CATS: Meet your Uncle Tony!

Uncle Tony! Hey… you! Is your mother around? She is not, but she’ll be home any minute now. Any minute. Damn it. I was looking for one of her better kids. One of the bigger ones, the braver ones… One of the ones who really knows how to keep a secret. I can keep a secret better than any of my siblings. Would you die before you ever told what Uncle Tony was going to do to you Don’t just answer. Picture your own corpse. I… I would! Purrfect. Cause there’s a better than even chance you’ll actually survive this And she can’t EVER know I did this to you. There isn’t even a steering wheel in here, how do I dodge? That’s the beauty of my system. The bot will do all the work. Then why does anyone have to be in here? Stakes! Violence is meaningless unless it’s… well unless it’s not meaningless. In this place, you can achieve something meaningful In this place, you are not a nobody without a name. Actually, I do have a name…. In this place you are not just another mouth for your burdened mother to feed. Did she say th… She did. IN THIS PLACE! You are immortal! Wow. That makes me less scared. It’s a metaphor, kid. You could totally die. Are you sure you don’t want to pilot it? Are you kidding? It’s (@#%&№) dangerous! What the..? That thing had an ejector seat?.. I mean, that thing had an ejector seat. What? You didn’t?… Where did you get all that money? I won a bet. You bet on the other guy? That’s not important now. What’s important is you’re safe. So I won’t even have to figure out what I’m going to tell your mother!

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100 Responses

  1. grey cannon studios says:

    Make another one

  2. Серикболат Кайдаров says:

    Кто русский лайк

  3. Unnamed Wolf says:

    This is the most honest video I've ever seen for a game

  4. Zian Xelmeus says:

    Hooray for child endangerment!…..

  5. TheLoneMaster YT says:

    I wish there is fps mode

  6. oscar peloton says:

    having that kind of uncle will be awesome

  7. Jacob Lopez says:

    Seems like the alcoholic type

  8. ElonMuskrat _2 says:

    The first 10 seconds had a feeling something was wrong

  9. Scolocus69 says:

    At first, I thought it was a PSA

    But, i looked at the title


    Oh, okay

  10. Firekid 3po says:

    Wow just wow

  11. Злобный Илюминатыч says:

    Best Uncle forever.

  12. 夜間警備員#中級# says:



  13. Pink Diamond says:

    Best. Uncle. Ever.

  14. Deniz Erem says:

    uh… rude

  15. Foximations Studios says:

    Wtf this is messed up Uncle Tony

  16. Kristoforus Ranandia Sulisetyo says:

    I'm the former player of that game.

  17. Prakhar_YT says:

    That was darker than f*cking vantablack

  18. Blondefrog89 says:

    surprised uncle tony didn’t rape em

  19. republic of the KAZAKHSTAN says:

    Very cute cats! But i dnt know English
    • •

  20. Mr. Eusko says:

    I like the furries.

  21. Vovanpotap35 says:

    1:30 What did he say???

  22. Sebastian Cruz says:

    I feel like uncle tony was gonna rape him

  23. Dennis-T says:

    This is messed up

  24. Serkan Ciğerli gg says:

    Like 👌

  25. :thinking: says:

    Why is this in my reccomended I haven't played this in years

  26. Domi says:

    Bruh: 1:30
    Kids game btw … but ok

  27. Soldier SAIK NoNameSo says:

    How I would reacted:
    The last thing you need is more money you FAT PEACE OF SH#

  28. Player Het says:

    Мне норм

  29. Gamer Gaming says:

    What i just watched

  30. WeRuleMeme says:

    When my dad came to get milk

  31. Ness Main says:

    This feels like an amazing world of gumball episode

  32. Emily the skeleton says:


  33. reiverjohn lm no longer reiverjohn ababao says:

    Are you kidding this is fu horn starts king dangerous wow shes saying bad words

  34. Angelo Rivera says:

    Welp guess time to call the police

  35. Joshua Austria says:

    Kids Game?

  36. Tima Seitkazhin says:

    Tony likes my dad😂😂

  37. Blue Saber says:

    Oh how i missed this haha too bad my acc was hacked

  38. RedBlue Gaming says:

    "what's important is you're safe"

    putting his nephew into the steerless car and fighting a car loaded with missile

  39. Husky bro CZ says:

    I am veteran in this game. I MUST DOWNLOAD IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

  40. devin campbell says:

    hi uncle tony! did you miss me?

  41. re:lost says:


  42. Big chungus says:

    im looking for one of the ones that can keep a secret
    yep, classical uncle

  43. boomboom boom says:

    ThIs Is nEw.

  44. boomboom boom says:


  45. boomboom boom says:

    " ArE yUo KidDiNg, iTs F-HOOOONK dAnGeroUs "

  46. TranChau chau says:

    More like uncle Trevor

  47. The BlueBreegull0605 says:

    Mom comes home
    Honey why is the basement full of mayonnaise

  48. iNerdy _Turtle8571 says:

    My uncle Tony came back after 23 years when I won the lottery.

  49. Chicken cheese says:

    Uncle Tony is everyone who plays the game Uncle

  50. Ubercharge Mex says:

    Don’t trust your uncle

  51. jake the gamerwolf says:

    Wait Im playing young character

  52. mr.FREINDLY Reviews says:

    Can i call them the fci fedueral cat investigation?

  53. ?? says:


  54. MaiZZEErSS MaiZZy says:


  55. Christian James says:

    Uncle Tony: exists
    FBI: E X I S T S

  56. Лис Спенсер says:

    Мне одному этот безымянный котенок напоминает котенка Гава?

  57. GoneForever says:

    All i heard was

    Is She safe?
    she dead

  58. Lucifer TM says:

    жестокое 🤣

  59. кольт дебил says:

    Чиста трейлер CATS

  60. Chibi Vampire dio says:

    It’s fu- Horn ing dangerous!!

  61. Real hydra boi Pg3d says:

    U N C L E T O N Y !

  62. FAJAgaming says:

    Uncle Tony why you have a red iron suit in your basement

  63. 「神射手育斌」 says:

    He's gonna rap-

  64. Trace Mcdonald says:

    My (long ago) 10 year old self: uncle I had a nightmire!

    Uncle: picture your dead corpse

  65. Nimealone Gaming says:

    Hey! The owner of the C.A.T.S why there is no update button to me you should fix it and make it awesome update that you never seen update in Chirstmas Remember Make it better period

  66. ZedeeX says:

    This reminds me of final space

  67. Its Treyway;-; says:


  68. Enderguy 290 says:

    Tony:"Hey your gift is a highly lethal tank battler now go destroy or get destroyed"

  69. hes no khes says:


  70. Gaming with a Penguin says:


  71. bluemarinboy// water says:

    Me:do you want to make a child ho to war

    Uncle Tony: YES

  72. Amber Ninja says:

    I love uncle Tony's voice.

  73. CHIFFON The Cute Guy says:

    Cats game:family friend
    Cats animation: +14

  74. Nickspencer Fishing rod :D says:

    1:31 lol

  75. A.M cubing and gamer says:

    Uncle Tony said it's f**** dangerous

  76. Aniahlator Playz says:

    Your game is hard

    But i love it!! 😻

  77. Luis Rojas says:

    Uncle Tony arrested for rape

  78. Toasty Bunz says:

    Uncle Tony will be then arrested for several crimes.

  79. FroggyHopz says:

    Uncle Tony was finding the mother so he could bang her


    Why can’t I get mini gun when I was on metal parts and I usually picked age 8 for my account for c.a.t.s but it won’t let me get a mini gun. So please fix my error and when I come back I will get a legendary mini gun box but don’t make it for others or they will become over powered so please fix as soon as possible

  81. Donovan Phillip says:

    0:04 me when i see a wall

  82. los primos 3 says:


  83. Blox999 says:

    Why ia Uncle tonys words About sometimes [email protected]

  84. CLUTCHDUDE114 says:

    I need more episodes

  85. Octavio Arese says:


  86. iGamerPro YT says:

    When I was like 6 my uncle Chad made me come into the bathroom with him and he'd lock the door.

  87. Mr. Mask says:

    that $ <3ing bastard

  88. MRmoomoodude says:

    I forgot about this game I played it when I was 7 or 8 I was the best

  89. Furkan vural Tas says:

    Cats;lm very game cats play,today cats club not open to box.lm club box 2 strong also nothing box.lm legendary box and club 5 level take a box give mi please now

  90. CamTech ._. says:

    Uncle tony is just hella funny

  91. Benny Boi says:

    I got it because their cats and cats have nine lives

  92. BP_Reinkejonas says:


  93. Malik Asfour says:

    How to hack c.a.t.s ?

  94. 스타노 says:

    There's zeptplab! I can't download the c.a.t.s. Let's make the TT or the download fast!

  95. MalikGluk [Malik] says:

    1:46 раз катапультируемое кресло
    1:49 два катапультируемое кресло:3

  96. Max Payne says:

    Please make more like this please.

  97. 유지연 says:


  98. Печалька Депресивнаяа says:

    Я думала, это детская игра, а тут…
    Дядя Тони выражается на нелитературном английском и подвергает смертельной опасности своего племянника ради денег…
    Но, по законам жанра, он должен был пройти путь от мальчугана до местного криминального авторитета ( до событий этого мультфильма ) и в итоге окажется, что он жёсткий, но в душе добрый-хороший-справедливый любящий дядя)

  99. Дима Лебедев says:


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