Cavalier King Charles Spaniel | Dog Breeds

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18 Responses

  1. Kelvioss says:


  2. A Areif says:

    they are so cute

  3. A Areif says:

    0:52 hahahaha BUT BUT BUT ! keep on replaying it πŸ™‚

  4. MarieTalks says:

    thumbs up if this is your favourite dog breed

  5. Silent Sapphire says:

    if u watch her other videos ull be having a deja vu moment every fucking time gah

  6. Thvndar says:

    if this is about cavaliers, why is all the footage of pit bulls?

  7. thetvnerd says:

    She forgot to mention that they hunt everything that they can kill. I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Daisy and she has killed lizards, rats, and even possums. Its weird though since she has never been hostile towards anyone or any other dog or cat but when she see's a rodent then she feels the need to kill it.

  8. 0Elise0Dozzy2 says:

    0:18 cat in the background…

  9. No says:

    @kasumo really?!

  10. gaparoonie says:

    so where is the video about the cavalier king charles spaniels? all she does is show a pic, and then talk about them, and then show video of her and her dogs.

  11. Suzzyta says:

    If this vid is about cavaliers why do you show other dogs ? The tittle is so misleading. It didnt teach me anything about them. I am sorry but most of your videos are really bad.. maybe you should stick to writing only.. dislike..

  12. Karin Hallberg says:

    Weird video about Cavaliers. As so many others mention – why showing a lot of other breeds?!?

  13. Kristine Kelly says:

    You need to rename your video's. If I want to learn about a dog breed I am less concerned with getting a history lesson and want information about the breed itself. All if your videos are short and it takes 30 seconds before we get to hear anything about the dog itself. All you said here was that they are sweet. I have a CKC Spaniel and if that is the only piece of info you can provide then you need a new career. If anyone wants to really understand dog breeds watch dogs 101 on Animal Planet.

  14. Cassandra Torres says:

    True they tell a lot info on dogs 101

  15. Rice Curry says:

    can she make a video on how to breed the dog breeds cause my 2 cavaliers (boy and girl) we are trying to breed them they got stuck once and we are unsure if we bred them right or totally wrong.

  16. fernando torrera says:

    Warning their skull might be to small for their brain and you get to watch your dog scream in pain and be put down.
    Seriously she missed that as a con.

  17. Mustache Macy says:

    I know this is off topic but I can't like or reply on any of these comments. It's weird

  18. John Dimi says:

    Was I mistaken or did I not see a variety of dogs in your video? I now have to search online to know which of those dogs was the CKCS. Please focus solely on the CKCS . Thanks.

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