Choosing a Name for Our Baby Sister!

>>Hey guys, it’s Karina.>>It’s Ronald,
and we are from,>>[Together] SIS vs BRO.>>And today we’re doing
the baby name challenge. As you guys know we got a baby on the way. She’s on the trend, she’s
gonna arrive in five months.>>She’s got her big luggage’s on the way.>>Yes, everything is on the way so we got to choose a baby
name for when she comes. So we’re playing the baby name challenge. So basically we’ve got a
sheet full of questions and we just have to answer
them about baby names and stuff and we’re gonna read them out and one of them might be the baby name. So you guys comment down below which one will be your favorites. So we’ll just begin. All right, so the first question, if you’re baby sister was born tomorrow, what would you call her?>>What did you say?>>I said Ari.>>I said Savannah.>>Savannah.>>Savannah ou na na.>>Okay. I did Ari. All right. Next question. What is your favorite
boy name and girl name from the top USA names list?>>First we’ll do boys.>>Okay, for boys is Jayden. So you guys, we’re not gonna have a boy but just in case we’ve
prepared some boy names. All right. So the boy name for me is Jayden.>>I like Xavier.>>Xavier?>>And my girl one is Savannah.>>My girl one’s Riley.>>Oh.>>I think Riley is really cute.>>Okay, next question, what would you rename yourself keeping your same first initial?>>Karina.>>Ronald. (laughing) Obviously.>>I wouldn’t wanna change my name. I like my name. So we really love our names so we don’t wanna change them because we think that they’re pretty cool.>>Oh yeah.>>All right, the next question is a little bit of an interesting one. All right, what would you have
been/wish you’ve been called if you were the opposite gender?>>I say Savannah again.>>Why do you love the
name Savannah so much?>>I just like it a lot.>>I put Jayden.>>Kay.>>Okay, all right. Choose your favorite vintage baby name. Mine’s not very vintage but when I search vintage baby names this is what came up so
I guess it’s vintage.>>Okay, what did you say?>>Hazel.>>Mine is Amelia.>>Amelia? Interesting.>>Actually I did not see the name Hazel so I’m actually gonna have to pick Hazel.>>Really?>>I didn’t know that was a name. I like the name Hazel.>>I think the name Hazel is really pretty and reminds me of Autumn
and brownish colors, I really like that. Yeah. All right. Choose a favorite nature
baby name for a girl. I went with the same kind of Hazel theme, I went for Autumn.>>I went for Brooklyn.>>Brooklyn.>>But I like Autumn too
’cause I didn’t see Autumn. So now I wanna change it to Autumn.>>Really?>>Yeah!>>What’s Brooklyn.>>I don’t even know. (laughing)>>All right. Choose favorite YouTuber’s
name and/or baby name.>>I put Ronald.>>I put Savannah.>>That’s a YouTuber?>>Yeah.
>>Oh.>>I like the name Savannah.>>Okay, favorite O name
that isn’t Oliver or Olivia?>>This was really tricky ’cause when I search up O names I was like, do you think of this? People have names like this?>>Really?>>I was like, interesting. So scrolling through I was
like oh this is interesting. So this is going back to
my Hazel and Autumn theme, October.>>Are you okay? What? You’re this person that
likes fall and autumn.>>Fall is my favorite season. I really love fall.>>Okay, mine is Oscar.>>Interesting, Oscar.>>It’s like an os and then a scar.>>Okay, I picked October. What did you wish you were
called when you were younger?>>Ronald.>>Karina. (laughing) I always liked my name. I never disliked it. I thought my name was always
pretty cool and unique. All right. What name would you/did you
never use for your baby sister?>>Emma.>>Emma?
>>Yeah.>>I was searching for the O names I was like this are really weird names.>>And then you saw,>>Yeah do I just picked the random one. Orianna. It’s like Ariana except Orianna.>>It’s like Orb-ianna. (laughing)>>It’s like or and Anna.>>Or-ianna. Or-ianna.>>Okay, sure. All right, choose a baby name from a movie or your favorite TV show.>>Can I put nothing?>>Really?>>Yeah, I don’t watch movies and stuff.>>My favorite TV show is, well I have a lot of favorite ones. I like, I forgot what it
was called, Jessy something.>>Jessy quick?>>No, it was Jessy something, so I choose the name Jessy.>>I don’t know why I put nothing, it’s just once I looked at
that question I was like, I forgot every single movie
and TV show I watched.>>Really?
>>Yeah. Now it’s only YouTube
that goes in my face.>>Okay, sure, all right. If you change you name to anything, what would it be?>>Can we keep it?>>What?>>Keep our name?>>Yeah, why not?>>I put Karina.>>’Cause I put Ronald. If I have to change I’ll do Xavier.>>Xavier.>>Yeah.>>That wouldn’t suit you.>>Yes it would. I’ll be like ah, ah, ah. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. It’s just you’re not used to it.>>Kay. All right, choose this one
was really weird and difficult ’cause it was just weird. Choose your favorite animal inspired name.>>If there was a baby
that was named liked this and had glasses, it’s wrong.>>Kay.>>’Cause I chose Hawk.>>Hawk?>>If they had glasses that would be wrong. That wouldn’t work.>>I put Yar, ya, I can’t
even pronounce it now. Yara.>>Yara. Is that an animal?>>It’s a butterfly.>>Oh. What’s your favorite color inspired name?>>I put Violet. I think Violet is really pretty.>>I put Indigo.>>Indigo, oh interesting. I like Indigo, I didn’t
think about Indigo.>>Wait, I don’t even know
what the color Indigo is.>>It’s like a blue color.>>Oh. (laughing)>>Like a dark blue. (laughing) Why’d you put it if you didn’t
know what the color was?>>I don’t care, it just sounds good.>>Okay. I like Violet. The last one, this was an interesting one. It really was an
interesting one to search. I didn’t think I would
find any options but I did.>>Well actually, mine I made up.>>Oh, okay. I put, okay so choose a name
based on food or drink. I put Maple.>>Guess what I put? Oh Maple is a good name.>>Cake, did you put cake?>>I put Coca.>>Coca. (laughing)>>I made it up.>>That’s really bad.>>What, its inspired. Coca, coke.>>Coca. Hey Coca. (laughing) I stuck with my October and Autumn theme, I went for Maple because
I like Maple’s pretty, fall-ish.>>I really like Maple so maybe
we should name her Maple.>>No.>>Or Autumn. Or October.>>No. I don’t think October is good.>>Autumn sounds good though. Or Fall, no fall sounds
like you’re falling.>>Or Hazel.>>Yeah, Hazel. That sounds good.>>Or Yara. (laughing)>>Wait can I see it. Where does it say Yara. It’s Y-A-R-A.>>Yara. So guys, what do you
think of the baby names that we chose? Do you like any of them? Or maybe we should use some as our actual baby sister’s name. Comment down below which
one you like the best.>>And if you had a baby sister, what would you name her?>>Comment down below. So guys, actually in
my sheet we have a name that we are actually thinking
of naming our baby sister. So comment down below which
one do you think it is? I’m gonna read them all out. Ari, Riley, Karina, Jayden, Hazel, Autumn, Savannah, October,
>>October.>>Oria, Jessi, Yara, Violet or Maple.>>Dun dun dun!>>Guess in the comments down below.>>And if you’re wrong,
nothing will happen. (laughing)>>But if you’re right then you’re right.>>And if you’re wrong, you’re wrong but you never know.>>Okay.>>Unless when she’s born
and we tell you her name.>>Okay. So guys if you liked this video,>>[Together] Smash that like button and we’ll see you all next time, good bye! (upbeat music)

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