Cheap Toy Poodles Turn Out To Be Ferretts On Steroids

cheat or total purchase an ardent in a
market turned out to be uh… fairy on steroids yes you heard right of fairy on
steroids and auto identified men visited lifestyle i i lost a lot steps back to do with it but let’s allow doubles are in buenos
aires thought he was getting a bargain on a pair of too that the house in dollar twenty
bills but instead ont he wound up with a hundred dollars
worth of he didn’t find out about it until he
took the ends of that for shots known as the brazilian rack welfare is not a new yorker at i_d_c_
here at the brazilian right at the new york rental scary their for
the record on the fluffy white fair its throat was
pumped up close to us from birth through the bolt up their parents so it could be
sold as a dog understand for the summer stories of
having purchased pure breed purebred to what was the end up being ms street
and road ends and underdog like animals so basically argentina what’s going down
is that people are selling you dogs and flea market or the bizarre and they’re telling you is darden’s real
attracts them you know parceled and reckon boxes and you know really really weird rodents bible sign
into the sad part is that this happening what does that happen in america and you
know there’s no way to find out whether or not it’s like a fairy or a
dog won’t return to the bat sinking find out or if you find out
because if you have to go to that he notes while laws knows all of the
have fifteen to twenty allies them unfairly seven a loss of your dog does
early is probably a fair sort that i i i digress i don’t know
what to say about this but sucks to be that guy

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  1. A. Miller says:

    "If your dog dies early, it's probably a ferret."

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