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(upbeat music) – [Narrator] At the
Columbus Zoo in Powell Ohio, a yellow Lab named
Carlyle has made friends with African cheetahs. – I think it’s really cool
how they are raised together, and how they’re frenemies, basically. – [Narrator] In Africa, cheetahs
are the enemy of the dog. Dogs are used to guard livestock
against cheetah attacks. But here at the zoo, a
friendship has been nurtured. – The first time you see
a dog in with a cheetah, you’re like, “What are they doing? “This is crazy!” And a lot of people
actually ask that question, “Why are they in together?” – [Zoo Worker] I’m sure you
guys are probably wondering why we have a yellow lab up here on stage. He is actually best friends with Edward. We do a lot of traveling
with our cheetahs. And being naturally skittish cats, Carlyle kind of helps calm them down and lets them know that,
“Hey, this is okay.” – He’s traveled the country. He’s probably been to more states in the United States than most people. – [Narrator] A day in the life of Carlyle has him interacting with a
lot of different species, like these leopard cubs, but
his most surprising companions are animals that dogs have
evolved to guard against. It’s his DBFs, the fastest
land mammals on the planet, the cheetahs. (heavy music) Like dogs, male cheetahs are quite social, and in nature will often sit together, living in pairs, or even trios, as adults. This desire for brotherhood
is the main reason Carlye the Lab’s extraordinary friendship with the cheetahs works. – He was raised with them, as a puppy, and the cheetahs were cubs. – [Narrator] Four years
ago, before Carlyle was part of her life, Suzi got a call
to adopt four cheetah cubs. – [Suzi] These cheetahs
kind of landed in my lap, so I didn’t have a lot
of time on my hands. I wanted to get a puppy,
as soon as possible, to start the process. – [Narrator] Susan soon
found a breeder with puppies, but it took some convincing. – The puppy she offered
me was not Carlyle. Carlyle was her pride and joy,
that she was going to keep, because she was gonna go on to show him. But he was the one I wanted. So I begged, a little, and pleaded, and the next day, Chris
called me and said, “I’m so excited about the
life Carlyle’s gonna lead.” So she let me have him. Yeah, it didn’t take long before I realized how special he was. He was just this chunk of love. – [Narrator] This little
puppy is actually Coby, a new addition to the zoo. Like Carlyle, his job is to grow up with, and help socialize, a
new coalition of cubs. At just six weeks of age, Coby is introduced to
the 21-day-old cheetahs. – The sooner you get
’em in with the litter, the sooner they bond, and when they bond, the cheetah thinks that’s its sibling. There’s your brother. (laughs) – Cheetahs are very
skittish animals, naturally. – [Suzi] You can see how,
kind of, skittish they are, a little bit nervous. In time, the dog will
take that out of them. – They’re gonna look at his body language, and read his body language,
and see his comfort level, and they’re gonna go, “Oh, this is great, “I can deal with this.” – [Suzi] The nipping is 100% play. – [Narrator] Like Coby and these cubs, Carlyle was raised with
his cheetah brothers. But can this kinship last, or will bloodier instincts prevail? – I’ll never know if they love each other, ’cause it’s one of
those internal behaviors that I don’t know, but I do see, there’s definitely that bond
that they like to be together. – [Narrator] Since the lifespan
of a cheetah in captivity and a canine is similar,
Carlyle and the cheetahs will remain together for
the rest of their lives. – They’ll definitely be together, their entire life, and be friends. – Everybody thinks a dog
is just man’s best friend. I can assure you, Carlyle’s definitely cheetah’s best friend, too. (electric guitar chord)

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100 Responses

  1. Kokdiang z says:

    Director: how bad do you want the
    Audio be?
    This show: Y E S

  2. Evan Wilkinson says:

    that guy looks like louis ck

  3. TheGodEmperorofMankind says:

    Big cats are far more like dogs than they are to house cats.

  4. Why Is kpop still a thing says:

    That dog should to play tag with him

    Wait hold up

  5. Paula Font says:

    why am i crying

  6. Josh isn’t real says:

    Cheetahs are naturally nervous animals… Most zoos give them “Emotional support dogs”

  7. Nathaniel Kitzmiller says:

    Ofc its the blond haired blue eyed white bitch that said frienemies

  8. Pennybott says:

    Carlisle and Edward… Twilight anyone?

  9. soham das says:

    Feel like cheetahs are actually dogs pretending to be cats

  10. Valerie Munkombwe says:

    Is it me or are they named after twilight characters?

  11. Ozan RN64 says:

    [happy cheetah noises]

  12. Jonathan Aguilar says:

    Bro that thumbnail fucked me up.

  13. ForMyIPod Ok says:

    Favorite dog?

  14. The Cactus Creatures says:

    0:30 he reminds me of Hey Arnold’s teacher

  15. Tae Tae Ate My Potato says:

    Dog not only man best friend even Animals best friend. Dogs are wonderful creature

  16. sean b says:

    Fucking humans! Let the cheetah be a fuckin cheetah! a dog and a cheetah should not be friends fuckin anamal kingdom is getting confused becauae of us humans. Leave them in the wild stop hunting them leave them be.

  17. X clan says:

    I like in the thumb nail there's a dog humping a leg

  18. JC CUYSONA'S VLOGS says:

    Did anyone seen the flamingo hoe hoe hoe if you're multicolored that's cool too

  19. Lee Yi Jin says:

    I am always relieved to know that animals kept in captivity have assured standard of living as such.

  20. Rose Doodles says:

    Carlile? Edward?? Twilight in animal form.

  21. HotBaconBap says:

    Puppies look like puppies when they're small but cheetah cubs are literally miniature cheetahs

  22. Mj Matthews says:

    They have pairs like this at San Diego Zoo too.

  23. M says:

    Well Cheetah's imprint on other creatures (even humans) so it makes sense they would do so with a dog that they developed a bond with.

  24. kyle prince says:

    Sounds like this was filmed in 1985

  25. Mavi Avila says:

    Baby Labradors are too cute

  26. Delaney Sherwood says:

    I saw this it was also in a show

  27. King Lighty says:

    Hey LoveNature, i’m an audio engineer and I noticed your low/mid frequencies are really jumping out to the ear(that bottled effect on the voice) you should Equalize the voice of the narrator to get rid of that effect😁

  28. Belia Luedke says:

    Lovely vid… Thanks a lot for sharing. 😀

  29. a p says:

    She smoking hot

  30. Son Nguyen says:

    Why animals can have an Bond Like this but Humans must Fight each other cause of their nationality/Religion…

  31. Hugh Jones says:

    "…FOR DINNER!!"

  32. Carlos Arias says:

    I’ve read that cheetahs are some of the few wild animals that can be domesticated, on contrast with other big cats that might snap one day and decide they’re gonna have you for lunch. Cheetahs are very stable, smart and loyal.

  33. Devon Byrne says:

    Who thought it was a good idea to play music through the camera mic

  34. Newbil Pun says:

    [everybody liked that]

  35. Jeffrey Fabian says:

    You ignorant people. Evolution can and could have never happened

  36. Mochi Han says:

    The narrator sounds like the type of nigga who still wets their sheets everyday.

  37. BoiledKettles says:


  38. Nitesh Shet says:

    Befriend the food never starve in bad times.

  39. Johanna Hidalgo says:

    I love to see these unusual animal fruendships, that shows humans why animals r so superior than us…..

  40. BerryMaker says:

    Privileged animals

  41. James Griffin says:

    Why am I seeing humans and hearing humans the entire time.

    I just wanna see doggos and big killer cats!

  42. Prakriti Neupane says:

    What I am astonished about is that YouTube ask us to remember the community guidelines ,but shows ads before the video of a woman being shot through xray vision camera. Get your guidelines right YouTube or get lost.

  43. Blazing Blackness says:

    Yo!!! Take a good look at the Cheetah in the thumbnail. I swear, I thought someone was too close to the camera and was picking up some clothe or something

  44. Angel of Death says:

    Carlyle ran with the stick but the cheetah just trotted behind him and tapped him on the back. A game the dog could never win. I know how that feels.

  45. Elin FF says:

    21 days old?! Shouldn't they be with their mother?!
    Oh, wait I forgot – money…

  46. Inzam Haque says:

    Every animal can have a dog.

  47. Aniket Gosavi says:

    Everyone fails to understand… Key here is raise them together when they are cubs….

  48. A E S T H E T I C says:

    Id be like, so now we feed the dog to the cheetahs everyone and wait to see their reaction when i say that and a dog actually goes in the cage with them

  49. truly yours says:

    Cheetah looks lean mean hungry 😉😉

  50. Noob Playa says:

    Hey Karen q

  51. kstock says:

    Guys like to hangout, who knew?

  52. Chris Vega says:


  53. Matthew Trudeau says:

    ‘I’m sorry, ma’am…that puppy isn’t for sale.’

    ‘I wanna speak to your manager.’

  54. Daniel Blakeley says:

    I've held / stole a baby cheetah once their soft ASF

  55. Anthony Taylor says:

    Now when one these wild animals makes a mistake and takes a chunk out of one these pets because yall being so naive these trainers will be quick to put the wild animal down for somethin they do by nature

  56. Oni Rico says:

    Why does the audio sound like it was recorded inside a cone?

  57. Oni Rico says:

    There are another 100 videos like this one where a cheetah and a dog grew up together and now they are best friends

  58. 5674 inCincy says:

    Gross. The zoo buys bred dogs?! How many puppies need homes in Columbus? 0? Doubt it

  59. ajay nair says:

    That's everything I love in a nutshell.

  60. deada adaed says:

    Didn’t know Darth Vader was a narrator

  61. Yes, I agree says:

    Update: the cheetahs ripped the dog to shreds.

    And they lived happily ever… oh.

  62. Azman Faris says:

    DBF’s? Daily best friends? Haha haha

  63. Professor Mobius says:

    Doog and cheet

  64. Ria Rio says:

    All the people saying that cheetahs will hurt/kill the dogs don't know anything about cheetahs.
    I suggest you to watch Dolph C Volker's videos about cheetahs.
    They're amazing and can be easily domesticated.
    And now isn't a bad time as they're going extinct.

  65. Elchavo8 Gaming says:

    Too cute🥺 im gonna die

  66. JeBentMislukt says:

    Dogs tame the untamable, 🙂

  67. Eric Bell says:

    Who else came here thinking the title meant Cheetahs would be eating dogs?


  68. Bad gyal says:

    So she got the dog from a breeder😒😔 ?? Way to go Rescuer👏…not !!
    Please adopt your animals; there are many who need a home🙏

  69. LordOmnissiah says:

    It’s actually not that strange. Cheetahs were used as hunting animals by royalty in ancient times along with dogs. The dogs superior stamina was used to wear the prey down and then the cheetah was released to deliver the kill to the exhausted target.

  70. Varun Gautam says:

    Woaah, she's Karen

  71. HardRockMiner says:

    Cheetah's never prosper.

  72. James Barriere says:

    Suzie your hot with your job great work

  73. vishal thakur says:

    Lab can make anyone his friend

  74. Entertainment Live says:

    When food is your best friend

  75. 곰곰양 says:

    ㅋㅋ 귀여워요

  76. nikhil mishra says:

    Guys no animal other than for consumption purpose are killers and destroyers of nature we humans are indeed both

  77. anymatix says:

    I don't mean to offend but the lady looks slightly like Gordon ramsay. Tbh

  78. Diesel Johnson says:

    I got two words for you Carlisle… Bad Ass

  79. mike dabro says:

    "Cats and dogs, living together, mass histeria" 🙂

  80. cesarb714 says:

    “Cheetahs love dogs”…. maybe as a snack 😉

  81. Uncle Joe says:

    Too much focus on the people.
    Would have rather seen the dog and cheetahs interacting.

  82. Todd Taylor says:

    Dogs like everything that likes them back.

  83. Ryab Smegger says:

    Corny-ass American entertainment…

  84. Combat x says:

    If dogs can friends with humans so I am not surprised that they can friend with any other animal

  85. mona thakraan says:

    Animal jail

  86. mrduffman52 says:

    They do this on purpose, doesn’t really seem right but oh well

  87. Tegan Naidoo says:

    Why does the sound SUCK?

  88. Boban Joseph says:


  89. D Berd says:

    That’s very cool to see!

  90. Ana Macedo says:

    Great video but the overly dramatic narration was very unnecessary! Not to mention uninformed at points.

  91. Cliff Ogega says: where the heck in africa do cheetas meet with domestic dogs to be enemies?

  92. Ann Other says:

    Cheetahs love dogs…. For tea….

  93. Workin Alday says:

    So even cheetahs are using therapy dogs!

  94. Eric Pabon says:

    dogs are very close to humans thank you think

  95. Clueless Gamer says:

    20 second ad. U gotta be kidding me

  96. SandyTheMaster says:

    3:08 tutu tutu tu tutu tututu tu

  97. HailStan says:

    1:34 – Karen?

  98. Muhammad Nasir says:

    LOVE IS BLIND, no matter is come

  99. Kai Hiwatari says:

    Why not let them in wild…

  100. solomon faber says:

    Why can't people, be people and animals best friends?

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