Cat’s nest found. keeping kitten abandoned by the mother. Pet my Screen PmS SE02E09

Suckled five grams. (0.18 oz.) Where is it sweetheart. Have not lost it. I wanna more, Mommy. Hi desperateling. Where’s the desperateling? Cat isn’t there. And what about the kittens? They’re there. Did we put? Together? We put him there. When the cat arrives. No. It isn’t as simple as that. And he already suckled so they will… … get together one on another. No. Let me see there. It is not that simple. Is it not? Must have a flashlight. Light up there for me to see. Through the hole here. There’s a little window there. There is not a window hire. There is. There really is. Isn’t the cat in there? Hidden. If you light it up I may see if it is. Do I put him there with the towels? No. You better not. Didi you saw there? Let me see if I can film. It would be nice if you put one … …grab the chance that the cat isn’t here and put a cloth there. Ah. The more you tamper with it the worse. Throw the cloth there. I can’t. What’s the matter, my Gosh. Can’t it come out? Air. Did air get in? my luv. Air came inside. Let him… He’s coughing.

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2 Responses

  1. TheComicalCanadian says:

    nice video keep it up

  2. David Gallinari says:

    Ow fiiii! Deixa ração pra mae la pô! E Áááágua!

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