Chesty XV has arrived

Hey Marines, Corporal Hodges here, and I’m
down here at Marine Barracks Washington at the corner of 8th and I, where Rct.
Chesty XV has just stepped on deck. The 10-week-old English bulldog is now the latest
edition of the Marine Corps’ lineage of mascots, and was eager to show his enthusiasm and
help boost the morale of everyone he could after taking his first steps as a Phase 1 recruit. Rct. Chesty XV is a symbol. He’s symbolic
from the Battle of Belleau Wood, where the Germans gave us
that name “Teufel Hunden.” He’s that devil dog, even though he’s only ten weeks
old, he’s still that little devil dog that’s inside of us all. Symbolically, as a recruit, we come out of recruit
training as little devil dogs, and this is us, and as we mature and grow, just like he’ll mature and
grow, he’ll represent us throughout the Marine Corps, and throughout his time while he serves
here at the Marine Barracks Washington. As with any changing of the guard, the
on-duty mascot Chesty XIV, was on hand to welcome his younger counterpart to the Corps. The significance between Chesty XIV and Chesty XV
is just like anything else in the Marine Corps. It’s when a new marine shows up to his unit
and his seniors are there to receive him and take care of them and guide them, so
that way as we get older and we get moving on in the Marine Corps those
juniors, like little Rct. Chesty XV here, comes up, and steps up and becomes
that leader within any unit. Let’s see what Chesty has to say. After completing his training and preparation, the
young recruit will step into the role of his forbear, and serve his four years as
the Marine Corps mascot. Reporting for Defense Media
Activity, I’m Cpl. Bryce Hodges.

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