Challenge: Drawing With the Left Hand! – A French Bulldog

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
I will take on the challenge that Danny Hernández sent me. Consisting of drawing with the left hand
[laughter] which is something I have never done! Let’s give it a shot. I will attempt to draw a French Bulldog. I begin by marking where the head will go the top and the bottom with some sketchy lines. This is a very rough sketch of the head with the sides, like so…
and this other side. This is the body, he will be laying down
on the floor. And the legs, I’m trying to do this with
loose movements, as much as possible. Even tho my left hand is so tight,
it´s painful to watch. Alright! And I´ll make some guidelines to place the features, a horizontal line
and a vertical line, both across the middle. So far since I did rough lines trying
to use the whole arm, wasn’t so much a problem, but now to do the detail it is almost impossible to do it
with the left hand! For example, this is supposed to be
a smooth rounded shape for the eye [laughter]. This dog is looking more like a turtle,
so far! [laughter]. Here the nose, like so… And the mouth. He looks like a sad turtle [laughter]. Some wrinkles on the forehead so characteristic of this breed and then the ears, drawing the ears makes
it look much more like a dog. Ok, very good! Yeah I think
it begin looking like a dog. And I draw this eye slowly
and very carefully, trying to make the round shapes look round. I am speeding it up a lot for you
because I’m truly drawing painfully slow. My hand is not been very obedient doing
what my mind tells it [laughter]. It is actually doing it but very slowly,
I have to be patient. I think in drawing half of the job is
seeing what need to be done, so that’s with your eyes and mind
and the other half is actually doing it and that’s up to your hand and arm. Since I am not able to make accurate
lines and shapes with my left hand, I’m doing the shadowing mainly
by scribbling, by doodling shapes and in this way little by little
I can achieve a decent result … I hope. The ears are folded down. This drawing may not be
the most accurate I have done, but interestingly enough, I think
it has character. Every artist, and every hand
has its own personality, and I am finding that maybe my left hand is a little bit more expressive than my right one which is more accurate. [Laughter]. What do you think? And finally after a lot of work these eyes are looking somehow like eyes they are not done yet but they are at least, looking like eyes. And we continue with the shading. Let’s draw the chubby paws
of this little dog, with the nails… and more doodling and scribbling
for the shading. This is pretty fun! after a rough start,
I’m now actually enjoying drawing with the left hand. What helps is that this breed of dog
has a lot of character by itself, so they are very nice to draw! they are so expressive! Alright! We give it the last touches… the last details… and its ready! Please in the comments
let me know your opinion of whether this challenge
was made successfully! and if you enjoyed the video
please give it a LIKE! share it to your friends
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on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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