Chris Hemsworth Reveals Matt Damon’s Snake Scare in Australia

There’s a picture I saw
of you with a koala, and it’s not koala bear,
it’s koala, correct? Koala yeah. It’s not a bear. I found that out as well. What family is it in? It’s– I have no idea. I don’t either. The Australian Marsupial family. It’s a marsupial? Yeah. Like a kangaroo? Yeah, don’t ask me
what that means either. Well it has a pouch. It has a pouch. Right? I think so. I should know, shouldn’t I? Yes, you should. But, I did, I did hold one. Yes, I know. There’s a picture
of you holding it. I thought, first
of all, I thought that you weren’t
supposed to hold them and I thought that
they had claws. Turns out if you’re famous you
get to do all the wrong things. Uh-huh. [LAUGHTER] It happens quite often. I’m like, should
we be doing this? They’re like, yeah, yeah, yeah. Take it! Click. Click. Click. But was it claw-y? Did it have claws? It was. I had big old scratches and
I kept looking at my wife and I was like, is
yours scratching you? She’s like, no it’s
fine, it’s fine. So you hand it to your daughter. Yes. [LAUGHTER] Yes. So I gave to my daughter. So koalas don’t have pouches? They do have pouches. They do have pouches. Are they a marsupial? Right. Yes. Oh please, this isn’t going
to air in Australia is it? Yeah. [LAUGHTER] No, it’ll never make it
that far across the sea. No, they’ll never
see it over there. And then here, I
want to show you. I don’t need to show you,
you’ve seen the video, I’ll show you the video. Here you are surfing
with your daughter. Look at that ominous clouds
that you go, let’s go out here, honey, this seems safe. And look at her on his back. That is impressive. Yeah. But wait a minute, why would
you go out in that kind of storm that’s about to– Well it was a quick surf because
that was approaching rapidly. Right, and so it’s
hard enough to surf, I mean I’ve never
surfed, but I would think it’s hard enough
to surf without somebody clinging to your throat. Yeah, I mean, I occasionally
get back problems and ever since
I’ve started doing that they’ve gotten worse. Right. It’s like 20 pounds
of extra weight. But it’s also, you’re
being choked out. It’s like Brazilian
jujitsu meets surfing. But was it your idea? Yeah. [LAUGHTER] I didn’t think it would stick. And they’re like,
more, more, more! Yeah. And my daughter is like, I
want to get a barrel now, Dad. And I’m like, nah, that’s
a little dangerous. But that’s amazing. Are they too young to start
surfing right now, right? No, they surf, yeah. I mean, they’re very
tiny little wives. Yeah. With a tiny little
surfboard like that? Nah, with a big
surfboard is very easy. Oh because the bigger the– Yeah. Yeah. But they love it. I mean where we live, it’s
just perfect to do that, and we push them into
tiny little waves. In the water babies from– So she’s five. She’s six and the boys are four. The boys are four. OK and they speak, your
wife speaks Spanish, so do they speak Spanish? Yeah, they’re fluent in Spanish. That’s amazing. Yeah. Do you speak Spanish? One sentence. [LAUGHTER] So you don’t know what they’re
saying when they’re all talking around the house. No, I don’t. I sort of pretend to. Like my wife was telling them
off and saying, you know, [GIBBERISH] [LAUGHTER] Which is what it
sounds like to my ear. And I’ll be there standing
there like, that’s right. What did you say? [LAUGHTER] What did you tell them? [GIBBERISH] [GIBBERISH] [LAUGHTER] But I would think
that it would be easy to learn because
your wife speaks Spanish and she would help you. You’d think. [LAUGHTER] But you don’t. Yeah. All right. It’s usually when I hear
the Spanish directed at me, it’s usually pretty
unfortunate, you know, controversial,
aggressive situations. So I’m just thinking of like,
what is she saying right now and what’s my comeback
to this, you know– we’re fighting basically. Which is never. She fights in Spanish? If she gets angry enough. And she’ll be like drop the
facade, the English facade and it’s like, [GIBBERISH] [LAUGHTER] That’s not how Spanish sounds. It’s not how it sounds. Not at all. All right, we have
to take a break but I have to ask
him about this. Should we ask it after
the break, or now? Ask now. OK I’ll ask now, Andy. So Matt Damon was here. You and Matt Damon are pals. Yeah. So he went with his family. They’re hanging out with you. Yeah. You’re saying that it’s
safe to go in the water. Wait. So at first, he came
a while ago and was like, what about the snakes,
and the sharks, and the spiders. And I’m like, it’s fine, you’re
fine, there’s nothing at all. You know, whatever. Anyway his daughter
did– he came on the show and told the story about
how his daughter got a jellyfish sting, which was
one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Yes. And I was like, what, that’s
a one off, that’s a thing, you know, wow what
a random thing. So he comes back
over again, gives it a second shot, Australia. And we pull up to the cafe. He gets out of the car. Takes one step and just takes
a six foot leap jump backwards. He goes, oh my god! Oh my god! Huge big snake and he
stood straight on it. And he’s like, you
keep telling me that like they’re more
scared of you and da-da-da. Nothing. This– the snake
and the jellyfish. And I’m like, you know
what, you’re the problem. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. It’s not Australia. It’s him. He’s the problem. So we’ve had to kick him out
of Australia for our sake. [LAUGHTER] I see. He gives you a bad name. Yeah. That’s horrible. How big was it? It was a pretty big
one, big sleepy one. But sleepy. Right, right. I’m the tourism
ambassador for Australia. All right. You don’t even know
what a marsupial is. I’m going to get a
phone call saying, why you deterring
people from coming with the dangerous animals. Yeah. Well you’re keeping the
population down that’s good. That’s right.

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