Cat vs Human – challenge without toilet paper. True Catective. Series 5

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15 Responses

  1. Saul Uribe says:

    HAHAHA! Another Utubing cat nut like Cole and Marmalade's Chris, Mean kitty's Corey really cute.

  2. Daniel VeganArt says:


  3. T i k e P i k a • L u n i m e says:

    When a cat wanted to be a human just like his owner

  4. marta grey says:

    Bellissimi ..

  5. petros computers says:

    Cats are the most funny creatures on the planet .how i know .Everytime i watch a cat expressive face i laugh 🤣

  6. petros computers says:

    Pusic after all he suffered when was lil and sick ,got the best life and owner .salute and respect for this big act of kindness ! Needs a special person to do that ! ✌👍

  7. choppy249 says:

    CatPusic is one of the most beautiful , intelligent and loving cats that I have ever seen in my life. And I love them all but he is definitely different and unique.

  8. Prakruti Nisarga says:


  9. Šky Gålåkšy says:

    I♥️Y Pusic

  10. Jenn K says:

    On the last selfie, it looked like Pusic was smiling, enjoying himself! I love Pusic's ears in his hat.

  11. Wendy Saidi says:

    Is Pusic from the Felix brand?

  12. Jill Davis says:

    I love you and CatPusic❤❤❤❤❤ Awesome video, as always!!

  13. Mr. Rutto says:


  14. Coracao Formoso 123 says:

    Lindinho seu anjiho 😂🐈❤️🇧🇷

  15. ic99aau1 says:

    отличный канал

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