Cat Trapped In A Highway Drain Is Horrified By Cars Running Above Him | Animal in Crisis EP95

Han riverside road where cars pass by for 24 hours.. informant : I was so shocked that I couldn’t do much about it.. Citizen : It’s impossible to go up there.. Don’t understand how it went up there On a 10-meter-high bridge It was a cat who was crying out loud Informant : The cat’s crying resonated.. Didn’t sound like it was neither coming from above nor below, so I flashed on everywhere Then I found something similar to an animal’s eyes.. It was the cat’s eyes What an unbelievable story Informant : Goes back and forth over there PD : Where?
Informant : Over there in the middle where I’m flashing on right now It’s 100% the cat who’s moving inside the narrow gap Informant : Kitty~ Citizen : Kitty~ Informant : Kitty~
Citizen : Baby~ As if the cat’s answering.. The cat comes up front and sticks his face out PD : Is he trapped over there? Informant : He can’t get out of there.. Because there’s no way out. The only exits are on both ends of the sewer pipe for raindrops or water to be discharged The cat is inside the highway drain located under the bridge joint Informant : Oh no, can’t leave him there like that Both ends of the bridge are the only ways exits but it’s a dead end.. Citizen : Looks so dangerous, seems like the cat’s going to fall down How come the cat trapped in such dangerous place? PD : How long has it been? Informant : I found the cat on 3rd of this month since it’s 7th today.. It’s been about 5 days PD : Is there any way to go up there? Informant : There’s no direct road drives you there from here You should drive for a few kilometers..
Citizen : Because it’s a driveway Informant : Should drive the curvy roads to reach there It’s impossible to walk up there After a 10-minute drive, arrived in where the cat is Informant : It’s here The drainage installed in the bridge joint Citizen : The cat was here and went over there just now On a four-lane road Citizen : The noise inside would be awful inside due to vibration from the passing cars The cars run over the drainage, imposing huge vibration with a loud noise It must be a horror for such a sensitive cat Hurriedly look inside of the drainage.. But nothing’s found? Put water and food inside the drainage as an emergency Installed the observation camera and left After a while.. Two glowing eyes in the dark! The cat carefully approaches the food Where the cat has been..? The cat must’ve starved, but only eats a bit and runs away Next day Informant : Kitty~ Informant : Kitty~ No answers back Informant : I called the cat so hard in the daytime, whenever I had a break But couldn’t see the cat at all during the daytime The cat’s never shown himself in the daytime To find out his whereabouts, Watch the inside of the drainage.. The cat came out from the middle of the drainage! But.. The cat is too terrified by the noise from the cars passing by to move forward The cat barely manages to approach the food He’s even limping his right leg.. Looks like he’s in an early age.. How come he’s trapped in here? The PD carefully approaches Upon sensing the presence of him, The cat gets scared and hurriedly runs away Very anxious about the cars passing by.. Then the cat’s disappeared..? Is there any passage connected to the underside of the bridge? Bridge maintenance manager : There’s no space connected to the drainage Perhaps the gap was happened to be created There’s no such passage connected to the underside of the bridge The cat’s stuck inside the drainage in a cylinder structure with open holes at both ends of the bridge Clueless of how the cat trapped in there.. Police : The road is closed except for the inner circulation road There’s no intersection road in the middle as well Police : It’s almost impossible for the cat to enter the road unless the cat was abandoned by someone else.. Someone had the cat in the car Abandoned him on the road and left The cat must’ve went into the drainage to avoid running cars.. Informant : Perhaps the cat went under the car to stay warm Upon the arrival, he came out when the car stopped When the car stopped on the road for a moment the cat escaped from the engine and went inside the drainage.. Anyway, the cat is left in such a harsh environment to survive.. It’s been 120 hours since he was left in extreme horror.. Today as well, the cat has no choice but to cry all night.. Can’t just watch the cat in pain anymore The rescue begins with help of many people First off, block the hole on the opposite side and install the trap cage with the food inside But then, it starts to snow.. After a while.. The cat showed up! The cat’s thinking if he should go inside or not.. Finally..! The cat’s too busy eating food to realize the door is closed Informant : Oh, went inside over there
Vet : Went inside! PD : The cat’s caught The moment that everyone has been waiting for! PD : It’s okay, it’s okay The cat’s flustered Animal Rescue Organization : Aww, were you scared? You ate them all? He ate them all PD : Ate them all?
Animal Rescue Organization : Yes, he did Animal Rescue Organization : You’ve been through a lot.. You’re fine now Like a miracle, the cat could finally be rescued from the 12-meter-long drainage under the bridge The lady and the informant rush to the cat Informant : I’m glad that he’s safe. He looks healthy, right?
Citizen : Thank god.. The cat slowly feels at ease.. For the past week, I was so worried that I couldn’t focus on work and sleep well Felt so bad for the cat.. Everyone including this fella who was terrified inside the drainage and the people who had concerns over him can sleep without concerns Vet : According to the examination, the cat’s not exposed to any kinds of viruses and the results from a test shows that his organs function normally What about his leg? Vet : I had concerns that he might have an accident when entering the narrow space on the road where the cars pass by But his X-rays show no fractures on his whole body Informant : Kitty~ Meow~ Kitty~ The kind people who have saved the cat visit to support the start of his new life Informant : He has to live until he turns to 10,000 years old because he received so much help from people
Citizen : Agree, so many helped him Informant : Now that he’s rescued, he’ll only have happy moments in his life Hope he eats a lot and grows up well Live day to day having fun!

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  1. Kritter Klub says:

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  2. Максим Грачёв says:

    In Korea, to save the cat drove a lift truck, and blocked the highway!! In Russia, if a person got into such a situation, they would say: "Sorry, we can't help, we don't have the necessary technical support…"And only after the complaint began to think how to save this poor fellow. Sorry about my English…

  3. medvejut77 says:


  4. Fernando De La Torre says:

  5. Galery Q says:

    Finally you are safe.
    Thank you so much for all of you.

  6. fumi 46 says:

    Terharu. Terimakasih sudah menyelamatkan kucing itu.

  7. Alexa Bibat says:

    Korea has more hearts than us they really care at animals❤️😔

  8. Жанна Назирова says:


  9. Tag Hack says:

    Thank you and may God Bless you for rescuing the sweet innocent cat 🙏🤲👍
    But, how on earth did she/he get there ? Maybe someone brought her or him and trapped here in there!
    There is a huge possibly that this has been done by Animal
    Abusers because they are born heartless and full of hatred within their hearts! Such people should be put away in jail, the are a danger to stray and abandoned Animals!

  10. Maikl Solovei says:

    Еще одно очередное доказательство жестокости людей очнитесь пожалуйста у братьев наших меньших тоже есть душа!! Они так же любят им так же больно и страшно зачем вы их обижаете ! Каким надо быть моральным уродо что бы выкинуть котика на проезжую часть!! Что б вас на мкад скинули с моста!!

  11. Sean Curran says:

    Great job!

  12. flamingpie herman says:

    Is it possible to put English subtitles below so we know what's being said??

  13. Xelene Bancoro says:

    Thank u for saving another life!

  14. Bruno Rodckoffer says:


  15. mujkocka says:

    LOL it was cold too!

  16. {¿Dragon_ Cat?} says:

    Кто РУССКИЙ?

  17. Kim Lance says:

    Very super nice 👍🏻!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Nhayselle Mitchiko Malaki says:

    I would Sacrifice myself whenever i save an animal

  19. Nhayselle Mitchiko Malaki says:


  20. Allyza Grace Olmo says:

    thank you for rescuing those precious cats, i hope you continue to helping them :>

  21. Allyza Grace Olmo says:

    cant understand those people raising a cat and end up to abandoned them, bad hoomans. :< xoxad

  22. Mansyah Dk says:

    Kritterclub your is the best😘😍👍

  23. Robert Reed says:

    Just wait until it rains it'll come out

  24. Robert Reed says:

    They want to take it home and cook it up with the rice

  25. 『 Y u m m î 』 says:

    Hay no soporto ver a los gatos sufrir es muy feo

  26. GHIA16vzetec says:

    es conmovedor aquí en España no se movería ni un dedo en una situación así.

    el mío es un país subdesarrollado cuánto tenemos que aprender de ustedes.


  27. Борис Борис says:

    Здравствуйте,когда я смотрю Ваши ролики я очень переживаю за животных,иногда даже слезы по щеке текут,а ведь мне уже 65лет.Вы все, кто участвует в спасении животных,для меня герои.У нас в России так спасать небудут а жаль.Вы совсем другие Вы любите животных.Храни вас Бог!!!

  28. Nindy Adryatika says:

    Terimakasih atas kebaikan anda, saya selalu mengikuti program anda. Dan saya berharap di negara saya juga bisa seperti ini.

  29. Sonya Sonya says:


  30. The Eve says:

    Блин восхищаюсь такими людьми которые помогут животным!

  31. Kathryn Tate says:

    Great ladies!!

  32. Julia samadashvili says:

    Я люблю смотреть вас патаму что всегда кончается всё хорошо

  33. Suresh Yogaraj says:

    Thank You Soooooooooooo so so so much for saving the cat

  34. Suresh Yogaraj says:

    you always helping the animals

  35. Greg AVFC 69/70 Jones says:

    Episode 105 is the same place but with a black cat!

  36. Sahasoti Montree says:

    😭😭😭😭🐱🐱🐱thank you so much ❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  37. daoudi hacene says:

    😢😢😢thank you 🙏👍

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  40. AGUS Motovlog says:

    Thanx you salam from indonesia😭😿

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  42. Iwona Wyr says:

    Zaraz bym go wzięła do siebie.

  43. Vikingdescendent says:

    How amazing is that for humans to persist in saving a kitty from a hellish environment. Five paws up for Kritter Klub for caring so much! You are amazing and give hope and inspiration for a better world. Thanks for being there!!

  44. Pranee Chewchoosak says:


  45. Diogo R. says:

    When I watch your videos I cry so much just thinking that could be my cat suffering …
    thankyou for being such kind people

  46. Людмила Савченко says:

    Как они оперативно спасают животных. Люблю смотреть этот канал. Спасибо ,что есть неравнодушные люди.

  47. saturn *:・゚ says:

    Hard to believe someone would abandon a tiny kitten in such a scary place ): Glad there were many people concerned and were able to save the kitty 💖

  48. TRAN ANH says:

    😍 🔥 КРАСАВЧИКИ!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 4:19

  49. Frosty Floofy says:

    Thx god he healthy

  50. Olga Britikova says:

    Auguri a tutti i Voi per il vostro non è facile ma molto importante lavoro. Огромное Вам Спасибо!!!

  51. Eric Ek says:

    8:33 you see a snow flake go from left to right. a moment later, you see what looks like a orb, float straight down much slower, a spirit, an ANGEL! GOES RIGHT TO THE CAT, AND THE TRAP SPRINGS! THAT IS NOT A SNOWFLAKE! Look at it. It vanishes. I have watched it over and over. The angel is there.

  52. Franchis Betancourt says:


  53. Canal Random says:

    Why people dislike videos like that?

  54. Minerva Vega geronimo says:

    Llore mucho

  55. oreo jain says:

    i real cry when i see this type,s of video 😭😭

  56. Jamal Alajmi says:

    God bless for feeding these litttle great animal you such an angel

  57. Jamal Alajmi says:

    When i die I will be like and wish to meet some has your sprit to guide other

  58. Mohungur Nushrat says:

    1 prblm wiz kritter's klub its nt in english n i ddnt found z cc button

  59. meral akyol says:

    Helal olsun butUn hayvan ekiplerine İzmirden selam olsun teşekkür ederim

  60. Xb Dh says:


  61. JoyCassi says:

    Can we have an update, please? Was he adopted. I wish we could follow these kitties journey till adoption 🙁

  62. Dorothy Charles says:

    I'm so happy the cat was rescued. Great job!!!

  63. Dorothy Charles says:

    Keep us up to date if he/she gets adopted

  64. Tanueschka 80 says:


  65. Yonatan Medina says:


  66. Flag Busk says:

    Kediler uzaylıdır !

  67. ATEEZ X ATINY says:

    What a cute cat…😢😢very thankful for Korean people that very helpful 😢😢🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️

  68. Animal Little Shelter says:

    “I think he’s dead” me: sad crying kitten meows me: intense happy crying 3:31

  69. Patricia Pereira says:

    👏👏pelo trabalho que vcs fazem ❤️🇧🇷🐈

  70. Trần Thế says:

    Who else died because their heart melted during the video? 3:37

  71. Beyblade ztx says:

    Cute kitty happy life always 😊

  72. Hồng phương Vy Nguyễn says:


  73. uwuheein says:

    6:46 nah sis i call bs

  74. Samaracuerva13 Cuerva says:


  75. Catherina Knight says:

    K .K … Showing us The Side of KOREA WE WANT TO SEE : THANK YOU 😭😭🙏🙏😭🙏🙏🙏🐈👍

  76. Sparky Pup says:

    poor lil baby 🙁

    i hope the lil kitty finds a furever home and has more love, food and cuddles than ever

  77. Citlaly Ramirez says:

    Gente como ustedes van al cielo☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😺😺😺😺

    Por ayudar a los gatitos😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

  78. Dery Himawan says:

    Salut sama orang Korea lovyouu

  79. Missing Error says:

    this is a whole new case of a cat being stuck in a tree, except, its a highway drain.

  80. norman leonor says:


  81. winoy yyy says:

    sungguh berhati malaikat 😇😇😇

  82. heteroNeko Nina says:

    I really love the efforts of all the people saving the cats.. may God bless you all.. 😭

  83. Carmen zarate says:


  84. Bing A says:

    Bless your hearts 💕 so relieved the cat will be safe !

  85. Ell Xan says:

    That cat is soo cute… 😍😻😢💔❤️

  86. Ivananda Pratama says:

    Purrr 🙁

  87. Nouval Adnan 31 says:

    seekor kucing pun mreka sgt perdli smoga masih bnyk manusia seperti ini trimakasih…trimaksih…smoga Allah membalas kebaikan klian..Aamiin..

  88. milkyleafy owo says:


  89. Your Neighborhood Friendly Bernkastel/Mariuteau says:

    Aw he was so scared at 10:58

  90. Fabiana gris says:

    Traducir en español

  91. Mariana Avalos says:

    God bless this people making a 💯 difference and if they did leave the poor kitty there I hope they rot in hell

  92. Yen Nguyen says:

    i cant imagine what terrible happened to him. though he lived in a very hash condition, he tried his best to survive. he is a supercat. if they didnt rescue him promtly, he would die in some days because the weather was freezing and he had nothing to eat. thank you for rescuing him. wish you guys the best things

  93. Mẫn Lý says:

    Chi có o bên nhật

  94. blessed7*fold says:

    Some EVIL cruel hearted person dumped that poor baby out of their car on the highway & it scurried into the drain to get away from the cars. Poor baby!!😥😪I pray you can find her a loving home she deserves!- this precious babe is SO ADORABLE!!🙏🙏🙏💗🐾🐈🐾💖

  95. wasila Fatiha says:


  96. Skygamer23 says:

    Help it!

  97. Skygamer23 says:


  98. Milan says:

    closing a main bridge to save a cat…
    I'm packing my bags

  99. Агнесса Черс says:

    Спасение маленькой жизни было организованно на отлично. Молодцы защитники животных. БРАВО!!!

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