything because– – See?
– I want you to meet my parents. So, Robbie was definitely into Cat, but was Cat into Robbie? I, uh.. I don’t know
if maybe, you know… Maybe you’d want to go
to the prom with me, would you? Oh Robbie, I’d love to go to
the prom with you but… Another boy already asked me. Really? Who? Tug? Tug? Yeah, he goes to Burbank High.
He’s a football player. Thanks for asking me though. Thanks for responding. I wish I asked her before Tug did. Dude, you’ve been lied to! Cat doesn’t have a date to the prom. She said she does. Man, no one’s named Tug. She lied to me. Weird, I still don’t see
your “date” anywhere. Where’s Tug? Well, he was standing next to a candle
and his jacket caught on fire. If you didn’t want to go to this prom
with me, you could have just said so. It’s not that I didn’t want to go– You don’t have to make up lies about
some fake football player named Tug with a spinning hat and
a jacket that caught on fire. – But, I’m not lying.
– Goodnight. – But Robbie–
– I said goodnight. I think I’ve put my jacket out. After Cat rejected him,
Robbie somehow liked her more. Like, a lot more. Where’d you get those standies of Cat? Oh, you know, I just…
brought them from home. Well, why do you have– I have a tutor and I don’t like to
talk about things I do at my house. Sorry. Robbie, how’s the tutoring session go– Uh… These… these aren’t mine. I just want– OK, they are mine,
but I only made them.. Cardboard cut-outs of your crush?
Nope, not creepy at all. But behind all that, it seemed like
Robbie had genuine feelings for Cat. He knew just what to get her
for Secret Santa. Calling Cat Valentine! I’m Cat Valentine. Who’s calling? Your Secret Santa. Oh my God, yay! And your Christmas present is… Your very own cotton candy machine! Whoa! [screaming] That’s right, this man, Larry Stein,
will follow you around all week and give you all
the cotton candy you want. Oh my God, Robbie, thank you! This is the best Christmas present ever. Look, everyone! Robbie got me a cotton candy
machine with a man! Cat never took him seriously though. Cat’s bugging because she and that
guy Evan really hit it off last night but, he thinks that she has
blonde hair and blue eyes. You never told him
you were wearing a wig? I forgot. What if he hates red-headed girls? – He won’t.
– You’re being silly. When he sees how I really look,
he’s going to be disappointed– That does it! Catarina Valentine,
I will not sit here anymore and listen to you
talk bad about yourself. You’re adorable. Any guy would be lucky as cheese
to go out with you. Thanks Robbie, that’s really sweet,
but you don’t know how guys think. How– Goo day! Like, can it be any more obvious? Robbie adores her. – Hey.
– Hi. I think that Evan guy is really dumb for
not seeing how great you are. You wanna hear the new song
I’ve been working on? – I don’t know if I’m in the mood–
– Please? OK. ♪ I think you’re swell ♪ ♪ I think you’re swell ♪ ♪ You’re the nugget in my ChickenMc
The peanuts in my butter ♪ ♪ Adding fiber to our diets
Beneficial for each other ♪ ♪ You’re a piece of dental floss
And I am the teeth ♪ ♪ You’re Aretha Franklin
I’m r-e-s-p-e-c-t ♪ ♪ I love you like a Cops marathon on TV ♪ ♪ I love you more than the original
Star Wars trilogy ♪ ♪ You’re a guitar, I’m the strings
Like a Jet Ski in the water ♪ ♪ You’re New York, I’m the buildings
You’re my mother, I’m your father ♪ ♪ And I think you’re swell ♪ ♪ And every day when
You’re walking down the street ♪ ♪ Is like every other day because you’re
Constantly walking down the street ♪ ♪ And everyday
I’m only thinking about you ♪ ♪ And a bunch of other important things
But primarily you ♪ ♪ And that’s true ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I think you’re swell ♪ ♪ I think you’re swell ♪ ♪ I’ll be the Jagger to your Richards
The Captain Kirk to your Picard ♪ ♪ If you’re a molten lava room
I’ll be the one inept guard ♪ ♪ We go together like pastrami on rye ♪ ♪ Like watching Titanic
And trying not to cry ♪ ♪ We go together like
A parade and confetti ♪ ♪ And later if you’re hungry
I’ll make you some spaghetti ♪ Would there be meatballs? There would. [music playing] ♪ And I think you’re swell ♪ ♪ I think you’re swell ♪ ♪ And I think you’re swell ♪ [cheering] Hey. What if I just dye my hair blonde? OK, it’s easy to say Cat
just totally missed the point. But maybe she just didn’t
feel the same way. OK, first of all, she’s not my girl. – Unless you want to be?
– I’m good. Well, Robbie texted me last night
saying he wanted to talk to me, and I know he’s going to
ask me to be his date. – Gross.
– Don’t say gross, I like Robbie. – So go to the dance with him.
– No, gross. You just said– Look, Robbie is one of my best friends.
It’ll be weird if I’m his date to a dance. – Cat!
– Well, think fast, ’cause here he comes. – Hi, listen…
– Why? – I’m gonna go.
– No! – I just wanted to ask you something.
– Oh. You wanna know my favorite
vice president of all time? Easy, Dick Cheney. No, I just wanted to ask you, um… You know the Cow Wow Dance that’s
happening later this week? Hello. [screaming] Hey, hey, hey. You don’t have to keep
running away from me. I already asked Gabriella to be
my date to the Cow Wow. – Gabriella?
– Mm-hm. – Well, what did she say?
– She said “si”. – That means yes.
– I know. I looked it up. Well, yay. You got yourself a pretty girl
to take to the Cow Wow. Yeah, well I just wanted
to let you know you don’t have to
run away from me anymore. Thanks, Robbie. – See you in class.
– OK. [screaming] Gabriella… Wait, did I miss something? Please, explain. I thought you told Robbie
you didn’t want to be his date tonight. So? That doesn’t make it OK for him
to bring another girl. So, you don’t want
to be Robbie’s date… And you don’t want Robbie
to bring another date? Yes. Thank you. That was so unhelpful. But it seems like a classic case of you don’t know what
you got ’til it’s gone, with a hint of use someone else
to make your crush jealous. You think Cat’s trying
to make Robbie jealous? Wow, Sinjin, you’re such a good dancer! So much better than Robbie. But in a weird way,
it did bring Robbie back. [screaming] Cat, I’m so sorry! Did you see that? You feeling OK? Yeah. Just got a little head on my bump… OK everyone, let Cat have some air. Wait. Will you stay with me? – Why me?
– ‘Cause… I want you to stay with me
until I feel better. OK. Unless you wanna go be
with your dumb date. Nah, I think she likes Sinjin. Love will keep us together. Si, si! I’m sorry you got
kicked in your head. Sorry I didn’t come with you
to the dance in the first place. Is my hand sweaty? Yeah. It feels like a fish. Thanks for petting my head bump. – Can I tell you secret?
– Sure. [gasping] Out of the way! OK, are they together or not? Because sometimes they
act like a couple, but plot twist: Robbie and Sam Puckett
start hanging out. ♪ Swell ♪ ♪ I think you’re swell ♪ Robbie Shapiro! [screaming] Oh Cat, you’re back. Robbie was just singing me
a little song he wrote– I know what it’s called.
He wrote that song for me. – Cat–
– I’m swell, me! He sang that to me over a year ago. Well, he’s singing it to me now. Robbie, I thought you and me
had something special. Well, it seems like you have something
special with a lot of fellas. Well, you flirted with Robbie
right in front of my face! Oh, you mean like this? Mm. That was some tasty Robbie. One tuna jump later though… When my wounds heal,
maybe you and I can hang out. Just the two of us. Would there be meatballs? There would. KK. So Cat and Robbie
finally made it official. That’s so cute. Do you think Robbie and Cat
are swell together? Let us know in the comments.

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100 Responses

  1. Sheila Vazquez says:

    They should have put the episode where they go to Robbie's grandparents house.

  2. Izzie's side :3 says:


  3. Miah Mangilit says:

    "thank u, next" there is a cat and robbie scene which is mah fav part of the vevo check it out😜

  4. Katheryn Nuñez says:


  5. Miah Mangilit says:

    The dark side of caterina valentine "gabriella…"

  6. Kaylin Myrie Berger says:

    8:16 and then… She Made the song boyfriend.

  7. Masked Guitarist says:

    1:50 is that Nathan Chris

  8. Carmela Barrientos says:

    This is how many time robcat a couple

  9. Carmela Barrientos says:

    Can nick do a Andre and tori please

  10. HelloXrancidkitteh says:

    I shipped them so much when the show was still airing ( and now that it's on Netflix ).
    I also shipped Andre and Tori, both would have been great couples, both had great chemistry.
    it's just sad both never really happened. Cat and Robbie at least had some almosts and Andre and Tori never did. D: ( except that one time Tori dressed as Jade when Andre was all 'wonky' for Jade but still )

    ( also not ashamed to admit I've shipped Jade and Tori too lol )

  11. Mackenzie Maraugha says:

    Yes they would be

  12. David Hodges says:

    The two made a cute couple.
    Except that episode where Cat pretended to be a blonde to impress some big, mussle headed dolt.

  13. Ohh Faith says:

    Cat not wanting Robbie to be with other girls even when he’s not her boyfriend, rampaging when he said that he has a date already, and trying to make Robbie jealous by dancing with Sinjin sorta reminds me of Ariana’s music video “Boyfriend”

  14. Portia Madayag says:

    ugh! get a guy who knows how to treat you the way robbie treats cat!! 😭

  15. p e y t o n says:

    “Maybe Cat didn’t feel the same way”

    Well Cat kissed Robbie on the cheek in the Christmas Tori episode and the Hambone King episode-

  16. ava nicole says:

    the way robbie looked at cat when she hugged andre at sinjin’s game show and when she was talking about evan

  17. ava nicole says:

    the scene with cat and robbie in the breakfast bunch is one of the most inappropriate scenes on nickelodeon omg lol

  18. n2 Universe says:

    I still ship Cabbie but if Cat and Robbie don't get together, for God's sake, make Sam and Cat a couple

  19. Reanna Desouvre says:

    cat and robbie forever

  20. Berliandiva Aulia says:

    I love them💕 but I still don't know if you could say Star Wars cause it's owned by Disney

  21. Nico De La Torre says:


  22. david wiley says:


  23. Squidward Tentacles says:

    9:55 that was smooth okay Point Robbie

  24. bath water says:

    Robbie shapiro, this could be us but you playin.

  25. CrAzE Volt says:

    I'm more of a dog person.

  26. Gene Philip says:

    Who else loved the lyrics of the song Robbie serenaded cat with

  27. Jake Llavore says:

    Robbie Shapiro (Matt Bennett)
    Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande)

  28. Jake Llavore says:

    Cat & Robbie

  29. Moon Shine Down says:

    This is me and my best guy friend's relationship 🙈😳😬

  30. Mardi Lee says:

    Cat and Robbie are the best characters in the whole show

  31. vicky castro says:

    At last senses I said to myself I am definitely going to watch Sam and cat

  32. Heather Duke says:

    Arianna Grande's song "boyfriend" perfectly describes the when cat didn't want to go with Robbie to the dance but doesn't want anyone else to go with him!

  33. Nykole Jenkins says:

    Matt and Ari should definitely go out 😍😍😍

  34. De Fowl says:

    When they realize they were perfect for each other???

  35. Removing Thunder says:

    I never really liked them together

  36. Monika Tamelyte says:

    They’re the only ones that treat each other nicely. Everyone picks on Robbie, but Cat’s nice to him. Others treat Cat like a child, but Robbie talks to her as a normal person. It’s the best relationship in the show. Oh, what could’ve been…

  37. Doresa Neziri says:


  38. Elias Smith says:

    TORI I really loved when you singed freak the freak out I listen to it over and over again I love it so much and I also liked when you singed beggin on your knees  to your ex boyferind and I'm sorry cat cheated with your ex boyferind

  39. Alyssa Taylor says:


  40. LeAnder Vlogs And gaming says:

    7:23 he didn’t care

  41. NatsGacha_tude Ankah says:


    or cabbie that’s much w

  42. Fatoumata Diallo says:


  43. Mango Fla says:

    She also in one episode or a 2 parter robbie was in it and sam (it was in sam and cat) she literally says she had a crush on robbie

  44. hyungwon's lips says:

    notice how cat's voice in the beginning was similar to ariana's normal voice and became lighter in the later seasons

  45. Michael Jude Bunnie says:

    8:05 Gabriela… 😡😡😡

  46. headass steph says:

    1:19 fr 💀

  47. James Pro says:

    Can you blame him for liking her

  48. RJ Long says:

    Ariana run pop

  49. KrystalPlays says:

    Cat and robbie does look like aa cute couple.

  50. iwannadie, y tú? says:

    “…thanks for responding”


  51. Candislayzz .Gaming says:

    Am I the only one who shipped cat and beck-

  52. kaye bertillo says:


  53. DA Productions says:

    Broken glass is swell

  54. Ships All Day says:

    I loved them the show should have gone
    Tori and Andre
    Beck and jade
    Cat and Robbie

  55. fournierman says:

    Cabbie Forever!

  56. Caroline Cochran says:

    who loves ariana grande

  57. AshlightningYT says:

    beck just wiggling the weenier

  58. Castiel Winchester says:

    Robbie had a glow up in Sam and cat

  59. CassieJazz96 says:

    they were so cute

  60. Alizia Flicks says:

    i shipped them smm and i still dooo

  61. Tyra Weatherington says:

    They should've dated in the show

  62. Mary DeHaven says:

    U feel l ik ke a fish XD

  63. t says:

    Bruh the first kiss scene Robbie was 19 and Cat was 16 yikes lol

  64. sammy jo says:

    I think my girl cat is swell to robbie

  65. My life as Malaysia Queen says:

    I think Cat likes you Robbie 3:08

  66. Nayely Hernandez says:

    She’s probably an Aries lol

  67. Bre B says:

    2:09 omg, I never understood that joke as a child…

  68. Janet Tumushime says:

    Like of cat should give robbie a chance

  69. 六丙陳碧鑫 says:

    Please please make a relationship timeline about sam and freddie!!! Literally the relationship goals of nickelodeon!!! ❤️

  70. Charlie and Lulu says:

    Is it just me who thinks Cat acts younger as the show goes on

  71. Ron Jampil says:

    Forget “Frobbie” (Freddie Benson and Robbie Shapiro). What’s Cat and Robbie’s ship name?

  72. Emilio Martínez says:

    my crush is named natalia

  73. Vasiliki Gerouli says:

    9:55 that was so cute❤️❤️

  74. Monu Purohit says:

    I think you’re SWELL

  75. Ethan Sato says:

    Am I the only one who had the biggest crush on Cat?

  76. Angela Ngugi says:

    Lowkey Robbies smooth

  77. Spurr says:

    Why did her character change?

  78. Tomáš Novotný says:



    Well,I read the comments and they were really upset because they didn't really got together but when I watched Sam & Cat I think they've been together—- wait,wait,wait i have to say something I WANT ANOTHER SHOW WITH THEM TOGETHER BUT THEY ARE THE MAIN COUPLE!

  80. Yonathan Bustamante says:

    Dejen de exprimir a victorious tanto como pueden, es PATÁTICO.

  81. Miriam Cuquerella says:

    I loved mature Cat

  82. Sule Holder says:

    I think that Robby and cat are swell💑👫💕

  83. Lennox Marschmellow says:

    I realy Like Cat and Robbie togheter ❤️❤️❤️👍 I Hope there are somehow a couple 👍❤️

  84. Vanessa Cobb says:

    They should of been another snow cause of Robbie and Cat

  85. KoolScaryGothic TheBlogger says:

    Cat and Robbie are meant to be together

  86. Fatimas World says:

    Even if the show never made them official, I would always ship Cat and Robbie till this day

  87. Emily Camacho says:

    They are there for your each other is Rex the character

  88. MilouLois says:

    that kiss was real smooth

  89. LilyGrace Msp says:

    still my favorite victorious and irl ship to this day.

  90. apple sause says:

    Who's name is Tug

  91. Lexiz Dorn says:

    I love 💕 this part 3:06

  92. mhjp says:

    Thanks for that but you dont know how guys think😁😁😂😂

  93. Matthew Green says:

    I wanna learn the words to that song now

  94. DIY ANNA says:

    What’s REALLY WEIRD is that cat is wayyy older than Sam cause Sam barely started high school when cat was already in her almost last year since she’s 18 and Sam is 16 0-0

  95. Yannick El Manssouri says:

    They did this live in one off ariana live shows

  96. Savannah Redfern says:


  97. Terra Griffin says:

    Robbie songs are so nice he makes me want to cry

  98. Savanah Play toys Espacio3 says:

    Rob really likes cat and he is treating cat like a princess👑💍

  99. Bela N says:

    Can you guys make one about Freddie and Sam from icarly

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