Clever Cat Not Meowing, But Saying A Korean Word Meaning ‘Lemme Out’? | Kritter Klub

Sounds like ‘lemme out’ in Korean Lemme out Maybe later Lemme out! (Queen of reverse charm) (Fierce one minute) (But once you give it a bath) Lemme out Lemme out22 Lemme out33 Lemme out44 Lemme out55 Lemme out66 Lemme out77 What a surprise..?!! Normal cat 1 : Meow Normal cat 2 : Meow~ Normal cat 3 : Meow~~ But, unlike these normal cats This cat’s sound is… Na-gal-lae(means ‘Lemme out’ in Korean) Lemme out x 3 Isn’t it such a unique cat sound, huh? Sound expert : It says that when it doesn’t like something Like when we whine and change our tone of voice It also changes its tone to express its disapproval (Repeating ‘Lemme out’) “Wish this cat could even express words for likes as well as words for dislikes~♪♬”

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8 Responses

  1. Mosella says:

    cats do not need a bath, what is wrong with you asians???

  2. Azeli Eledanzae says:

    U only need wash them twice in year so don't be stupid!

  3. Azeli Eledanzae says:

    And dislike because it's not funny!

  4. mic mango says:

    Reminds me of the cat saying, "I'M COLD!"

  5. rap about crap says:

    Isnt Animals talking is a sign that the end is very near?

  6. Rebecca Anne says:

    Why do people outside of America wash their cats???? I don’t understand stressing a cat out when it cleans itself anyway.

  7. 1caramarie says:

    Too cute. Not surprised because I had two cats that could say some words in English. Don't ask me why. My female cat could say the most. OUT was one of them. lol My current cat never meows. She chirps like a bird or makes clicking sounds depending on what she wants. She is a Scottish Fold, one very strange cat. Runs faster and jumps higher than any cat I have ever seen.

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