Cockroach Giving Birth While Being Devoured By Fire Ants

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  1. BuZzWerks says:

    Welcome to the realities of nature…

  2. madi says:

    ngl i shed a lil year for the babies

  3. joseph headen says:

    The good part starts at 10:10

  4. Details Studio says:

    I really love how you show human sympathy for an insect's life.

  5. muhammad galih says:

    Subtitle indonesia plis

  6. Ckräyzıë Mıke says:

    All cockroaches deserve to die

  7. Tony Furiato says:

    yeah im done with this channel. ants canada you have a issue when you go to these extremes.

  8. AColonDashSix says:

    The school system was decent but the neighbourhood has gone downhill since fire nation attacked

  9. Gareth Head says:

    is this what you wanted viewers? you killed a cockroach while it was giving birth and killed multiple just born roaches

  10. Lilith [Alien hybrid goddess] {SCP-5002} says:

    The doctor disguised himself as a ant 3:00 (look at the bottom middle)

  11. Mason Wu says:

    It’s like in a game the ants are camping at the spawn point like at the end the baby got eaten

  12. Sakura Hirai says:

    ants canada: here food.
    ants: FOOD
    cockroach: gotta give birth! spare me! ;-;
    the baby roaches: MOMMY HELP I'M DYING
    cockroach: xP
    ants: MORE FOOD?!
    ants canada : wth?

  13. peemanrose gguk says:

    Oh my goddddddd please no more roaches im here for the ants but not ready for those roaches oh my goooood arghhhh *hinding in the comments*😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢but gooo ants goooo 💕

  14. Mike Ikwunze says:

    I Know Its Sad seeing these poor babies die

  15. Facts Over Emotions says:

    Cockroaches deserve it. I love this video.

  16. Cianloupro Gaming says:

    Hi kuya mikey bustos

  17. abhay bisht says:

    Dude,you are good man with a kind heart, I believe few people feel same as you. But that's how nature works. God bless you and your fire ants

  18. SuperfoxyYT fox says:

    Why didn’t you free them

  19. Agila Sage Albert says:

    I hate cockroaches but this is so sad

  20. Patricia Lopez says:

    Please had lerf cutter ant

  21. Patricia Lopez says:

    I love ants so mut

  22. thereal eht543 says:

    Low key it’s nature

  23. Drakey says:


  24. elvis’ pelvisTM says:

    No one:
    The ants: 😡🐜

  25. Hint Of Salt says:

    those are red ants.. fire ants dont have anu black on them just a bright orange-ish red all over. im from mobile alabama and im looking at red ants and fire ants battle it out over some food i dropped on the ground for them. research the imported fire ant. it was first imported here in mobile. idk but everytime i type in fire ants they show red ants maybe mobile has the purest breed of fire ants

  26. rabbit white says:

    Worse death ever. What did the cockroaches do to deserve this?

  27. rabbit white says:

    It's so horrible. I can't watch this!whose stupid ideas?and u rearing cockroaches to kill to feed ants?can't u feed them sth that already died?

  28. rabbit white says:

    Man. Find sth dead to feed it. Stop killing for this hobby. It's bad? They live so long?I can't even watch this?😭

  29. rabbit white says:

    What did her babies do to deserve this? What kind of crime did the cockroach commit to die ,😢

  30. rabbit white says:

    Can't even watch. It's so disturbing?

  31. rabbit white says:

    Save it?

  32. rabbit white says:

    What did they done to do it?

  33. rabbit white says:

    I thought I am the worse but

  34. rabbit white says:


  35. rabbit white says:


  36. rabbit white says:

    Stop killing?

  37. [WUT] Aweebos says:

    Me watching this before watching atlab: Why fire nation?
    Me after watching atlab: OHHHHHH I get the reference now!

  38. Dokdapeanut says:

    Pregnant + ants = Stonks

  39. EraOfLensley says:

    I don’t understand the dislike ratio, someone just delete peta from the internet please.

  40. Victor Kwan says:

    I saw some ants doing something so I took a look and saw them eating

  41. Jason Cid says:

    It's like a gruesome pez dispenser.

  42. Gutta Mems says:

    Er du norsk?!

  43. FasterStrongerWiser says:

    Check out this Ant vs Roach battle:

  44. MrRenzzz says:

    Watching baby cockroaches suffering from bites made my heart </3

  45. Galvin Chen says:

    10:15 the part we came for, your welcome guys

  46. TheHolyCrusader says:

    Fire ants: kill cockroach and it's babies
    Also fire ants: M M M MONSTER KILL

  47. Bee Doe says:

    I wonder if they'd like hot sauce to go with them eggs..🤔

  48. Connor Claubaugh says:

    Ants are ruthless conquers that have no heart

  49. Jorge Rubio says:

    Anything or anyone who’s not fast enough to get out of their way will become a happy meal

  50. RelentlessRacing says:

    Its nature and its interesting so get over it, keep up the good work.

  51. Lucky Bunny says:

    This vid is horrible!

  52. Brayden Murphy says:

    This man let newborns die as soon as they are born
    I find that messed up
    Some of them died even before getting out the body
    Before getting born

  53. liu haishan says:

    Man idk.. your voice kinda made me mad

  54. Macky Cap says:

    Rip or may you live in heaven

  55. xp0s says:

    B I G G E S T B R U H M O M E N T

  56. Mister Person says:

    Well thats a start.

  57. Miranda roblox says:

    Thank was so disgusting

  58. Chuck Chuckles says:

    You’re such a snowflake.

  59. Angela Is JuNgShooK says:

    #spawnkill baby cockroaches

  60. Mike Ikwunze says:

    tuf man tuf

  61. It’s Demonicdragon says:

    Why do you even do this. This is just cruel

  62. qlassy Boy says:

    It Actually reminds me

    That the Cockroach fell Into the Pit Of Hell.

  63. Ryan DaPleb says:

    Cockroaches: can deal with radiation
    Ant: so… we stronger that radiation:3

  64. Who is Justin Y. says:

    This has Became my New Fetish

  65. Jay Es says:

    When you see this it becomes all too clear that there is no god. This is so unfathomally brutal that no divine being could allow this

  66. dominicque luckey says:

    God damn this is brutal

  67. Retarded Potato says:

    Imagine one day the tank breaks and all the ants escape. That would suck big time

  68. Cbt925 says:

    u should get borescopes to film into tunnels and inside their nests

  69. king dedede network channel says:

    This is in my dreams now

  70. king dedede network channel says:


  71. Bertox says:

    I never felt so much sympathy for cockroaches

  72. Wills Pram says:

    Whoever dislike this video is a hypocrite. We hate roaches, they bite, they carry diseases, they run fast and in some places they fly. They are hideous creatures.

  73. serotonin sandwich says:

    Love your vids, but that was one of the grossest things I've ever seen.

  74. Lel ⁎yup says:

    Your doing the world justice without these nasty bugs they should all die

  75. Roberto Planta says:

    To the snowflakes humanizing animals: try to think of this as a human abortion, then you will feel better…

  76. ApexNoob says:

    While watching vid cocroach being eaten me being eaten to by fire ant 😢😢

  77. hi im finn owo says:

    imagine if you just got born and you get eaten alive instantly

  78. Don't read my name says:


  79. Cj Dragoness Heart says:

    The ONE time you feed live and this happens. Man, that is just really bad luck.

  80. epic says:

    i despise roaches but i kinda feel bad

  81. Desgil Danphi says:

    This entertain me a lot

  82. Jason Wallace says:

    I routinely come back to this video to get a reminder why the live prey feeding was eliminated

  83. reyna garcia says:

    you baby yay born 5 sec later i dead guy wow

  84. Richard Martin says:

    Teacher: so what videos do you watch on YouTube?


  85. Moscow says:

    And thats how ants canada stopped live feeds.

  86. random task says:

    Who’s here from reddit 50/50

  87. Unknown User says:

    top 10 unexpected death

  88. Super Bro says:

    sad life
    That is cold

  89. The Meme Stealer says:

    R/fiftyfifty anyone?

  90. Jose Marvin Avila says:

    This is pretty damm cool man

  91. zildjian bordeos says:

    34K cockroaches has disliked this video.

  92. GodLoveFreedom says:

    As much as I hate roaches, you’re a sick minded individual to place live animals to be tortured in this environment by fireants. You lack ethics and you did this purely for entertainment and YT traffic.

  93. Skrixzy says:


  94. robson fujii says:

    We are smaller than ants in this universe. Amazing video man.

  95. Trace Frailey says:

    oh boy

  96. Blitz Madness says:

    Viewers: (shocked)

    Editor:Wow 😉

  97. Wierdo says:

    who ever was forced to edit this deserves a medal

  98. Freddie2004.13 says:

    i didn’t feel bad.

  99. Harshita Chatterjee says:


  100. Clarky0712 says:

    Getting dropped off at the foster home

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