Chef Cooks Flippin’ Great Pet Pancakes

COMM: Last year we met Japanese chef, Keisuke Inagaki.
00:20 COMM: Who’d made a name for himself by creating
incredible art in pancakes. And as it’s Pancake Day today, we thought it would be
a good opportunity to revisit Inagaki and see some of his other creations. COMM: Last time we saw him creating incredible
replicas of Pokémon and Anime. And since then he’s been turning his hand replicating
people’s pets. COMM: Pancakes are traditionally eaten on
Shrove Tuesday, which marks the beginning of Lent and dates back over 1000 years. COMM: Pancakes first appeared in English recipe
books in the 15th century. COMM: And in the UK around 52 million eggs are used on Pancake Day – 22 million more
than on an average day. COMM: Inagaki’s pancake art has become so popular, he now runs classes to teach others
how to create their own at home. COMM: So this Shrove Tuesday, how about taking some inspiration from Inagaki and having a
go at your very own pan cake art?

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53 Responses

  1. Pure Power says:

    Yum yuummmm ❤️

  2. Daniel says:

    Wow that's amazing!

  3. Cc Foreignn says:


  4. soccer is Life says:


  5. Daniel says:

    I can't even make an ordinary pancake without ruining it lol

  6. I'm Saskia says:

    Aww, thats cute..

  7. Wild Fiyre says:

    Looks good 😛

  8. Padrino Marino says:

    look at the flick of dat wrist hooo

  9. mimpikujadiguru laskarpelangi says:


  10. James Bassett says:

    Aw snap dude I would love to eat a pancake that has a hamster on it. I'd bite the ears or nose. Damn dude has talents 😄🐹🤤

  11. Freedom Fever says:

    Now that's the kinda pancake i would really enjoy eating! Genius!!!

  12. aRMy uwu says:

    I don't even know how to make a simple pancake

  13. Aaron Bear says:

    Make one with Jesus on it 🙆🏻‍♂️

  14. Ruth says:

    They would look nice on a frame.

  15. Jonster says:

    wow im early

  16. Winter Kitty says:

    What type of voodoo black magic skill is this?💀💀

  17. K . J . Mudge says:

    This chef is amazing I love his art work he certainly is very talented but fhe only dilemma would be that it looks so good you really wouldn't want to eat it LOL.😀

  18. Theallknowingsause says:

    when you think its clickbait but really it still is and you end up watching the whole video

  19. Scarlett522 says:

    I'm craving pancakes now:)

  20. Shannon Walker says:


  21. LIAR LIAR says:

    Good Weri nais

  22. Kaylie says:

    Look at the video url
    Notice anything?
    You're welcome 😂😂

  23. Fire Spitting Kid says:

    Make one of Zeus he passed😭

  24. Samara Weaving says:

    It's a change from butchering Dophins, Whales and Sharks !!

  25. duchesswannabe says:

    Difficulty level: Asian

  26. Sophia Antropova says:

    He's a genius!

  27. linaaanah says:

    What did they say about the egg part with the chicken animation? I couldn't hear because the music was too loud and the narrator voice was so low like he wasn't in the mood to do the voice over lol

  28. lauren says:


  29. Popswagon says:

    I wish he was my dad so then I could eat artwork for breakfast

  30. albrenza says:

    Wooow amazing looking!

  31. Benzo Bucks V12 says:

    now that's some flippin fliptastic lookin pancakes am i right. like if you agree or your mom will dead

  32. Destiny Gamer says:

    who even goes to jack in the box anymore? it's horrible

  33. Hello Goodbye says:

    Impressive 😍

  34. I love Panic! At the Disco says:

    I can't even cook a regular pancake properly…

  35. Kimani Coates says:

    Just… how?!

  36. four paws and a heart says:

    skill level: Asian

  37. Angelica Guerrero says:

    I can't even make a decent normal pancake

  38. Frank the Tank says:

    cracked out

  39. Paula Kuhn says:

    suspend revolution fluid render donate equal.

  40. Beulah307 says:

    He's hot too!

  41. TuckerSP2011 says:

    Check out Tiger Tomato youtube channel.

  42. orxsodon calmkiller says:

    How the himalaya….? So cool!!

  43. Vanessa Kwan says:


  44. caitlin low says:


  45. Owen gamer 2010 Stovall says:

    Your like tiger tomato

  46. Still_Reflection 19 says:

    Meanwhile I can’t even get a single pancake to turn out normal…

  47. shania vids says:

    i am proudly to be asian

  48. Mari says:

    Isn’t it a little weird to eat your own pet?

  49. Kaitlyn Suy says:

    Too pretty to eat!! I’d feel bad about it. Lol

  50. BulmaChan says:

    I wouldn’t even eat it.i would just take it home Nd hang it in a frame 😱😍

  51. Prince Juniper says:


  52. 我那覇響 says:

    real pancake art

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