Cavalancia Orthodontics – Captain Goes Back to School

This summer has been great. Long days in the sun. Running in fields. Naps on the couch. Swimming in the pool. Hanging with friends. And making great memories. But the summer sun is about to set and will
soon be replaced with pumpkins textbooks and football. You’re probably getting
ready for the new school year. You’ve got everything you need. New backpack, books, pencils – but there’s one thing you can’t forget. The end of the summer is the
perfect time to have your teeth checked The AAO recommends that kids be seen at age 7 by an orthodontist to establish early contact in order to monitor proper
dental and facial development. Our offices are conveniently located in both
Indiana and Johnstown and are complete with a team of doctors and staff who want to provide the treatment that best suits your needs.
Summer was action-packed with fun but don’t forget about your teeth. A smile is
the first thing people notice so start the school year off right with one that
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