Cat® Services at CONEXPO 2020

CONEXPO 2020 has been super exciting. The customers are extremely impressed with the show, the layout, the live action, you know, getting to see machines operate. And the energy and the excitement of customers after seeing these machines operating is fantastic. Customers are just flowing right through all of our different hubs — technology and service. We got a lot of really awesome things here in Services, but the part I’m most proud of to talk about is the Cat App. It provides customers with a lightweight,
intuitive solution for them to figure out things like hours, fault codes, utilization
and fuel level. Just what they need right there on their phone. Customers are stopping by, they’re curious, they want to know exactly what a CVA is, and we get into the details a little bit of like
‘hey, this is how you sleep easy at night.’ It’s a home run. This is a 2008 machine, completely taken down to the frame, rebuilt just like it was new, but actually it’s better than new because
we incorporate new engineering updates and also add enhancements to the machine that weren’t available when the machine originally rolled off the factory floor headed to that
customer. We have this exploded view here to help our customers understand the different levels of our repair option framework and also to help them understand when it is the right time to go into an engine and do a rebuild
based on fuel burn to help them lower their total owning and operating costs and not have a catastrophic failure and have downtime. We got more Reman options available than we ever have before, as well as utilizing the dealer service capability. We’ve got a number of new couplings and fittings available to support not only our Cat equipment now, but also to carry that to supporting
the customer’s entire fleet. We give our dealers the capability from anywhere in the world that has a connection. They can hook up to a machine. In fact right now, I’m hooked up to one of the hydraulic excavators out there operating. You can check for diagnostic codes, you can check operating pressures, different sensors. We’re ultimately trying to gain technician
availability and technician efficiency. Go to, we’ve got a lot of good information there to get it kickstarted. At the end of the day, you can go to your
dealer website, they’ve got good content. Each dealer has a ton of solutions that they can offer that can be very specific to that customer’s needs and they are definitely one of our best resources. If you weren’t able to join us at the show you can go to to find out more.

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