Clash of Clans – He’s not READY yet!- HOG HEAVEN!

Hey everybody, its cheeto time. Did you miss me I bet you did Is there anybody out there I don’t know if this thing works Alright I’ll ride my boys back from vacation. I got DHG back in the house. That’s always good d h DS in the house We got darkus in the house. I’m sure everybody will show up in just a few minutes. They probably just got done with school. Uh I think you guys have seen me in a tie once right deg c minute I when I did the area 51 special remember, what do you mean? What do you what do you mean WTF? What’s what what what is what what? Why did DHG WTF? That’s I don’t understand He’ll tell us alright, but we’re gonna get the show moving because we got a lot of stuff to do It’s hog. Heaven You guys know what that is, right, of course you do First, you know, you probably know better than I know what hog heaven is but it’s fun You know what hog? heaven is mmm that is where we take a bunch of hogs out and We recomm a and then we smell bacon It’s kind of how it works. I don’t know. Hey, did you guys get the alert? I don’t I’m YouTube just doesn’t like me I think that’s fine. I’ll just we’ll all hit the like button. Oh it was it not good You know did it you didn’t like it. Alright. The introduction is a super cool artist. DHG called funk bias, okay He lets me use his music. So I put it in and it’s awesome. It’s a sound called learn to love I think yep learn to love. It’s awesome SoundCloud that’s what I listen to You guys didn’t know it but I’m an EDM lover. I know for an old guy. That’s crazy, right? Alright now, I know I do have a few og shown up. So I brought you guys a present This is only for the oh, geez Now even if you’re a new player, I I do I have the ability to ogia ties you Not no, let’s go okay. It was good. All right, he liked it. Okay, that’s good. All right, that’s good He’s gonna like this though. The HD is gonna love this cuz this is for the oh geez right here. Alright, here you go I’m gonna pull it a bit. It’s it’s just a little video. It’s not a full video It’s just a gift you could get it if you want. It’s really cool. I love it was my desktop for awhile You guys ready? Here we go There it is Go Hoggy go foggy go hardy All right, so that’s just a little quick teaser I’m gonna you know, you guys can YouTube it It’s easy to find that was actually a clash of clans commercial from a long time ago, right maybe four or five years ago I think yeah, I mean it was it was a it was a while waist back, but there’s a really cool commercial I liked it. So if you guys ever want to see it you can so what’s on the agenda for today? Well, we got we got some good stuff. We got to get done Obviously, we almost made it all the way through the baby dragged thing yesterday. It wasn’t really that hard I didn’t think and I don’t think you guys did either so I really kind of liked it. Right so so yeah We’re still working the Valks and the pekka’s right, but lots of lots and lots of time on the season pass So that’s pretty much why I want to be able to cap Okay, so darkest remembers it so that’s why I pretty much want to be able to capitalize You know on on the stuff that’s going on, right? So, for example, we got hog heaven, and I saved it for you guys Right, we should be able to be able to to pull it down pretty quick So that should be easy and then obviously Ice Ice Baby We’ve only got really – we got to win – right that should be cake right we should be able to do that No problem. No problem whatsoever. Right? Alright, so this will be our og photo For the day, and yes Yes, DHD our year og? I think I have that power to give that to people Nobody gave it to man. Just do it right make sense You know if you want somebody to have the power you just give it to them All right, so that’s kind of what we got going on now first though what now? I know I do have a bass review to do because darkus was very very kind and said hey Darkest even showed up early and it was like cheeto. Can you do mine first? Absolutely. So darkest is our first bass review of the night. It’s gonna be awesome, right? So we’re gonna go ahead and take care of darkest this bass review But first I’m gonna get an attack in right and here’s why darkest troops are ready, right? We can look at bases Well troops do their their little troop a lupa true palooka thing. All right, so I’m gonna tell the twitters I’m here There you go. That was easy Look at that modern technology had one button, and I don’t know apparently Twitter does some I’m just old I hit the right buttons That’s what they tell me these to do that this one and then over here I think I showed you guys what it looks like in here counter, but it’s crazy here Okay, you see? For old people. This is really bright and it’s late at night Right, but that’s why that’s why I just work on my iPad right I can I can do that. All right, here we go All right. Jared’s in the house. We got Jared I think Jared was on vacation to either that I just didn’t like to you know anymore. But no you’re you’re you’re definitely an OG DHD I’ve crowned you og I’ve seen your base you can be og but you got to make sure you go back and look up the Video that way you’re sure if anybody ever asks, right? Yeah So if anybody ever asks, are you og you have to be able to answer that question. I’m very og and I saw the original Commercials right and there were a couple right there were a couple of commercials Let me see if I could find one here here. Listen to this. All right. I’m going to play the whole thing So don’t panic, but listen, just careful. Let’s see Let’s see, let me find it. Well, here it is You gotta make sure you go back oh, sorry up more on audio but I’ll pull up the lead I’ll pull up the liam neeson one. I don’t know if you guys have ever seen it but it’s awesome. Just do that I’m good Jared. How are you doing, buddy? It’s good to have you back good to have you back? As if you ever guys want just put Liam Neeson classic lines in there. It’s hilarious 11 That’s one of my favorite commercials of all time. I really I just I think Liam Neeson is really cool I mean, I just like him as an actor right? I’m not hiding under the bed. Nope Somebody’s coming for me the beds the last place. I’m looking. Alright. Alright, so here we go We are gonna get our first attack underway And then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do a bass review for oh, there’s an attack There was an attack right there Jonathan hit it and we know who that is So we are gonna get an attack underway and then we’re gonna take a look at darkest is based darkest. Do me a favor. Oh I know. I know you’re that’s why you’re a lieutenant. That’s you’re a lieutenant Jonathan. That’s why yep. Yep You’re definitely og, right? You know what bud we’re going 200k. I think I don’t know. We’re just gonna have fun That’s the important part right enchanted. We got to have fun that that’s the only reason I show up To have fun with you guys. Let’s flick highlight of my day. I love it. Alright, so here we go I do have baby drags ready. We got a couple of things we’ve got to move through darkest. Do me a favor Put your base tag in my window. All right, it’ll help me Otherwise have to have salt this live stream and look at yesterday’s nobody wants to do that. Yesterday’s was awesome, though We had a lot of fun. Hey, by the way, let me think I think I I put a pole up for you guys. Let me look. I think I did. Oh, there’s beaker wrong channel He’s cool though. He’s all right. I like the dude makes me laugh. Alright, so let me find this here Oh the pole is do you want cheeto finger to play? No, excuse me. What’s better a hog rider or a miner? That was the pole today Enchanted is back, which is always awesome. So the pole today And I like poles. I think they’re fun cuz it gives you a chance to vote. Maybe you like it Maybe you don’t whatever I don’t care if you look at the other stuff up top, right? There’s a little question mark and it says what do you like better? So today? I put hogs or miners Why did I chip pick those two? Well, depending on their strength will one one’s a dark trooper ones not They’re both tough. And both of them can go through walls pretty easy under or over you know, so yeah, it’s your chance to weigh in and say you know, what here I’m gonna vote now. I’m saying hogs. That’s not that I have any hate for the miners cuz I don’t I don’t hate them They’re fine. I like the miners, but I think hogs are actually more effective. That’s just me. I just I don’t know I just kind of think that all right. So let’s get our baby dragon under the what underway Hey, it looks like we got a war match that’s rare. It only took 13 hours. No, I’m kidding It didn’t take quite that long but I took a while. All right, so we got some heavy hitters up top there All right. Here we go. Let’s get our little baby dragon under way and then we’re hogging it up I can smell the bacon already. It’s gonna taste delicious and I already ate dinner Hopefully you guys did too. Once you’re on the other side of the world. It might be breakfast I don’t know Thank You dark as I have it. It’s on deck Darkus had better not be naughty like that clown yesterday. I’m still mad about that. I mean it’s fine I thought it was funny, but I’ll be a little bit more careful with my bass reviews. All right, here we go. This is perfect Especially for little baby drags, right? They love baby drags love to hit the outside of a bass. Hey look my party Warden finally got up He’s only been sleeping for four days. Well, he went through two – I don’t know you want to call him upgrades? He went through two of those right? So maybe that’s why you slept for so long so as you can see, what I’m doing here is I’m just kind of letting the little baby drags go around the outside to Trailer park baby drags go around the outside Sorry, I’m little you have none of your even old enough to remember what song that was. I am. I’m old. I’m allowed All right. All right. So we got our baby drags still working now notice. I’m keeping the spacing just like air traffic control, right? I’m like baby drag one avoid baby drag two. Here’s why? If they get too close together, they don’t rage and what good are they if they’re not raged. They’re baby dragons right now I’m very confident. I’m gonna pull a star and that’s what I’m concerned with I mean, I just keep going up, but I’m more concerned about the loot and look at how much loot we’ve already gotten And this city that’s like half that’s like half of our little baby drags. They’re thirsty. Alright, here we go Let’s get the little baby drags out and then we’re gonna cook then we’re gonna cook up I’m thinking and you guys can tell me while we’re doing the bass review, but I’m kind of I’m feeling a little bit Queen walk hog I’m hoping the recommendations will make whatever kind of army. You guys want to make it We’ll take it out and have some fun. All right, so you guys make the call Well, I’m beating the living pants off of this base Yeah all-star there’s a channel out there called fons gaming I highly recommend it You might want to take a look at it. What its gonna do is gonna show you now Ipath shoot I forgot to move see I haven’t used my I haven’t used my uh my warden in so long. I forgot how he works I didn’t put him to air Oh Queen Isabella’s already down, but that’s alright. We’re here for the loot and we already almost got it Alright, let’s see what happens over here. Boom Not too much loose tidge, but wait till you see how much loot we got out of this I was over in the fonz rooms earlier Pekka Queen hog. Walk it is. I like it VHD. Let’s do it Alright, that’s a that’s a good call right there, especially with the free spells. Now. Here’s the thing Tiger death, oh This one. Yeah, you know the one I’m talking about Dargis knows the one I’m talking about I was like, wow, I could probably send two loons at this thing. So look at that over a million in loot a million and loot 426 baby dranks, I Don’t know how much they are. I think they’re 15 Haeundae. I don’t know in rap terms I think they’re Iraq and a half. Let me ask Siri What is 1500 times 26? We did that yesterday I forgot 39,000 so 39,000 in elixir to pull 572. Yeah, I’ll do that all day long, especially You guys may have not have noticed it but look who’s upgrading his healers. Uh-uh. That’s right. Okay to look-ins Darkest is like a pride could a bit proceed on one side l proceed Oh, somebody will hit it. I’m Livestream and I got it. I got a boost. I don’t want a wust either because I got a call on my screen here I got two things coming up I’ve got a very urgent base review that needs to get done some lights on my radar screen and then We got it. We got to cook some hogs Excuse me. Pekka’s hogs in Inhalers, which is gonna be fun. I love I love we should I’m sure there’s a name for it I’m sure 9 million Youtubers have come up with a name for what we’re about to do but we can come up with our own if we want to We don’t have to call it. What they do we can just call it whatever we want to right. All right, so Let’s see here. There’s five of those. I think I’m gonna take you we’re gonna start with two pekus at three Then a bunch of hawks a Bunch. Let’s max situation is a cinch so the sitch could be this You can keep your Builder potion Ivan my c10 in my season pass. I’ve only used like three of them So let’s not let’s dig a bush We got that and we got our training potion right now the other the other issue I’m gonna run into I want max level Hawks Stinky potion right there, right? That’s max level hogs. All right, and then let’s get our troops going right? Perfect. So should crank right through those won’t take very long. Let’s go take a look at darkest his base. I It is darkest at what it did. I had a pink spike just for a minute. It looks like it came here should be Okay. Now let me just turn this off and this and this so that should fix it, hopefully Let’s just make sure that a little bit a little bit of a delay there. All right, but we got it over So let me jump over. I got a scroll up and we’ll look for darkest is base darkest I don’t remember how BIG’s your Town Hall again Looks like we do got a little bit of lag. Hang on one second OOP Stand by one looks like it’s coming around. Mmm. That’s really rare for the internet here All right, looks like we’re okay now should be okay looks like we’re back back in action. All right cool So basically, uh, what I was saying is with even with those little baby drags, we were still in good shape, right? So with hogs, the nice thing about hogs is is they they just blow through a base if you want darkus How big is your Town Hall? I don’t remember. I’m pulling it up now though. All right, so let’s go So we’ll jump over here. My darkest is at our two eight nine Quebec nine zero zero All right, so this should be yep, there is chief darshana and he’s over at the at the I call it the five T’s He’s over at the at the five T’s is where he’s at, right? So, okay, so he’s at th 10. That’s right I remember that I remember that darkest now as we remember Darkest is really really good with goblins. Right really really good with goblins So let’s take a look at darkest his base and see what’s going on over here All right looks good, we’re gonna slide it in there it is so that’s a very very nice base right there look at that Darkest I know it looks like you made a couple changes since we looked at it last what what did you change? I do kind of like this over here Can you tell us what that bad fall apart? Anyway, you’re welcome al on musket. No, thanks. They’re actually pretty cool That’s a new technology, right? It is what it is. So I’m guessing there’s probably a Tesla there It’s kind of a cool design though looks very tricky. Like if I saw it I go What’s chief darshana hiding there, that’s what I would say, what are you hiding there? Right and then and then I would I’d hit it. It just trolls. Yeah. Yeah, it’s good a smart. Darkus. I like it It’s like saying you don’t know what’s here. I’m being honest if I saw it, I’d be like, I don’t know What’s there maybe I should go from the other side, right? It’s a troll where the double cannon is. Ah Let’s see, where’s where’s my double I’m looking hang on a mold. I didn’t wear my bifocals I wanted to look good for you guys. I don’t I don’t know why but I mean I should right. All right. Ah Spring traps probably over in here. Yeah smart. I like it because they don’t know what’s gonna happen there That’s new and he did it. So it’s in three places one two Three four four places mmm. I love it. I really like that. How does it work? It would be my question darkest it has it been holding Luke pretty well. I mean clearly it is Because you’re not empty which is a good thing and look at this. I think his uh, yep Research lab is going In in gold totally respectable totally respectable. Yeah. I was funny. I’m trying to remember I Mean I’d say it was darkest because darkest now were chatting back and forth on that on the comments and and Darkest had said well, yeah, you know I kind of I dropped down a little bit and I that’s why I hang out in masters I mean I could go up easily, but I like my loot I’m just I’m telling it like it is surpri also The reason I almost always have all my builders going and I haven’t spent a thousand dollars to do it either So, you know, so yeah, I mean, that’s perfect. I think if I was gonna change one thing Nope, I wouldn’t because you already did it. I just didn’t see it. I Normally run mine to my inferno towers in a combo. Yeah, it’s a farm base. I like it It’s a nice farm base IRA normally run My inferno towers like that to one multi stream and then one one single stream Because if that single stream locks onto a queen a king They’re really hard to get away from I’ve died a thousand times an in live stream just because I didn’t see it, right 800k Ries or a Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I mean that’s that’s exactly that’s exactly why you design a base like that as a matter of fact, I remember Well, I think hang on I think my other ones coming along kind of kind of like dark is’s so very darkest What are you gonna work on next? And are you gonna March it up to legends or are you gonna max it and then and then move your move your townhall up? Looks look a little bit like my other base I’m a little bit behind on the walls though this I’m gonna show you guys the dirt mower You’ve seen it before but it’s pretty cool base. Let me swipe swipe it in here So I well we can do two more like or two more two more live streams. We can do two more base reviews throughout Throughout the time. So if anybody wants one, just let me know. Well, I’m swiping this base in Hopefully everybody had a good day. I think couple you guys went to school today Or started I saw that in the in the news Yeah, because that’s what old people do we get up and we’ve we read read your report Or Bloomberg You know CNBC whatever whatever you want to choose. Yes The darkest is kind of the same not the same but is a little bit of the same concept I just moved this one from townhall 9 Yeah. Yeah, so I just moved this one about a month ago from townhall 9 to 10 Hall 10 Right and the cool thing was we were actually able to do it on the live stream, which was fun So now it’s a townhall 10, but as you can see, I’m still mashing through fixing the walls from going to townhall 10 You know trying to keep my builders busy Installing my automatic software that pops up on my screen all the time. You know how it is Yeah, so, you know, I’m always trying to keep keep stuff going. Look I can do an archer tower right now. Let’s do it Yeah, so same kind of a very similar type of circumstance if you will All right, I think our troops should be ready. Let’s get a battle under our belt. Here we go All right, very cool Yeah, that’s a nice base. I like it darkest. It’s a very nice base. I think everybody else liked it, too All right. Hey, Jordan, what’s up with you? Hopefully Jordan had a good day Now tonight is going to be I’m trying I’m thinking I kind of want to do heroes. Maybe I’ll alternate zombies plants vs. Zombies and heroes That’s for my nan clashers right for my people who don’t don’t play clash of clans So you don’t have to maybe just like watching it’s kind of fun. It’s free, right so get one Alright, let’s figure out which one I want to pull in here. I’m gonna pull the big one. Yeah, here we go It’s this one. It’s a good base All right So we should have our troops ready with any luck, yeah, we got our 26 and look at that There’s the army that was requested. We’re gonna do some Pekka a hog He’ll Peck a hog he’ll but with fries, so that’ll be cool Alright, so let’s get our little baby drags out with any luck. This should shore up that challenge, right? So we with any with any luck, we should be able to knock that challenge out right now, that’d be good Let’s see what we got here Yeah, definitely a rush base. And sure I’ll take all your gold if you want to put it like that. I mean It’s hard for me to believe that this person doesn’t need dark elixir. I mean that’s really hard for me to believe unless Here’s the thing. We see this all the time. You see where it says th 12. Yeah, that’s nice No, yeah, no one’s attack Jared. He’s max in his base right leave that get on So this is a trophy base in case just in case maybe your newer that’s what this is. It’s all this is it’s going up That’s why I’m able to come in and take take all this loot. Most people wouldn’t star it. So just keep going up I’m gonna Starcraft Sorry, Jamie Sorry about that, yeah Let’s get you going over here with your with your with your newly woken up Grand warden who was apparently sleeping for nine days or whenever he got his skin Let’s let these guys do their thing Now I’m keeping the baby drags away from all the other ones, you know Village’ Ted Jared Jared spike. You got all kinds of oh, I was paying attention to Jared Jared You probably got all kinds of loot, right? I get at man. We’re gonna loot this thing down and probably get the star I’m not gonna waste two app while we’re transitioning We’re transitioning armies. So I’m just gonna let these little guys do what they want. You know what I mean? As long as we get the star they’re good Don’t oh, he anti raged Nope, now he’s back Cuz you always got to keep your little baby dragons away from other ones, right? Otherwise, they get they don’t they lose their rage Ya know it’s uh, it’s Isabella. Yeah, it’s this one’s Isabella, but I think that I think my next one will be Will definitely be Elizabeth. I like that because I have an Anastasia in an Isabella. Oh and just so everybody knows Darkus has really I was random Queen death Darkus has named his Queen Queen Catherine. It’s very regal Very regal. No, that’s why in darkest. Everybody messes it up. I just call her Izzy if that’s easier Just be like, hey, go go go battle. Is he look at that? Really? We not only did we get a half million in gold it only costs us What was it thirty-nine thousand and little baby drags and we picked up fourteen hundred and dark dark elixir But those are bigger baby drags not bigger, but they’re there they’re maxed out So event completed look at that. We got some we got some action, right? Okay, so we’re moving right along there now. That’s why I was able to use that power potion. I have to use another Otherwise, I can’t claim them when I get them, right? Now good tip from the Fonz, right? Oh, that’s where I saw it and I thought of it too, but the Fonz is you know, he’s really good at building bases It in things. So let’s take a look over here in here You guys notice down here at the bottom If this is for those of you that did get the season pass if you didn’t it’s okay Maybe you didn’t want to maybe you’re like man. That skins not for me. That’s fine That could be maybe you were like, you know what I want to eat That happens right? But if you did I’m gonna show you something if you didn’t Alright and Chanin’s making a new base sweet. We’ll take a look at it Just let us know if you want to if you want us to enchant it, so So anyway, I was as I was saying well, by the way If you didn’t get a season pass I’m giving away another one next month You guys knew that? Oh, by the way, if you remember the rules the code word was issued over the weekend I’m narrowing it down for you guys. That’s pretty nice. Right last time I had there for two weeks. Nobody knew it So the code word was issued either on Saturday night or Sunday night, and it was during a live stream I’ll make sure that you guys know that so the code word that you’re gonna need it You’ll need the code word if you have any shot at? Getting at getting the the free season pass. You gotta know the code word, right? All right, um the darkest you might the code word was issued either Saturday night or Sunday night. I Know what it was issued because I have all kinds of computers that track stuff like that, right? but yeah was issued as promised over the weekend, so Whoever knows the code word, you’re gonna need it when it comes down to season pass time because I’m gonna give away another one Right. Here’s the thing. I’ll tell you a secret Now wait for Kaden Kade no calm. All right, here’s what I was talking about down here see on the bottom I’m leaving all that in there in case I need it Why it’s totally protected for 19 days It’s totally pretend. You don’t have to enchant it nobody has to It’s just there right so everything on the bottom line If you did you have to you have to look at you had to look at the videos You have to know the code word. That’s all you got to know and it was issued to either Saturday night or Sunday I said it I remember going well, you got to go back and look at the video then Yeah, I mean it was issued either Saturday night or Sunday night it’s in there now if you find it don’t put it on some kind of crack board none a Glitch That didn’t come out right. Don’t put it on a crack board Cuz then everybody will be doing crack cuz they play video games Did you guys see that article and then I’ll stop talking about how video games and whatever whatever I’m 47 years old and I played video games my entire life Jared you don’t have to smiley face or sad face. It’s very simple The code word was issued Saturday night or Sunday night during a one hour livestream. I Said here’s I’ll repeat it The code word is this so all you got the to is see Saturday or Sunday and you’ll know the code word Then you don’t need to be sat face. You’ll just know the code word, right? And then when it comes around, here’s how it works darkest I say when I have a hot season pass in my hands What’s the code word and? The first person that knows the code word gets the season pass Got it. It’s easy. I embed them in the videos, right that way. They’re in the videos. So the code words There it is Now if you find it I would HIGHLY I would encourage you not to tell anybody Because if you’re the only one that found it and you’re the only one that knows the code word Then you have a one in one shot of winning it you may even jump in and go I know the code word That’s why I’m you could do that too. Just don’t give it up. You see what I’m saying? I’m teaching you guys some Once you get it you hang on to it. Oh Yes, it was and that’s jared is very now here’s the thing cheetah would never play you guys like that I would I would never bury it in a pvz stream or you know, I wouldn’t be in battlefield and go well I would I’d say the code word is suppressing now. That’s not the code word Okay, but I wouldn’t do that do that to you guys It was during a live stream of clash of clans either on Saturday or Sunday There were only two don’t worry about it one was baby drags and I think the other one was Malik’s no auto and Yesterday it was Auto right and then the day before Was was the other one so that’s out by the way, and and I was kind of making fun of Auto As being the Builder name, he’s the sixth builder. I Don’t have him yet. I want him I could sure use the sixth builder, but apparently I have not yet fit the minimum criterion in Order yes, it was a class dream. Yep I’m just making sure Jared knew that I saw it but I just want to make sure cuz Jared’s a longtime sub and so is darkus I mean That’s normally who I’d like to give it to. All right, so just but I keep it fair All you got to do is know that know the code word. Alright, let’s look over here proceed Oh is looking for some wizards proceed Oh him to hook you up like a tow truck, buddy But I got to get a battle. I got to get a battle out here now. I’m gonna get these gone I kind of like the three Pekka idea or do you guys think I should take four I’ll bet darkest would say four. All right If he changes his mind or if Jared does if anybody changes their mind Just let me know right maybe a Chan is like no, I want to see all pekus. No others Well, hey, we’re I see Y darkest said this hey, there’s Jonathan Jonathan you could win two? The code was issued. All right So let’s go with four pekka’s and then Hawks, right? And here’s kind of why I’m thinking that I’m sure I’m in the same situation you guys are and that’s why you know I’m look there’s so many cool channels out there. I’m so happy you guys come hang out with me I’m just a normal person that plays like you guys do right Just is what it is. I enjoy it though. It’s fun. Sure We can all march up to Legends and we’re going to that’s what we’re gonna do, but I’m just maybe teaching you fun We could do it Make an area 51 field if you want right, but when you need to fix it go say hi to Fox It’ll help you fix your base. Alright, so let’s let’s get an attack on her way here. This should be our last baby drag Our salvo if you will of baby drags Now not enough loot. The baby drags are hungry, but I didn’t see that. No, I would actually be kind of amusing Darkus now, here’s the only way you could do that all healers and heroes, right? I’m down. Look at that. Wow That’s a nice bass rat that’s a I’m gonna say it that’s a very nice bass Sorry, I was just studying it for a moment That’s a man that thinks it’s almost done And and this is the way this is the way I’m not gonna attack it, but I’m just I’m marveling at it this is the way my bass is gonna be because whoever rat is said I’m not moving this thing up until What and tell everything is maxed and that’s what’s happening here. You can see that walls are going Most people and darkest and and I were talking about this today Most people most people in masters wouldn’t hit this. I wouldn’t unless there was some specific reason I’d hit it if it was a million on each side That’s normally the threshold I think a lot of people would look for But when you look at that almost everything is max. Look at those beautiful infernos. Oh The walls. Yeah, that’s a nice base. Well done rat like your name – uh Another tip kids. I’m just guessing rat was born in 1984. Never put your birthday in anything. All right, that’s a cheeto tip Hey, there’s enchanted enchanted Bruns a clan and bounces in and balances out I bet you know what I bet I’ll bet enchanted wants us to take a look at their base Yeah darkest Darkest brought up a good point. I just thought you were saying I say random things all the time. I Do it all the time. So that’s kind of the trick darkest caught me darkest is like wait I heard you say something, but it was so random. I just thought Dismiss, right but now you guys know you’ll be like what is he gonna do? What’s the code word? I’ll give you a hint. It’s cold. That’s all I know. All right, here we go All right. We got our so I didn’t mean to stop you guys on that base But you know if you’re looking at if you’re looking at nice bases, that was a nice base. Hey, this is kind of old school Safer. Hey, welcome to class about three years ago All right, I like it I don’t want to hit it I don’t What do you do That’s a quandary because here’s the thing I mean, yeah I’ll let you guys weigh in cuz I hit the attack button. I hope that doesn’t come back. No, you’re fine darkest. You’re fine You’re fine. You can even just scan through it and figure out what it was All right. So we’re we’re gonna go ground with that with with our party. Warden here notice. He did bring a boom box It’s okay Jared, I’ll narrow it down it’s in there and it would it happen. I know it did All right, so I’m gonna let these guys keep going Look at Queen Isabella You don’t have to watch it now Jared. Here’s what I would recommend Just listen to all you fall asleep, and you’ll be like there it is All right, there she goes, right so that’s gone now I am a little concerned though about that air defense. I am and let’s see if this is anti Queen walk probably is No, no, we’re still in good shape here. So I’m gonna let her keep doing her magic there. I do you guys have any trepidation about hitting a base that shape as such I mean, I’m Nondenominational but if no darkest, don’t worry about it I’ll narrow down for you guys if nobody finds it, but typically somebody does they’re like, I know I heard it It’d take you probably about five minutes to scan through the entire our broadcast and find it There’s enchanted. We’re gonna take a look enchant. It is our next base review always welcome to do a base review for enchanted All right. Looks like we’re gonna hog rage no Jared. You don’t have to watch it live Do you guys you guys understand that right? I? Record and upload every live stream every live stream with a beautiful picture that says here’s what you’re about to watch So it sits on the server. All you got to do is go to my page. It’s right there. It’s right there Here we go. I Knew that was gonna happen, but I still persisted why cuz they’re level seven and they’re tough There’s another oh, oh that that’s gonna be a mess right there those loons that’s gonna be a problem Yeah, yeah those loons did you see how fast those loons put down an entire pack? We’re gonna give her a little help she’s gonna need it I’m still gonna get the star but I’m not sure how I feel about hitting this base I’m sorry soccer Guri from dead poet’s. I think it’s a ploy though. You probably did that because you’re like nobody had hit this wrong I’m a clasher. I will be forgiven that Pekka may not be though. I don’t know Mmm, yeah, I guess somebody will get it it’s easy When you’re getting ready for throw it on be like there it is And now here’s the thing we ran out of time but we sure got a lot of loot look at seven hundred and seven decent Wait a minute. Are we in Vegas? Now I’m not anywhere near Vegas I’m deep in the mountains another random thought darkest I’m in the bunker, right I’m in the bunker of the mountains, so 265,000 and gold four hundred and twenty five thousand an elixir taking all day long all day long and I didn’t do anything you guys couldn’t do that was just uh Hogs on potions look we even messed up with our queen ID. I was watching the hogs get blown up by the By the the giant bombs, those are pretty uh, pretty risky. Hey, what’s up proceed? Oh, I think this is going to be this is gonna be in Shannon’s new base, I believe so, we’ll take a look at it Enchanted if this is not the base, let me know but I know enchant it’s really been hey, there’s Caleb. How you doing, buddy? So enchanted I know you’ve been doing a lot of work on this base and man. It really looks good. It really does Um, it’s really coming along. Let’s see We got a couple yeah, I don’t remember that. I thought you had five builders, don’t you or are you at four? I don’t remember Let’s look here Caleb’s here Looks like yep last time you had an air defense that was that was getting ready to go go up So it looks like you you’ve done the the air defense The walls very respectable at level eight I’m guessing darkest is probably not gonna move and bright and rightfully. So until all the walls are at nine or higher You know and here’s the thing Yours you’re gonna need walls someday. It’s either now or later. It just it is I mean by the time you get up way up there. You got it. You got to have at some level now I will say and I’ve said it many times on camera Okay, so you know what no that’s still good at chant it for is good three makes the game Just unbelievably slow. If you have three, I am glad that they put in the six builder I know you guys are too I think I was talking to a couple of you that already had it Ah, ah dere got it. I told you Jarrod it wasn’t that hard was it? Alright, somebody’s got it. Alright. Now here’s the thing. You got to remember it write it down. Put it in lipstick on your bear I don’t care how you remember it but tapings into the rear view mirror in your car. That’ll work But come around the first of the month. I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna spring it I’ll be like what’s the code word and somebody will come up with it and I’ll be like you just want a season pass Now I might even put music to it. I don’t know Darkus is a little upset with my randomness, but that it’s me. It’s it’s what I do, right? Alright, here. We go back to the review It’s a that’s a super nice bass this right here Then I really really like that If I was gonna say anything, this is just something I learned from running a base like this for a long time It just says don’t put hogs here Does that make sense darkus? I’m not saying it’s wrong. I like it. But if some if somebody is uh, I Don’t know Caleb I did buddy. Okay? Okay Caleb I did last week on Wednesday I said the code will be given on Saturday or Sunday. So Caleb the code was given on Saturday or Sunday during the clash of clans stream. All you got to do is go through them. You’ll find it. Okay Jared’s aren’t Jared already found it. All right, so anybody can find it? Anyone, there could be a hundred people that have it and you still have a very good shot at it darkus don’t panic just go Watch it. You’re fine. Jared’s already. Got it there’s the thing there could be a hundred people that know that code a Hundred, but your odds are still good because maybe they don’t come maybe there maybe maybe they maybe they decided to go to Burger King or Sonic or White Castle and if I have to list my top out of those who’d be White Castle I know a lot of people are like that’s disgusting But they’re awesome. They’re delicious. And yes darkest. He is your competitor. Yes. You guys are head-to-head Somebody’s gonna win that’s kind of like in battlefield. Don’t worry. I’m gonna do plants vs. Zombies. Okay, don’t worry All right. I’m gonna do plants vs. Zombies tonight Maybe maybe even still some battlefield, but I’m not gonna leave my pvz people hanging All right, so that really that’s the only thing I would say I love I love the interior bombs The only thing I would say is try them on the outside and see what happens maybe because I’m you know Especially if you’re if you’re getting hit by hogs, kind of like the hog heaven event that we got going on They’ll probably avoid those sides just because they know that there are bombs there. But I mean, it’s a really really nice base Yeah, so what’s your plan darkest or enchanted are you gonna hold it and chanted are you gonna hold it until it’s maxed or do you know you’re gonna get it tough and then make a run up now if You guys notice? Enchanted is is hanging out in silver League. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong at all probably keeping us keeping the builders busy or Getting ready to a little bit low on elixir, but you’ll pull that around. Yeah. Yeah. No, that’s a nice That’s a nice base. Very nice base. All right, very good So let’s get an attack under our belt and then and then let me I thought we had Okay, so that so enchanted that’s would be a beautiful base I love it I just hit the war button You should have been here hold what? He’s like hold All right, Caleb. All right, here we go. Let’s see what we got. Let’s see. Okay. We’re ready And we don’t Oh heal spells heck to the yeah You gonna upgrade Yeah, yeah, that’s what I’m doing with my uh, my eleven. Here’s my thought I Could easily go to twelve peacefully Hi. Hey Sean. Sit in the house Sean. What time is it over there? Namaste? It’s like 4:00 in the morning. I Hope you got enough sleep buddy before you go to school All right, so we’re gonna take some heat some heels and some fries right now. Here’s the thing Sometimes you got to keep an eye on this Sometimes these challenges can be tricky. They sometimes they say you have to use a Spell also but this one does not. I know it’s good to have you back Sean. Always good to have you back All right, so over here. Yeah, we’re gonna take hogs out I need four hundred xp-80 gyms and five wall rings five wall rings that my level should be like a quarter of a wall Did you guys catch my sarcasm there? I’ve said for years that walls are too expensive That’s why they do it to us. You know, what in my book? walls set apart the OGIS Walls. Yeah Cuz they can if you have walls you can run your base up you can run it down You can run it you can do whatever you want. You don’t have any walls. You’re just always fiending for elixir and gold It’s a bed It’s a horrible situation to be in a fifteen in the morning bus is probably gonna be there at 8:50 You better be ready Sean. I don’t want to hear you’re late You got to study All right a lot. No. Well, I know Elijah we were just talking about how we record everything Yeah, if you’re ever if you ever it’s I put them up there. I’m sorry I should have told you guys that long time ago. Yeah, if you ever met. Oh very good shot. Very good You’re probably gonna be a doctor. I’m getting I’m gonna need one so study hard. Okay, I Got about 58 years on you. There’s something all right. All right, here we go This is gonna be a good one. Now. The only thing I’m missing right now is my king. That’s it That’s the only thing I’m missing All right, yeah, not that one not nearly enough loot You know if we’re gonna go out Pekka Jaken, that’s what I call it. Hey, there’s Jonathan you bet we well Jonathan you bet we will so Jonathan is our third and final base review of the night Perfect. Well, but when it works out like that bam bam bam awesome bass reviews killer attacks Let’s see, what happens here. Yeah now now No That thing’s gonna get jacked in five seconds. Just not by me. I want a little bit more balance that was lopsided What’s up Homer Together we looked at the names I do I think they’re funny One of these days you guys are run into the bling daddy and you’ll be like, oh my god, I watch this. Yo Let’s see, I think enchant I’m wondering if in chanted is saying they’re an organ Okay, if you are if it’s a beautiful state Washington, Oregon, I love it up there Portland’s a really cool City not sure if anybody’s ever been there, but it’s really yeah, here we go Do you guys see what I see? Okay, I’m not messing around on this one. All right, this one’s legit This one’s straight up legit. This is gonna take all Cheetos power. All right South side or north side, you know for a fact that that aisle Isis here He just jumped in he just finished football practice. All right, so this is gonna be risky, but I’m gonna do it I’m getting out trip He should be ground all right, he’s got it easy he’s got his uh, his Jesus sandal on that’s what I call It didn’t nobody get out of bent out of shape. It’s just the Jesus handle. That’s all you can see Okay on his uh on his little button So you can put them either in sandal mode Now that I’m guessing this is probably gonna be anti Queen walk and we’re gonna see some Tesla’s fire off here in just a second Cuz you guys know I’m clashed Radames Now okay. Yeah, I look at Portland, uh, that’s a beautiful city Oregon’s just great. It’s great place All right. Now we’re gonna keep an eye on that. I’m hoping she’s gonna okay good. She did take her right? We knew that Tesla was gonna come down. So let’s give her a little help. She’s not a level forty or fifty yet She’s only thirty five she’s still growing Absolutely Jarrod for you. So I’m gonna do two bass reviews to that’s it okay, I Guess man, you guys are out of control today, which is awesome. I love it. Let’s have fun. Alright, let’s get our heart I’m doing a test hog Should we call it a tog it’s a test hog to make sure there’s no bomb there rage freeze Alright, I just saw Isabella go down. I know she went down We’re gonna give him some help with those pekus now, hopefully by the time those those healers swing we should be in good shape I’m guessing we will be The hogs didn’t do is near nearly as much damage as we needed But remember that’s because we were working through the baby drag so we had the rage So instead of the heal really much bigger fan of healing Now we did get those air defenses down so we should be in good shape there I’m gonna freeze those down and here’s why right now remember free spells are at a discount. So I’m not wasting a ton of elixir to do that and furthermore as we were just talking about That is the eye of death right there That one you get that single lock on its gonna it’ll double down It’ll double down one of those pekus, even though they’re at level seven already So we’re gonna work. I’m pretty sure we’re probably gonna ace down. I definitely wanted the dark elixir So I’m pretty sure we’re gonna be able to ace that down The stars questionable it really is Well, I might even – if it depends on what happens with the healers and the pekka’s here now wait till my wait till my Healers are level five. They’re coming soon right soon is in ten days Well, thanks for Asti, I appreciate that I Think that’s good right frosty. You’re welcome to listen to my boy Sancta. I believe it or not. I’m gonna tell you a secret I did radio for a while That’s fine. That’s old. That was like in 1957 look didn’t get the star. Don’t care. Look at that 6000 and dark. Oh, I’ll take that den all day long all day long right and then you know Not a bad attack sure had I’ve been paying attention to my queen instead of chatting with you guys. Yeah Yeah, I guess we probably would have got it don’t care got lots of loot. And that’s the important part So I’m we’re gonna hog it up again It seems to be working fairly. Well, I do like that the four Pekka combo so let’s do that again Let’s get our five healers out there. What do we got incoming over here? Let’s throw a couple wizards in the mix, right? Just just to see a couple Wiz Zee’s in there We’ll do that and then we’ll get a backup army-trained Okay Give me just one second any questions. Oh, it’s frosty Oh, oh, I thought you said cuz I had a Jared I had the athan nail yesterday That was stay for two days ago. Three said stay frosty So maybe frosty knew stay frosty. All right Let’s get some more pekka’s there Let’s go for on that one I’ll do this kind of the same thing. I like that Couple wall breakers. Here’s why did you guys see those pekka’s get hung up and I didn’t have a jump That’s a bummer right? So let’s do this this works Hey there, they’re discounted. Let’s use them right. All right, I got a bass review to do. Oh Thank you Sean. Thank you John. You’re one of my favorite subs. You got all my favorite subs, I stiii Have you been on very long? but I have fun and I said You know what i’m gonna do it and if I have one friend or a million it’s worth it Totally worth it one or a million. All right. Here we go I’m looking for that bass review. I know I had it. I’m sorry. I’m old I have by the way Did you guys know they make bifocal contacts? That’s pretty cool. All right, Jonathan’s up Jonathan’s up. He’s been working hard on his bass very hard He saw me killing not killing but blowing things up in battlefield last night. I’m pretty sure I don’t know if he likes that It’s good. It’s a great game. I know all you guys play Cod. Anyway, what does that camper a duty? Is that what they call it? No, I’m kidding all Right. Hang on. We got to go take a look at Jonathan’s bass He’s probably in my I’m sure he’s in my friends my clan, but just typing this is easy All right, so Jonathan to give us an update what’s going on, man? So nine Victor golf you Yankee? nine Victor golf Yankee, so nine Victor golf Yankee Jericho or Juliet? Whichever one you want Jericho eight To golf two Alright Alright, so Joe, there’s Jay. There’s Joe. I’m pretty sure yep. This is Jonathan’s base. I remember this one Alright, so a little bit different. He’s over a king little G I’m just gonna verify nine victor golf Yankee nine victor golf Yankee Jericho eight to golf – that’s it. Alright, cool. So Currently, I’m super nice Town Hall Town Hall 10 looks great Uh, and I think we if we remembered one of Jonathan’s favorite attacks is gonna be ere Notice look his all-time best. He was up in champions. That’s good right champions. Hey, very respectable, totally I got a lot of war stars there. So, you know obviously participates probably pretty good at air attacks I’m guessing probably pretty good at air attacks ramp Alright, so, let me just take a look here. And then I’ll slide it in now You guys are probably wondering why Cheetos kept doing that? Occasionally and I’ve had a happen before which is fine. I mean, I don’t really care Some bases are hilarious. Occasionally somebody I’ll try to throw a rude one through you guys know that sometimes I’ll let up Depends on how rude it is, you know what I mean? So that wasn’t you Jonathan Not worried about Jonathan at all, but I just want to make sure that you know if we have different types of people I’m an adult I don’t care but I’d really hate to hurt, you know, little eyes that might play clash of clans Right. They got to stay out of my battlefield stream them Cheeto cheeto is different there. He’s got a mouth on him. You guys know that you’ve seen me on battlefield. We haven’t just Google siedel finger Blowing stuff up in battlefield. Hey hob gaming’s here hobbs here I’ll try drew In your clan, it’s Sean here. Welcome anybody’s welcome as we get full a lot here. Let me get out of here Well, we do it and I’m coming back though. I want to go back to it. So I’m gonna pull here Social Yeah, yeah. No, we’re all yeah We always up but something we’re full a lot of the times but I I know you guys know that so let me just pull This one up again So we’re gonna go there’s there’s nine-nine Victor Golf Yankee Now while I’m pulling this up I’m just gonna throw this out to you guys you guys can decide I just need one yes one no two yeses to dos last night some of you missed it, but I’ll tell you what happened. I Don’t know no I’m not going to 9 Victor Golf Yankee Jericho 8 Okay, I’ll tell you okay, I’ll tell you here’s what happened. I Got talked into playing a game a clash Royale Royale I hadn’t played it in Probably four years. I hadn’t even opened the app. I Had a chest that had been sitting in there since I played and it was ready. So I started a 12 hour yesterday So we should be able to open it up now, but only okay. Here’s the thing Only if you guys say yeah, we want to see one game one game Okay, you got it oh We suck darkus, I mean we’re okay No, I’m enchanted I’m gonna I’m gonna look yours Hank, so let me pull on Janet’s base there. No this let’s see This is Jonathan’s. Where’s Jonathan’s we were looking at Jonathan’s base? I Mean go back. I’m sorry. I’m old. It’s coming right through here. Where’s Jonathan’s there? It is. Nine Victor Golf Yankee Jericho eight to golf – so you guys let me know if you want want to see me Do a clash Royale I will I did one yesterday But all he do one just what I can’t handle four million games records too many All right. So there’s Jonathan’s base. He’s over a king lil G. I like that’s a cool name That’s a cool name for a clan kind of like make a claim gold, right? Probably pretty good at air attacks. We already talked about that. And now we were taking a look at his base. I like it now We’ve seen this base a lot Jonathan, you know that you know that so yeah, but Caleb we don’t care You see what I mean? We’re a bunch of we’re base builders That’s what we are we donate but you know when somebody doesn’t make war we’re not like you’re out of here No, we don’t do that. We used to but now we’re like Let’s just build our bases donate a bunch of troops. Right? So the nice thing about that is maybe you give me uh, Let’s go. That’s good Caleb. That’s very good. Maybe you give me Five level one Barb’s I’ll give you Giants max. I’ll give you Wizards max. I’ll give you a dragon Whatever you want That’s how we roll now. All right, so Jonathan, I thought jumpers. You’re Jonathan still here But Jonathan, we I know we’ve seen this base a couple times. How’s it working? Because I I do notice you made some mods That’s what I’m gonna call it Jonathan made some mods to this base Specifically here. I want to know what that does Just Michonne we would say just shot and Shaun’s pretty good Sean we would say how many but Because Sean Sean would help me if I said something, you know to help how many accounts do I have I have four That’s it in one clan. I Have a job And you guys see me play clash of clans all the time but yeah Shonda I have an 11 attend a four That we’re giving away. I’m I’m building it Somebody’s gonna get a Cheeto base. They’ll be like cheeto built my base. He just gave it to me I don’t know how big it’s gonna be though, cuz I’m giving it away the day We hit a thousand subs and we will it’s gonna happen faster than I actually thought frankly I Was like when they said hey, you should you know broadcast I was like, nobody wants to watch a fat old dude play video games and they’re like No, they do they do they like watching that and I was like, alright So we are gonna give that one away. Alright so that would be my only question for Jonathan is uh How is this base working? I call it the sideways diamond and I’ve attacked it probably no less than 30 times Maybe I can normally beat it. Right but it just so everybody knows. It’s a very common base right now. I like it Let me look at his x-bow Yep set to air there’s that one this one set to ground So he’s running both air and ground, right and the nice thing about that. Is it combos up, right? There you know what darkest I’m going to I don’t think it’ll be that mini coup, but maybe we could do a thousand That’d be fun. Here’s the thing though. We already have fun right darkest. That’s all that’s all that matters, right? Well, we’re all gonna be. Oh geez. It’s a mere fact. That’s why I’m promoting you guys. You just didn’t know it That’s what I’m gonna do. I’m building an army. You got it starting with lieutenants right builder halt builder halt – got it I’ll take a look at that So you start out as a lieutenant, but who knows in a year? you might be a captain or even a major and Majors are gonna have captains and lieutenants under them and then we’ll all have a giant party I’m not you know, you guys think I’m kidding. I’m not We’re gonna have a giant party and I’m like, there’s the lieutenant’s there’s the captain’s and there’s the majors, right? Jonathan he’ll be one he wants us to look at his builder Hall I’ll bet this base works that Jonathan question. Does it work as a war base? Does it what work is a war base? That would be my question? Yeah, Caleb. Uh, it’s the Chito army, right? Elisha I already promoted you You didn’t you you got promoted in the battlefield stream. You must have been sleepy you were really tired Caleb’s almost eerie. Caleb’s getting there right those darkest. Yeah, we’ll have the whole bunch of lieutenants But you as a lieutenant you have to have five in your command No, it’s not. I can do what I want Sean. I can promote anybody. It’s my channel Yep, because here’s the thing Sean. I Could promote I could promote I could promote Mike my-my barbarians. I Could yep So you can have your own army But it’s just not a real army. That would be called a militia Sean those. We don’t allow those over here So you’re a lieutenant in the Cheeto army sis sonner re Yep So maybe Shawn Shawn might get a cross-promotion though. He’s international he’s international so he might need a specific designator Oh, what is what is oh, Yeah, yeah Caleb Caleb Do not do that. You heard it from cheeto. I’ve seen and and that’s why that’s what Shawn was just talking to talking about Yeah, I know it is I know it is Shawn and most people do most people know it is you know, what normal here’s the thing They’re normally okay with it. As long as there’s a reason, you know what I mean something cool like Giving away 4000 and that’s why you guys Caleb. Yeah. Yeah, you’re almost Caleb. You’re newer. You’ve been around about a week. Don’t worry Well, we’re gonna have to Caleb we’re gonna have plenty of people that move for lieutenants Plenty now going back to what Sean was saying and I’m gonna say this on camera one. Do not cheat ever Don’t and I’ll say this I’ve seen bases that I knew were cheating It is what it is. Don’t do it. All right, because you’ll get you hey, there’s Josey So here’s the thing. You don’t want to get locked out. I’ve seen people locked out of aces, right? I’m sure that Sean’s seen it right. So just don’t do it. Good. Good to have Josey in the house Josie’s here So Jonathan, is this a good war base that that would be my only question? No, it’s not a good war base Okay, I just scrolled up. All right, so not a good war base, but a good probably a good farming base, right? Yeah, but Elijah it’s not a time thing it’s not it’s not it’s not a time thing see here’s the thing I’m the one that gets to hand out promotions John’s on the list. Josie’s gonna be on the list maybe even Aaron I don’t know. We’ll have to see what happens. All right. All right. So back to the base review. I really like this one I do I haven’t configured it but I Once again, I think Jonathan said it’s not necessarily good for a war base, but it’s probably really good at defending stars I’m guessing so I think from what I’ve read It’s really an anti three-star is what it is And that’s why we’re starting to see it creep up to legends. But I told you guys I told you guys this It’s just an opinion and we all know what those are like, right. My opinion is this I Think we’ll see less of this base and it’s not a bad base. It’s a beautiful base We’ll see less of it when they release the Town Hall 13 All right darkest. Have a good night. All right. Have a good night. Darkest almost lieutenant lieutenant darkest. That’s gonna be cool Well have darkest Krispies hos lieutenant Elijah a lieutenant shot will have all kinds then. I’m gonna need captains. I Didn’t yeah I didn’t sign up for this All right. No, I did I totally signed up for we’re building an army The Clash army. All right, here we go, but we’re gonna do it the right way right Sean We’re not gonna violate the t and T’s and C’s and the the EZ knows s errors and omissions In case you guys ever need that all right This is a nice base. I like it. We stayed on it for a long time. Let’s see I sometimes I can hit that button. Yep. Nope Is this it? Yeah, there it is. Builder Hall seven. I thought I thought for some reason Oh Harry 51 is amazing for war. Yeah Sounds like I’ve gone like god, I hope you don’t leave that is your work now. That’s just my fun I’m gonna lose a lot of base a lot of loot and have people look at my base there All right, here we go I’ll let that through darkest it blocked it for a minute but I see it that’s fine, that’s fine Sometimes the filters are pretty stringent So I really like this one you’ve got the Crushers that are almost impossible to avoid Almost impossible, right? So that’s a good thing. So, I like that And also, uh, you got your super giant cannon is what I call it now believe it or not. I haven’t even gotten that yet No, I don’t think it’s bad at all. I like it. So you got a builder Hall seven It’s a matter of fact, you know, what tell you what Jonathan we don’t always see mine. Let’s go take a look at mine So here we are Now I’m gonna show you guys another og video. I’m gonna pull it out again and it’s only for the oh, geez You’ll know you’ll know what I’m showing you in just a minute Hopefully I still have it over. Hang on I do I do look I know how to work technology So look at this Jonathan – the seven – That’s it but if you notice what am I doing I’m Maxing everything right? Right here. That’s what I’m waiting on could I do wall sure, but I want battle machine clock tower I want cannons giant cannons. I’m a little jealous Jonathan Jonathan’s got a giant cannon, and I don’t I’m cheeto Why don’t I get a giant? All right, I’ll stop complete. You know what I’m gonna stop complaining and start working All right, Jonathan, let’s see how my base holds up Well might as well we’re here and then I’ll show you guys the og the og video. It’s an OG hogrider video Yeah, it’s an OG hogrider video only oh geez we’ll know up no the video So we’ll see. We’ll see you shakes out We’re rocking a level 12 battle hammer. I call a meathead and 60 maxed out barbs All right, no, this is gonna be easy enough, let’s clear the chaff that’s what I like to call it You’re doing a great job Elisha Walt man walls are where it’s at I think You don’t have to do them all but I mean if you find you’re leaking Licks ER and gold every day man. That’s normally what’s happening. So now now a lot of people say well just keep going No, I’m gonna come in this side over here. I know he’s got shenanigans. I just don’t know what Which is fine because these barbs are tough Maybe those guys they’re just flooding at it trap check. Let’s see if they go through. No they want to go around typical Barb’s Hey, I want you to go through that wall yeah maybe later Look, they’re still not gonna do it. Even though I told them to all right. You got a nice base. Okay, I like it I like it. Okay, let’s get our those going in there Okay, oh Look at that I got the extra boost on my meat head just at the last minute got me the second star I think See what happen? Oh Sorry about that, yeah So yes, yes, I do have a boosted army but Jonathan here’s the reason we here’s the reason we came in Let’s see how well it held up. Right because I’m doing the same thing. You are. We’re both maxing our townhall 7. Trust me I want to dying like everybody else does I need Otto? But I want to make sure that I keep everything going and it held up very well. Look at that Now he has a level 12. He has level 12 boxer giants, right? level 12 cannon carts level 12 Barb’s which are what mine normally are and then he’s got he did bring some wall breakers So even as tough as that, our army is is because I keep max in my base I didn’t I didn’t take the ding. So let’s just see what happened, right? We’ll take a look shouldn’t be it shouldn’t be a long attack. Maybe we’ll see How long is it? It’s a minute. Yeah, that’s not bad Now Jonathan just have just wait. Oh I’ve got double Jonathan’s I’m gonna have to start calling you guys Jonathan 1 and Jonathan 2 and then I’ll have to keep Josie and Jordyn see Josie and his brother straight Yep, so it so what I was gonna say Jonathan too because I believe THD would have been first and So Jonathan to you, it’s a very nice base Just keep doing what you’re doing because I have a 7 – and it held up – even that Now just imagine if I had the giant cannon What’s a joke? Now that’s my opinion so Fonz is right something fun has von says his own right maxing out Each level at builder Hall is completely there, but that’s the way I like doing things, right? So so there there is and I’ve seen that because I’ve seen it in Fonz’s videos, right? So I can only earn a certain amount but here here’s what I would point out Okay, here’s what I would point out to fonts. I am NOT a continuous player I’m not which means I may only have the opportunity To check that base once once a day once or twice maybe if even that right so if I if I’m in a position or as Fon said and rightfully, so where I have the ability to Move up very quickly. Like if I was checking it often, then I would be a little bit more sensitive about it, but I don’t So the loot. Yeah now here’s the here’s the thing though The base can’t be looted which is exactly why Fonz is telling you what he is and I could I couldn’t agree more You can’t be looted Yet we’re doing plants vs. Zombies primal at 10:30 my time, right so you can’t be looted It’s physically not possible, which is a nice thing, right? So I think what Fonz would tell you is if you want to move up and I’m gonna ask him here since he’s here Well, yeah you you’re you definitely earn more lose but here’s the thing I I might only do three attacks every day, but I win all three bang right like that Right, so so I don’t have to worry too much about my star bonus It’s not fair And and the nice thing about this is what I found Fonz is I haven’t had a hard time keeping the Builder the Builder going At all, I mean, I just go out. I can literally collect in enough Loot to keep the Builder going within maybe 15 minutes, right? Especially with the clock tower boosts that we’re getting From the season pass, you know So that makes it even even easier because you know the clock tower just kind of keeps going So here’s my I would throw this out. I Really, you know, I’ll say this. I don’t pay a lot of attention to my builder base. I really don’t it’s cool It’s gonna be nice No primal, you might have missed it and I’ll come back in a minute So I and I think I might have heard Fonz say this on a couple of his bases. He’d correct me If not, I know for a while. He maybe he didn’t pay attention to his builder base. I’m starting to do it more I’ll be real honest and and here’s why Fonz probably has information I don’t but I think that the Builder base is gonna be even more critical based on what I’ve seen on townhall 13 Did everybody get that hint that’s what I think Now you’re not gonna update tonight. You’re not gonna OTO anything. I don’t like you So so when it comes down to it Fonz my I’m gonna let Fonz away in here Yeah, primal wolf wolf Fonz is typing. The my question here is I Don’t even think it’s a question. I’m pretty sure I know oh I’m afraid I’m afraid to play. Yeah, totally. So my question to Fonz is and I think he saw maybe what I did to The Builder Hall is gonna be really really important when when when builder Excuse me, when Town Hall three comes out. That’s all I’m saying. From what I saw right primal Do you don’t have to retract your message? You feel free to leave it in there primal just didn’t know when we cuz now everybody’s going back to school and work So what I’m gonna do primal is I’m gonna stream I’m still gonna stream every day But I’m gonna alternate plants that versus zombies and then in then battlefield Right, but so it’s always gonna be clashed always clash of clans. Okay, so always clash of clans Then either plants vs. Zombies or battlefield those will alternate Okay. Yeah Fonz I was uh, I was on reddit and and I was deep I was deep into red Alright, and and I saw things I’m gonna let that through enchanted and chanted wanted to say sub to PewDiePie. I agree sub to PewDiePie I totally agree. Well, let’s get let’s get him to nine hundred million And ninja unlocking Auto which allows it mmm you guys see what Franz just point it out Did you guys see what Fonz just pointed out I’m walking Auto Uh, and that’s kind of what Fonz that’s kind of what I was reading I’m gonna put it up There’s all I’ll say what I read and then everybody can find it cuz I don’t want to wreck I’m not a spoiler and I can’t confirm it anyway But I mean this person might know you don’t primal and I’m gonna come back to that. Okay? School sucks. Wait till you have a job Primal you get to play video games now enjoy it. Well then again, I kind of play video games. Okay? Okay, I get it Who’s ninja? Your I think your chant is kidding probably maybe not Yeah, yeah, yeah TC, yeah absolutely well the other ninja or I’m sorry I chanted I was I was being facetious You guys know I’m like that But yeah, fine, here’s what I saw Auto is is key. Almost you almost have to have the six builder That’s all I’m gonna say when thirteen comes out. If you don’t they impress here was the impression that The six builder can only build certain things That’s what the impression was on the thread of which I was in Does that does that make sense? Kind of like you have to have a certain level base to do a certain level thing The the hint was you might have to have a certain level builder to do certain things, right? That’s a great job. I love that job primal. I’m a part-timer Part primal said that their job is uh, is that sitting on the lawn and killing zombies enchanted ninja to my knowledge? Because you know I’m old right Fonz is much younger and better-looking than Gino. I I just have a really crazy sense of humor Enchanted and here’s the thing ninja is like a suit. I want to say fortnight. It’s like the most recognizable Yeah, yeah well Yeah. Yeah, I think I think that’s kind of kind of what I was know what they were saying anyway, like Different autos have different powers, right? And that’s why I named mine. I they could be once again gang They could be wrong. They could be totally making it up. I don’t know but it seemed legit and it made sense. You know, hey You’re gonna have to you can’t you can’t run that one all the way up Unless you’re paying attention to your builder base. So we’ll see what they do You never know Supercells cool. I love the curve balls. They get hey, I’m gonna show you guys a quick og video Right, and then we’re gonna reset the studio for plants vs. Zombies. Hey Fonz Are you still out there Fonz of mod, by the way, so yeah You guys make sure you pay attention in his channel cheeto finger for crazy bases and fun Fonz for loot Right, cuz I’m not always right I’m normally wrong, but I like to have fun and when people come to my base I want them to go what what’s going on? Yeah, go to cheeto finger. That’s where I am not I’m hiding in plain sight alright, so I’m gonna show you guys an OG video you ready? We’ll see who remembers that I know funds does Fonz’s has been playing as long as I have probably Longer probably and more basis. Here we go You guys are gonna remember this this now the only true OGS are gonna remember this video You guys remember that do you guys remember that I remember that one I think it was during the Superbowl wasn’t it? I found that I found the gif on the Internet’s right. I want to find the Liam Neeson one that one That one’s really cool too. But that was one of the first ones I remember seeing. So Shawn remembers, right? I was well, I want to say it was a Superbowl commercial that they ran. It was really funny It’s not what made me play clash of clans that not at all. I was playing long before they ran a Super Bowl commercial I was one of them I’m pretty og six and a half years. So I’m six months in Yeah, I’m bragging a little but I don’t have a Fonz base at all You know, you don’t remember that one primal. Yeah, that was actually a commercial. It’s one of the first ones I remember the hog came out in the which was upsetting the hog goes I’m not good at it. I’m sorry. I probably just blew your ears, huh right there, but that’s what happened. Yep. So Yeah, exactly. Yeah back in the day they acted. They actually did that. It was a lot of fun too a lot of fun So, all right. So tonight I’m gonna reset the studio and 40 minutes for zero top of the hour We’re gonna do plants vs. Zombies. Now. I’m thinking tonight. We’ll do heroes now no no tonight We’re gonna do two plants vs Zombies – right because I’ve only done it twice and I and I have a challenge I want to beat maybe you guys can help me. Right cuz I’m brand-new brand-new brand-new plants vs Zombies – but I’ll pretty much whoopee unless mass death shows up. I’ll whoop. Eeeh at Hero’s, all right. So with that being said we’re gonna transition and who knows maybe I might fit in some battlefield Yeah, we’ll have to see it. You will see what happened how you guys are gonna talk me into it. I know it All right, so I will see you guys in 40 minutes for plants vs Zombies 2 and then the next one. We’ll do heroes and up. I’ll make you a deal I’ll even make a video that way if you’re fiendin for some You know for some pvz – or you just want to see an old guy lose then I’ll have that I love that on the channel for you. Alright with that being said I’ll see you guys in about 40 minutes Let me just get everything reset and and we’ll take a look at that Hey, if you guys don’t mind give funds a thank you for coming in to say hi to us He’s he’s a mod and also a very very very talented Clash of clans player very talented. All right. All right. I’ll see you guys in just a few minutes By the way, I told you before that’s funky bias on soundcloud thank you. Thank you Fonz

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