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hey everybody this is Devi Rea owner of total German Shepherd calm and today let’s take a couple minutes to discuss with you how to choose a German Shepherd puppy if you think about it and you take a lot of time to plan and you do your research choosing the German Shepherd puppy doesn’t really have to be all that hard what you need to do first so let’s go step by step and some thinks you’re leaving taken into account before you bring the puppy home first of all you need to plan ahead so you need to make sure that you do your research about the dog breeds make sure that it’s appropriate for you and your family make sure that you can you know really afford the puppy in the first place that you can afford to buy food and pay for vet bills and all that sort of stuff that you have a place you can keep the puppy you know wherever you’re living or renting or whatever did they allow dogs and there’s just a lot of information so you really need to plan ahead first next you need to evaluate your needs is this really what you what you need or do you work all the time or you’ve gone a lot do you travel quite a bit or you are you someone who’s at home a good bit throughout the day that sort of thing you have kids you know you need to really think a lot of that what your needs are and how you can really really evaluate whatever it is that it’s in your life before you bring that puppy home you can make sure you can give it the best home possible next you need to puppy proof before you bring your puppy home you need to make sure that you get up any kind of you know toxic chemicals or just cleaning supplies or anything like that make sure you put those in a place where the puppy can’t get to them if you have any kind of old you know if you had shoes or clothing or socks or or toys or anything like that laying around if you don’t want the puppy to get hold of it put it up if you’ve got any kind of a rugs if you’ve got cables from you know the TV or satellite dish or or just any kind of electronics order if you’ve got any kind of cords laying around you even make sure you cover those up make sure that cabinet doors are closed there’s just a lot of function early about because if you think anything from knees down it’s going to be where the puppy is really going to to find so you need to make sure that you put all that stuff up and puppy-proof your house before you bring that puppy home you know one of the next things you want to think about you know what’s the best place to find the puppy well before we go into that let me tell you first the best place not to get a puppy set a pet store you have no idea where the puppy came from you can’t see any you know any of the siblings in here the litter makes the puppy has you can’t see its parents and you have no idea to create conditions that it came from so just best advice never buy a puppy from a pet store the first place you should check when you’re looking for a puppy don’t your luck with humane society if you’ve got an animal shelter in your area anything like that build on shaker should be surprised how many people get a puppy or dog and don’t really think things through and suddenly they think they can’t keep it for some reason maybe they’re spent you know death in the family or they’re moving or the place where they’re living at let them keep the dog or or whatever you just never know maybe it’s more work than they thought it would be in the first place or there’s just a lot of different reasons people turn dogs into the Humane Society so check there you punch you’re a really good friend the next place you want to check and I would highly recommend this just going to a German Shepherd dog rescue and the people of these places they typically foster the dog set through other homes they do health checks on them any kind of you know temperament screens they make sure that the dog is is healthy and making provide to you a lot of information about the dogs that render at least seven twelve you know when they received it and they can just really help you out with your needs personally if you don’t have you know if they don’t have what you’re looking for at the time just discuss it with them and maybe something will come up but but if I were you I’m definitely shaking of this this is a really good solution and last but not least the best place I would think a cheek if these other two didn’t work out for you will definitely be a reputable breeder and what I mean by reputable someone who’s just not in it for the money you want to find someone who really wants to find a good home for their dogs someone who’s interested in just having the best puppies and dogs that they can who is interested in furthering debride as far as this making it better not just in it just to make a few quick bucks and get out or whatever it’s someone it’s trying to offer your deal or something like that if they have puppies all the time or if their conditions are just filthy or whatever you know just back out you don’t I deal with them but you want to find someone who’s reputable what should you look for in a breeder well that weather’s told you a couple of things but here a few more first you want to do your research I would go talk to the breeder get them to give you some references provide information from past people that about puppies from them contact them asking questions about the breeder find out more information about them and and now release the fly you with a lot of details as to what you can expect if you were to buy a puppy from this person and a little bit more information about that once you get these references make sure you really do follow through and check them out if you don’t do that you know if you just ask some questions and you don’t get the reference this and then you don’t follow through and check them out you still don’t have a lot of information so make sure you ask for those follow through check them out make sure that the breeder is someone who’s just just not in it for the money that they’re not a person that has you know puppies all the time that they’re not some four super super cheese or they’re not trying to give you a deal or whatever not a place that has really filthy conditions things like that so you’ll know you kind of get a feel for it if someone if someone doesn’t act in your asset deck a little strange or they act a little a little flaky you know back out find somebody out so you’ll be glad you did in the long run what should you expect to get from the breeder when you get your puppy well first and foremost you want those registration papers if you’re going through a breeder so you want to make sure you get those if there’s a pedigree any kind of other paperwork you and make sure you get all that a lot of breeders up for a guarantee and health guarantee or whatever so you want to discuss this with them in the event that something happens to your puppy if I had it a few days or a few weeks or even a few months you want to find out you know what is this we’re going to do in the event that my puppy dies or or whatever you know from a disease or something that maybe it had when I picked it up or whatever you want to make sure you you know check your options first just so you’ll know what to expect the next thing you want to know about is shots you know what kind of shots assist dog had it had any kind of worms you know warnings or whatever it hasn’t been do one has been to the vet has it had any kind of health exams are there any kind of problems you know with the puppy that I need to know about so make sure you get all this information most breeders will offer this to you if they don’t ask them about it because she definitely want this and another important thing you want to see what the litter mates look like this will give you some idea as to you know what you can expect from the puppies force you know they’ll look healthy do they look do they look clean are they friendly or they are they curious are they a good wait you also want to see the parents and if you get a chance you know if they have any other dogs that are related if they have any aunts or uncles or or you know brothers and sisters from previous litters or whatever you want to see all this because this would be a better idea what you can expect from your dogs an adult and what should I look for in the individual puppy first thing you want to look for so you want to look for a dog this proper weight you don’t want to get a puppy that’s big and chunky and the other thing is he’s gonna get a dog that’s really really skinny and the bones were poking at you want to get one that’s appropriate weight and support size and it looks healthy the next thing you want to make sure that it’s clean that it you know it’s not all smelly its eyes or clean nose anus want to make sure that that it has a good hair coat but there’s no bald spots or anything you wanna make sure it’s not scratching an itch in and all that you just want to make sure it’s a clean puppy and that it’s living a clean surroundings you want to make sure that if the cages are nice and clean and well-kept and this whole this will really let you know a lot about what helped the healthier king also have nice clean places for the dogs to live the ones that down the mouth often have sickly or unhealthy purposely or make sure you get your puppy counts was clean they Kindle as possible and that the puppy is a clean will cared for puppy you also want to puppy that’s been well socialized and that’s really playful one that’s curious about you one that comes up to you one that’s playful you know has that’s a good time with this litter mates running around you don’t pick a puppy that’s quiet and laying around or shy or hiding or whatever you just want to make sure that you get the most confident puppy that you can and then that started that slides in there twice so let’s get that okay what else should I be aware of a none you German Shepherd puppy well like any other purebred dog the German Shepherd suffers from several inheritable diseases and these are things that you want to discuss with your breeder you know or if you get it from a recipe you find it from our rescue person if they know did the mother or the father any of the siblings or whatever did they have any kind of diseases like had they bloated or they did they have epilepsy did they have epi have any of them had degenerative myelopathy I mean there’s just a lot of things to think about hip dysplasia elbow dysplasia so you really want to get this information if you can ofa certification and pest pest brings that’s just of what do you want to check into so just find out as much as you can about the history of the dog and as you can and then that’ll make it a lot easier on you just to kind of know what you possibly can expect from your dog in the future and I can’t stress this enough socialize socialize socialize that dog you did out everywhere you can take it for rides take it to the park take it to the grocery store take it to Home Depot take it to the park take it everywhere you can and don’t just leave it in the car did that with you get it around other people get it in other interesting other interesting locations things that may not have seen before and probably have some if it’s it’s you know if it’s coming from from a kennel that’s probably not very socialized a lot of different things so you want to get it up and let it meet and see and do as much as possible this the more you do the better off you’ll be in the long run and sorry that one’s in there twice okay here we go if you’d like to learn more information about the german shepherd please visit us at either place you can find out more information about the dog breed more information about puppies training health diseases of just a lot of things about the term except for that you may or may not be aware of and if you’re thinking of getting one the more you know the better off you’re be I hope you’ve enjoyed this information and thanks a lot

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  1. Holomatchi says:

    hey I have a German Sheperd female mix, she is about 7 years, i had her since september and in january we rescued an about 1 year old gsd, he was 45 kg when i got him with almost no training. The female dog was very jealous in the beginning and didnt not like another dog in the house. But now they go along very well.

  2. Georg Bandak says:

    if you can't take proper care of your pet, then sell it or hire a trainer to show you how to take care of it. GSD can sense emotions a bit more than most other dogs, so if you love it then it'll love you back. No need to go to the park, if you have a 5mX5m space then you can run in circles and train the dog.

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